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  1. 40 hours and still loving this, having just started act 2. I think the only thing that genuinely annoys me slightly is the lack of a suspend-save for dungeons as there have been a couple that were especially lengthy or had save points really far apart but that's pretty much it. The music is terrible too but then that saves me the moral dilemma of deciding whether to enjoy it knowing it was made by a hateful cunt so even that's a positive. This is my highlight from this morning's session -the best question I've ever been asked in a JRPG. Mild party spoilers for those yet to encounter the fabulous one:
  2. I respect the right to charge prices I know a lot of people balk at for old games (I bought Grandia HD, the Mana Collection, picked up the Disney games etc) but that seems a particularly bold level to pitch Romancing Saga 3 at. And it's 20% off! I've always been intrigued by them but does it have any fanbase in the West at all?
  3. Aye, seems that way, cheers! Turns out I can't tell the diffence between Irish and Welsh accents though so I shat out of making a decision based on that I'm an awful Celt. I've just done exactly this. After getting the first three easily I found the following section totally overwhelming and have spent a week or more almost intimidated by the throught of going back to it. Spent about five hours on it in a day when I did - and that's barely solving any fates, just backtracking and taking everything is is utterly absorbing. I still only have six fates ticked off but I feel I've made a lot of progress in putting other bits and pieces together, and to be honest, even if I never finish this it's been a completely unique experience and probably worth the money personally just for being able to say that in 2019.
  4. When you're reviewing the transcripts, do the lines of dialogue with a cross beside them indicate they were spoken by the deceased?
  5. It's been so long I can't actually remember where that was but I'll just try it everywhere until it works. Cheers!
  6. I’m genuinely ashamed I have to ask for help here as I’ve barely started but I must’ve spent 45 minutes aimlessly wandering and the charm is going to start to grate soon if I don’t. Floor 5:
  7. Oh God yes, that too. The Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 is my big mystery - how on Earth did I have the patience never mind the skill at one point for that?
  8. Aye, this is hugely noticeable on the recent Konami collections. I've played through Castlevania, Castlevania 3, Bloodlines and Contra Hard Corps in their Japanese forms after doing a bit of research. The rental angle never actually occurred to me although it should've - that's pretty interesting. This is more of a general retro point but it's infuriating to listen to podcasts or read forum posts now by (usually) Americans who have instinctive muscle memory for these games from their formative years refer to them as though they're easy, or at most nothing especially taxing, when coming to them fresh as an average gamer of some experience they can be really fucking hard! Yes, I've been try to get further in Mega Man X2 again.
  9. I don't have the music on because synthesised or symphonic I just can't take the sheer bombastic intensity of it all but I'm curious - in 2D mode, does it have the decency to scale down to something hardware-appropriate?
  10. Just so people know because I've only just caught up myself - there's a new group pickup up subbing duty on these and they've been tearing through them recently. I hugely appreciate the thousands of hours of unpaid work the SA-GCCX team have done over the years but it's just made the recent lean spell as real life has presumably kicked in all the harsher. But worry no more! I won't link directly if you don't know where to look but the GCCX subreddit is your friend for fast, effective torrent hookups. Recent episodes include Um Jammer Lammy, Super C, F-Zero X and just yesterday - Castlevania: Bloodlines!
  11. See how everyone but me seems to love Super Castlevania IV right, can we at least agree the whip swinging sections are total horseshit? Argh. Bloodlines 4eva
  12. Nice one - ta! It seemed unlikely as I haven't heard any grumbles about it but I'm enjoying it so much I'm almost expecting it to go wrong.
  13. I really want to click that because I'm terrified I'm going to get stuck at the end unless I grind now. Say it isn't so!
  14. Did you mean the pun? Because that's DQXI-worthy. When you unlock those can you necessarily complete them in one visit or might you need to have found/done certain things in the main game first? I've only found a couple so far and it doesn't seem like I can but maybe I'm missing something, I wasn't quite all there the time I tried.
  15. Has anyone bought Sudoku Ultimate, or another sudoku game? I fancy a puzzler where I can take my time and I think I might be all picrossed out for a while having gone through the 150 mega puzzles in Picross S, some of which were a bit shite I reckon.
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