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  1. Yasawas

    SNES Mini

    I have this too and doubly confirm it works but do bear in mind it's a terrible design whereby each of the four sides has one port on it. It takes up way more space and is more of a hassle to keep your cabling tidy than it should be.
  2. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I will try those two things, cheers. So far I've changed my password and removed/re-added my account with no joy but it'll doubtless be something daft like that that fixes it.
  3. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I've the only account on this console and until yesterday all was well - I switched it on and it logged in as me and connected to Live. Having changed nothing it now logs me in, doesn't connect to Live, then logs me out so I have to manually select my profile to sign in again. Anyone seen anything like this before? Instant sign-in is definitely still selected and no passcode is set up. It's so trivial but infuriating in a stupid way.
  4. Yasawas

    Forza Horizon 3

    Had my first go of this last night too, only managed ten minutes as I'd hugely underestimated how long the install would take but so far it seems like a shiny version of Test Drive Unlimited. I hope that's not too far off the mark as that consumed me fully for about six months on the 360, it was the first game that generation I really got into.
  5. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I’ll give Support a go then, cheers! I was hoping to avoid it but if there’s no download list workaround then it sounds like I might need to. Even though I know full well I’ll never play any of those games again… I’m sure I always used points cards rather than cash on the 360 store so there would have been no exchange-rate based reason for me to maintain a US account like I do on PSN and I have achievements for those games so I must’ve played the full versions. Weird.
  6. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I bought one of these machines yesterday! I’m quite impressed with a lot of things about it but having been purely a Sony and Nintendo guy for the last five years I’m finding bits of it confusing. I’ll learn the UI and such in time but I have a bigger problem I can’t find a definite answer for. One of the big selling points for me is backwards compatibility as I bought a ton of XBLA games when I had a 360 and was looking forward to playing a number of them again having had a look at the list. From the “Ready to Install” list under my games I can see most of them however there are a number missing and after some Googling today I believe this may be because they’ve been delisted. Some of the ones I definitely bought and are noted as BC are: Garou Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Triggerheart Exelica Splosion Man Is there any way for me to download these to my Xbone? I’ve experience of this happening on the PS3 where I’ve been able to go to the downloads/account management bit and trigger a download from but I’m not sure where to find the equivalent on this, assuming there is one. I hope there is one.
  7. Yasawas


    Well I never said it had none, I said it didn't for me. I was surprised to see my save's only at 33 hours when I put well over 100 into both Dark Soulses and fuck knows how many into Demon's to 100% that three times. I loved my time with Bloodborne but just had no desire to start again, I wasn't convinced there was enough variety in gear to make a sufficiently different build that I had an equal amount of fun playing as.
  8. Yasawas


    I hadn't played this since I beat it in April but I fired it up the other night to bang my head against Chalice Rom and somehow managed to beat the fucker despite frequently forgetting the buttons. I never did get my head around the chalice dungeon progression but am I right in thinking the chalice Rom drops will get me to the last area I need to get the platinum as long as I follow them right to the end? It'd be nice to get that shiny, shiny trophy and then decide if I like this game enough to want to buy the DLC. I did enjoy the game a lot but found no replayability in it and I'm not convinced I can get back into it fully.
  9. Yasawas

    PlayStation Network

    Yes it did. That's why I was hanging off too originally but it's listed in the update notes now. The devs posted over on NeoGAF that it was a really hard thing to track down as it was hard to consistently replicate apparently. That whole thread is a great read actually and I wish I could link it (at work now), they're really honest about how it's performed and what they could've and should've done about it.
  10. Yasawas

    PlayStation Network

    I know a tenner is still a shade above impulse buy price for most people but I humbly suggest there aren't many better ways to spend such an amount than N++ in the current sale. It's so magnificent. And it didn't sell at all. If anyone else has it shoot me a friend request to make my leaderboard look a bit less barren, it's depressing me.
  11. Yasawas

    New Year's Gaming Resolutions

    I reckon I'll spend less and enjoy myself more if I give up internet gaming forums so I'll be trying that.
  12. Yasawas

    PlayStation Network

    They've said that there will be a second part to this current January sale but not whether they add to it this week or next.
  13. Yasawas

    Playstation Vita

    I'm not being funny but as a huge 999/VLR enthusiast and having had it recommended to me by numerous like-minded types, I've played 10 hours of it and I'm not convinced. It might be starting to turn a corner, but then I've had that feeling before. I'm in the middle of August I think, is there a point at which it starts to go somewhere? How long is it?
  14. Yasawas

    Playstation Vita

    How on earth do you of all people on this forum not have Dancing All Night? I've looked into Superbeat but not bought it yet as I prefer physical copies and I'm still about 15 hours away from the end of Stein's;@;?,Gate and I want to keep that in there for now. Do I need to use the touchscreen as I can't play those on the train and that'd put me off?
  15. Yasawas

    Playstation Vita

    I like rhythm games a lot. Somehow the other night after this sale started I woke up at about 3am, grabbed the Vita beside the bed and decided "Yes I am buying Senran Kagura Bon Appetit!" after having always been put off because of all the lame cartoon tit and arse flaunting, started the download and went back to sleep. I don't even drink so I don't have that excuse. Anyway it's terrible so nobody else do that.

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