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  1. Yasawas


    I have finally finished GG Aleste 3. Until the final area I had vague dreams of maybe finally losing my 1CC virginity to this game since it seemed feasible that I could get good enough and liked the idea of learning it, and then stage 7 happened It's the one area that really punishes death since while you retain your sub weapon the power is reduced, and it gets almost manic enough to be bullet helly for the only time really, and even using save states as sanity checkpoints I would be surprised if I did that last gasp in under 100CCs last night. But it counts! The videos on YouTube of people 1CCing it (and even some with the slowdown off - which is a menu setting, wonderfully) emphasised how far I had to go and I'm just nowhere near possessed of the determination. Came solely for the M2 support, by the time I finished GG Aleste 2 I thought I had a new favourite 8-bit shooter, and by the time I played the sequel I realised I actually had now and was mentally rearranging my all-time top shmups list. I'll let the dust settle for a bit but GGA3 is way up there for me and a sizeably welcome surprise.
  2. I don't know if anyone on here makes music or would be interested themselves but I've just discovered the ludicrous treasure trove of interviews that is the Red Bull Music Academy channel and was so excited by this one I had to let internet strangers know at least.
  3. Yasawas


    Oh wow, Gun Frontier looks beautiful! I tend to dismiss Hamster’s ACA series these days since I have all my favourite Neo-Geo games already* and any time they jump out at me on the New Releases page it seems to be a mid-80s niche Japanese title I’ve never heard of. I hadn’t expected that one, or that there are other though. * except Nightmare in the Dark
  4. Sony own or owned it last I heard, which seems to have amounted to half-arsed versions on PS3, PSP (or Vita maybe) and phones but very little in the way of promotion or effort seemingly. First one to my mind too though. Loved that. Even on the Spectrum, multi-load and all! Was Lemmings 2 actually any good? I rented it and was impressed because it had loads of stuff but have never gone back to it. And which version to go for if so?
  5. I've been playing (and loving) Neo Turf Masters for years and I don't really understand the grain direction. I tend to just allow for the slope when putting.
  6. I know you're probably right but I take a glimmer of hope from the recent Capcom/Arcade1Up announcement which I'm sure has a licenced game or two on it.
  7. Chanced upon this one quite recently - quite the time capsule!
  8. RMC has a few good videos on it, although I'm not sure how different the models were with this being the "Pro".
  9. Brilliant, cheers! There’s something wonderful about that remaining secret for decades and the fact it gives me a reason to boot one of my all time favourites again is a nice bonus.
  10. Yasawas


    Oooh. I've dabbled, and the fact it's completely different in setting, and mechanics (with the charge shot and weapon change I think) interests me so I will definitely check it out properly once GGA3 is done. If it ever is because stage 7 is pretty solid. And "Same" is shark! Which is incredibly obvious now you say it! Christ.
  11. Yasawas


    I picked up the Aleste Collection a couple of weeks back ultimately just to give M2 some money, with a side thought that it might not be long before it's no longer available. I had no experience with the games and didn't expect much from Master System and Game Gear shooters in 2022 but I love them! Properly. In a tree, K-I-S-S-S-T-G. The full shebang. I haven't played much of the MS games but since I'm predominantly playing handheld on Switch have focussed on the GG titles - the first is simplistic, simple fun, the second is a real step up in all regards and quite a nice challenge for me but the new third entry is a marvel. Properly impressive technically, tough (for me anyway) and dominating my playing time completely atm. A Game Gear game. I should be playing Cuphead, or Xenoblade Chronicles. Onto the last stage now and it's really testing me so hopefully I can grow a pair and get it done. Also it meant that this came in an envelope the other day The magazine was a nice wee bonus but does anyone know what the Japanese use the word "Same" to mean in game contexts? I've seen it in a few titles now (like the puzzle title Same Game on Super Famicom) so I assume it must be a contraction/adoption of some English term but I never got an answer in the five or so years I studied the language myself.
  12. I love the Jupiter Picross games but am getting a bit weary of them after rinsing up to S6. Are any of the lesser ones worth a few quid? I especially enjoy the colour Jupiter puzzles which you never get enough of so more like that would be ideal.
  13. I probably can't help because as a man on a Game Gear binge at the moment I'm not too fussy about things looking like ass... I'm using Beetle through RetroArch because it was the easiest thing to get working on an M1 Mac and to haven't really investigated any of the eye-candy.
  14. Utterly besotted with GG Aleste II on the Game Gear. Yes, I’m surprised too. Playing through the collection on Switch and while even fumble fingered old me found the first quite easy this is much more testing - stage 5 boss has been booting ma baws all day but it’s somehow fun. The music is glorious which goes a long way. Glad I’m not playing this on an OG GG screen though… I’ve only dabbled with GG Aleste 3 very briefly to see it and it looks immense. Although not retro enough for this forum I suppose!
  15. Good grief - I was playing that the other day, and I adore Cuphead, yet somehow my brain never put that together!
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