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  1. Ooh, I always meant to buy that too. Someone in here made me think twice about it before but I can't remember why now so I'm back in. It's been an expensive morning though with impulsive splurges on Civ VI DLC, Virtua Racing and Fantasy Zone already.
  2. I’m trying very hard not to rebuy my entire library on Switch just because it’s on Switch but The Talos Principle is definitely worth £13 for a second outing, isn’t it? Yes. Yes I think it is.
  3. I adored it and I don't like SoM either, hooray! The removal of the stamina bar, magic not levelling up through use and the unique structure of the game were the big differences. I wish I had time to play through with other characters but I'll settle for playing the remake on Switch later this year.
  4. After finishing Seiken Densetsu 3 this week I picked Treasure Hunter G back up to see if I could get into it again - I’d parked myself a couple of hours in six months or so ago. Played for an hour, so yes. Square have a stronger catalogue of games they didn’t bother releasing outside of Japan than most companies developing for the SNES put out anywhere.
  5. Avoid. I got a refund on it, that’s how widely acknowledged it is as a buggy shambles.
  6. I swear there was definitely one I found in Nazarick, from one of the first few characters in the "wheel", that required a guess. I stared at it in spells over days and eventually fluked it out. Quite upsetting.
  7. Picross Pet Peeves no. 184644Q - Clip Picross should be ideal for me being essentially dozens of bonus puzzles for a guy who doesn’t usually give a shit what the image is anyway, but 90% of them just being diagonal/stepping pattens is arggghhhhh. There’s something about them that really infuriates and worse - I can’t not do them
  8. Is it common knowledge that the SNES Waterworld soundtrack is one of the best on the system? Honestly. It's Boards of Canada.
  9. I’m not dying but I have finished two bucket list titles this last week. Mega Man 2 (NES). It’s taken me a long time to get into this series, I always felt like I should like it but previous entry points of the original game and Mega Man X didn’t really work for me even though I played both to completion. Something’s clicked recentlt though and having gone through X2 and X4 in May and loved them both, I took a trip back to the one frequently cited as the highlight of the classic series. Hey, everyone was right! Looks good, sounds good and as long as you play the Western version it’s never hard enough to get frustrating. Looking forward to playing the rest of them now and coming back in a while bemoaning that while they got consistently slicker they also became more tired and predictable like some proper series vet. Yaasss. Seiken Densetsu 3 aka Secret of Mana 2 aka Trials of Mana (SNES). Secret of Mana was one of the great disappointments of the SNES Classic for me. Having heard it lauded for years I was surprised to find it as bland as I did – utterly gorgeous but I didn’t like the combat much and the way magic levelled up in particular I remember as being responsible for some really tedious grinding. I finished it but that was only because I wanted to complete everything on that machine and of the four RPGs that came with it it was easily my least favourite. And yet for some reason the sequel remained intriguing. This despite the fact I think it looks worse (to be fair I played on Switch which lacks any scanline filters, this is maybe the only game I’ve ever played which is absolutely crying out for them), doesn’t have a great soundtrack by mid-90s Squaresoft standards imo and after 25 years still comes with a translation that you could only call rudimentary. A lot isn’t explained and I could’ve really used a manual several times. Fortunately it’s redeemed by being fucking brilliant. Combat is way more intuitive (the rings system is still present and works well), magic no longer gets levelled up through use, there are multiple storylines/characters/routes and no areas really drag on long enough to outstay their welcome. It fair zips along. It might well be the only JRPG not to feature at least one gimmicky dungeon to test your patience, even most of my favourites had one of those. I’ve played a lot of good RPGs in recent years from the last few decades and this is well up there – probably top 10 material. Loved it. (And yes, I will be buying the remake now. I played 5 minutes of the demo, thoroughly enjoyed myself but decided I needed to play this first for best effect.) Old games woo!
  10. I lasted 3 days but I own the Bioshock Collection now. "Not travelling to work" is the new "I've given up smoking" for me in terms of justifying silly purchases but it's undeniably fun to have these games playable where and whenever. I had them on X1 already but I'm no fan of that controller or waiting circa THREE FUCKING MINUTES for a console to boot up regardless of how many frames per K or whatever it might be on there.
  11. I started a new playthrough of this myself this week having finished it almost exactly a year ago, it's still utterly brilliant. Easily in my top 10 of this generation. I don't remember the bee being that hard but the train, and that fucking robot were another matter.
  12. I started a new playthrough of this myself this week having finished it almost exactly a year ago, it's still utterly brilliant. Easily in my top 10 of this generation. I don't remember the bee being that hard but the train, and that fucking robot were another matter.
  13. I only glanced at it but Bioshock 2 shows a filesize of about 10GB on the eShop with a blurb saying something like "a 25GB download is required". What. There's no way I'm buying it anyway but that alone would probably have put me off. Make up your fucking mind.
  14. I had assumed the Bioshocks were available individually so that I’d eventually buckle and buy the good one (2, obviously) but the Nintendo Life eShop update only lists the bundle. Is that right?
  15. Thanks both - I had another wee shot but I think I’ve forgotten so much about the plot I’d be doing it a disservice to plough on with it at the moment. SNES it is! And then when the lockdown eases - CEX it is! Holy shit, I bought CT on here for about £15 a few years so.
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