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  1. I've become a classic Castlevania convert after impulse-buying the Anniversary Collection on Switch. I don't want to use the word, but I love SotN, the DS and GBA ones but never owned a NES, and my two honest attempts to enjoy Super Castlevania IV, as recently as two years ago when I played it to completion on the SNES Classic, were failures. It's slow, clunky as fuck and just plain unfair too often, or so I used to think. I kind of bought this collection as a moral justification for having a Retropie loaded with ROMs under the telly (and I enjoyed Kid Dracula that way recently) but a brief go of the original NES game turned into a long go of the original NES game and suddenly it all made sense. I finished the original in Japanese form having learned it's easier, am now halfway through the third game (skipping Simon's Quest), and have poked about a bit with Bloodlines which seems pretty great. I can't believe how much fun I'm having and the music in (Japanese) Castlevania 3 - holy fuck. On the Retropie subject I've also cued this beauty up for further down the line and the intro had me giddy with delight already : Wonderfully ludicrous.
  2. I should have done more research on Eagle Island before handing over £17. I saw the gorgeous art and heard "Metroidvania", but I missed the "procedurally-generated dungeons" part.
  3. I find the lack of more Nintendo themed picross in the West utterly baffling, did we get any others beyond the Twilight Princess one*? The appeal of the puzzles for me and I assume most people is just in the solving and what they look like is irrelevant (and usually wildly optimistic) but it's a great wee bonus if it's something you recognise. * There was one available for the 3DS eShop exclusively via the Japanese Club Nintendo which was probably the best picross I've ever played, I loved it. If it wasn't localised I assume it's now lost to time though.
  4. Well I did buy Castlevania and it turns out I do get them now. Bizarrely it's the first game, which I'd never played that started to win me over then with a blast of Bloodlines the appeal of the original series really started to make sense to me. The whip, the clunky movement, the thrill of accidentally picking up holy water. Genius. I've tried and failed to get on with the SNES one a few times, as recently as the mini console launch, so when I finish with the others I wonder what I'll make of that.
  5. It still trips me up and I've only done 10x10 max but it's well worth a go if anyone hasn't. More fun than colour picross anyway.
  6. After making it last as long as I could I finally finished Picross S3 and reluctantly tried Mega Picross again, for maybe the second time ever, after the tutorial confused the life out of me years ago. It's AMAZING. And now I have a huge backlog of more Picross across two formats yassss. Tread carefully. I love the Metroidesque ones but the others are totally different. I don't get on with them at all. Kid Dracula is pure magic, but.
  7. Have you tried the Expert and Super Expert ones? In my experience Normal is totally random at the moment and they're not that much harder, and you get a lot more lives to balance it out. Normal seems to give me a lot of levels with very few plays which must skew the logic they've got for the selection.
  8. RE4 for the (GC, GC, GC, PS2, Wii, 360, PS4)...eighth time then and probably the Castlevania thing because even though I know I don't like them the internet keeps telling me they're good. Hey, maybe I'll like them now.
  9. I had been playing this intermittently on the DS and enjoyed a lot of what it was trying but battle fatigue definitely hit me six or seven hours in. I never even thought to turn the difficulty down so presuming it's in that version I'll try that later, ta!
  10. Mad bump. I finished Cadence of Hyrule over the weekend which made me think about giving this another go, and I can see exactly what I thought of it originally just by scrolling up the page! Usually going back after such a hiatus would be pure folly but I reckon the three-day cycle and the notes the 3DS version takes to help you out with the sidequests might make this possible.
  11. Thanks all! It didn't make a great first impression on me (typos, poor tutorial, even a button prompt to press 'Esc' at one point) to be honest and it feels a bit weird to accept my dudes falling in battle but I'm warming to it now, a few hours in. I can see how I could love it once I start to level up my team, learn their unique traits more and stop doing dumb shit like attacking the wrong people because the UI still confuses me. I really like the story and in-between bits, and it's much more my thing in that regard than Disgaea or Fire Emblem where I'm just skipping past all that tedious anime pish to get to the creamy battle goodness.
  12. I've just started playing this on Switch and I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I'm no stranger to turn-based strategy but this feels more like I'm being forced to take damage than in the likes of Fire Emblem/Disgaea/whatever. Every battle seems like a real war of attrition and I always get a few injuries. Is this just how it is or am I shit? It maybe only feels this way because so many characters are solely melee and you can only really lumber in there and clumsily hit the other man with a sword or an axe but it's a bit jarring.
  13. Finished it yesterday myself and thoroughly enjoyed it too. Moreso than Crypt. The final boss was a bit underwhelming but I prefer that to a drawn-out multi-phase thing that every other game goes for, getting there was challenge enough.
  14. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know of a joy-con charging thing that will definitely take the NES controllers along with the standard ones? I've got loads of the fuckers now. Official or otherwise, I'm not fussed.
  15. I don't know if the nature of the game is making me notice more or if they're just that good but some of the levels in Story Mode are incredible right enough. There's an early one called The Keymaster or similar which stood out especially. I like this way more than the first which never hooked me at all but I wish the 100-Mario Challenge was back as I'm so shite that even the normal Endless mode is usually over pretty quick.
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