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  1. I bought everything and I’ve spent far and away most of my time on... Ghosts ‘n Goblins. You know, the one that comes free with it Have a great time though. Like with the mini consoles it really makes me explore the limited selection whereas with other emulation options the temptation to download everything and ultimately play nothing unknown is usually irresistible. Yesterday’s chief discoveries were Pirate Ship Higemaru and Mega Twins. The latter is gorgeous. I remember seeing what I take to be the western MD port in Chiki Chiki Boys in the magazines of the day but had never play
  2. I just bought the full bundle from the eShop main page. I feel obligated to support things like this regardless of line-up since I set up my Retropie but it looks pretty good to me and they have invested a decent amount of effort in the presentation with every game having a manual, definable controls, plenty of display options, leaderboards etc. Really quite impressed to be honest. My only gripe is that you don’t seem to be able to set certain games to open as specific the region versions - the JP/EN toggle is all or nothing. Currently focusing on Strider and Progear and having a blo
  3. It’s pretty different based on the little I played of Origin - I didn’t click with it and got beasted by the second boss over and over to the point where I assume I must’ve missed a tutorial at some point. It’s much more linear and basic for want of a better word (not a criticism) and I believe that not only is it all dungeon, it all takes place in the same dungeon.
  4. 200 hours plus and most of it handheld, I must be some kind of masochist. Although to be fair I agree in general, but I would call out Civ and Divinity 2 as being good examples of working around the limitations. Totally unrelated - Every so often, today being one, it pops into my head that Nintendo have ported over literally every Wii U game they ever coded except NES Remix. I would love to see it again, or the SNES Remix we all wanted in preference and never saw
  5. Dabbling with some fan-translated RPGs now I have Drastic on the RetroPie and Metal Max 3 has made a strong impression early doors
  6. Indeed. The Pi3 does the Metal Slugs and Ketsui and beyond that I’m fairly indifferent myself. For old and jaded people like myself there’s something inherently magical still about your average 1990s arcade attract sequence running in your house. I never get tired of them, the louder and brasher the better.
  7. Yasawas


    You jammy bastard. I cite Mother 3 as the best JRPG ever made quite easily but it does sail a bit close to the wind with some awkward gender/sexual stereotypes that Japan didn’t give a shit about in the early-2000s while the West at least now certainly does. They would probably have a bit more to do than a simple translation unfortunately.
  8. Yasawas


    That is low compared to the current price of an Earthbound ROM on a cart.
  9. That’s what I thought too after the demo but I’d still steer people towards the SNES version every time. The cheapness of the remake shows through constantly.
  10. Anyone say how long this is? I have a notion to spend a couple of hours one afternoon dawdling through it if that’s feasible.
  11. Good man. I knew I’d played at least one more genuinely superb JRPG this year but the name was evading me. Final Fantasy XII and Seiken Densetsu 3 (original) are very strong too but maybe a little obvious for someone into the genre.
  12. Neither is turn-based, which is what I’d consider as classic JRPG. Star Ocean has mashy real-time combat, weird (and unexplained) mechanics and ludicrous difficulty spikes which is a shame because it’s utterly gorgeous and has its good points too. I tapped out at around 10 hours though. Dragon Quest XI is what you want, have you played that?
  13. I was very wary about it but Grindstone is magnificent. Not feeling Super Meat Boy Forever at all yet though, unfortunately.
  14. Let us know what you make of this - had my eye on it for a while but it's not quite impulse-buy price just yet. Also very interested in Creaks by the Machincarium devs if anyone has played it.
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