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  1. Yes, it's the best one probably. I love Disgaea but much like Monster Hunter I feel they almost suffer for having ten times more content than I have free time to see, it really tempers my need for a sequel.
  2. Only played about an hour on Switch but I absolutely love this. It's such a joy to buy something basically blind on a whim (I heard "roguelike", Supergiant and was aware early scores were 90+ but that was it) and have it live up to them. And it's utterly gorgeous. I know their games are anyway but this is something else.
  3. I have played it to completion as recently as the SNES Classic launch and stand by my previous post. Leaps of Faith: The Game.
  4. The Super Famicom got at least seven games in that series, you know what to do Nintendo. Also the good SNES Donkey Kong Country yay.
  5. I played Glass Masquerade 2 exclusively on the increased difficulty (with hint pieces to get a start going) and enjoyed it all the more for it.
  6. According to that new feature I really like that shows how long a promotional price runs from the main store page, there's a thoroughly unremarkable looking new release which is only on sale for the next 197 or so days! FFS.
  7. I feel a bit embarrassed for having maybe seemed to shit on Murder by Numbers a bit the other day so thought I'd point out I managed to stop moaning long enough earlier to finish it. It's pretty good overall you know. A solid 7. I stand by my musical grievances but here's the good: I thought it was properly well-written. I see others disagree but I found it funny and not overly drawn out. If I use the most recent Layton game for comparison it's night and day. It looks great. That art style doesn't always work for me but it totally does here. The puzzles are good. Minimal dia
  8. I do like that one actually! It’s the actual puzzle tunes that grate on me. I hope I don’t sound like I hate this. I’m on case four at the moment and while it’s not what I hoped it would be I’m still having fun. I’ve always liked the characters and writing, and the puzzles themselves are sound. I’m quite surprised how much I enjoy the timed “hacking” sections too, because if you explained them to me I’d think it sounded like a dreadful idea.
  9. I’m a real cunt when I can’t sleep Also inaccurate apparently!
  10. They’re not essential but they’d make for a smoother experience in what is a Picross game not necessarily aimed at Picross players. Delete is not undo. It’s useful when you realise too late you’ve added to the wrong row for example and don’t remember how to revert it. Stopping at the end of a row should be automatic to prevent accidental entries/deletions. Hey, I can count too! High five. But why should I when I’m not at work? And error checking is an obvious benefit when you can see people on this page spending 20 minutes on a puzzle only to be frustrated as it dawns on them they’v
  11. I’ve put hundreds of hours into various Picross titles but there are a few glaring mechanical problems in Murder by Numbers I find off-putting, so I can’t imagine what a new player makes of it. It needs undo, to stop the cursor when it reaches row end, a count function and an error check. I would also appreciate a non-awful soundtrack but I can work around that one. Despite this I’m enjoying it a fair bit, it’s not far away.
  12. The Switch has a system-level zoom as an accessibility feature accessed by double-tapping the Home button.
  13. Glass Masquerade is impossible in handheld mode. I can’t imagine it on a Lite. You could always use the double-tap Home shortcut to zoom in but they should have done more to help handheld players.
  14. I was looking into whether Braid ran on the latest version of OSX when I discovered it’s planned for release Switch (and everything else) next year. Hurrah!
  15. Turn-based strategy is probably my favourite genre and I wish I could love Advance Wars but I never have, despite fond memories of the first DS game in particular. I always found the ability to manufacture units made it extra stressful versus the usual approach of "here's what you have, work with it". And now I've talked myself into trying Wargroove again, and now I'm going to be disappointed in Wargroove again.
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