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  1. Got a refund from Nintendo I wasn't really expecting this morning so I think I'm in for GRID. I've seen some very promising videos on YouTube and I do enjoy a really dry racing game.
  2. Grandia is really getting its hooks in. Bright colours and positivity in your protagonist make so much difference to a JRPG. How does the sequel compare?
  3. What was the consensus on Zero Time Dilemma? I loved 999 and VLR but the third did nothing for me and I can't decide if it was just poor or my tastes have changed/I expect too much from these games now.
  4. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    I've got a load of them. It's like a pension but I can play them while I wait to get old. Last I checked Human Fall Flat was going for about £100 at CEX. Daft.
  5. Nintendo were good enough to refund my Pillars of Eternity purchase so I've buckled and got this instead - loved the five or so hours I put into the original on Xbox but I hate playing games on that system/controller and proper up for this having heard good things about the port. Edit - within minutes I have a bucket on my head and I've set fire to a sheep this is great you guys.
  6. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Is it?! Right I'm interested now.
  7. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Dream Course is the best Kirby game. Fight me.
  8. Did anyone try Vaporum? I'm hovering over it while it's on sale but I've been burnt a few times recently and that looks like a lot of text/UI to fit on the screen comfortably in handheld mode.
  9. Mega Man X. After finally “getting” classic Castlevania over the last couple of months I decided to give this fella another go and I actually enjoyed it. You have no idea how many Mega Man games and collections I’ve bought over the years but it must be at least a dozen, and I’ve never honestly enjoyed one of them. I play a lot of retro games and follow some YouTube channels/podcasts though, and the constant deifying of the games and my attraction to everything around the actual gameplay – music, graphics, character design - had convinced me I must be wrong. And now it’s all fallen into place and I have tons of them of varying quality to play retrospectively. Yay! I’m perversely looking forward to them getting steadily worse as I work my way through both X collections. Full disclosure – I engaged Rookie Mode for the Sigma fight and I feel bad enough that I want to go back and redo it later but it was late and this collection doesn’t have save states and fuck doing all the preceding stages again.
  10. Excellent, looking forward to this later. Your videos are great and there should be plenty of mileage in this wee project.
  11. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    Can't believe it's been well over 20 years since I last had a man saying this to me.
  12. Yasawas

    Nintendo Switch

    I honestly wonder if the amount of time I put into this and Doom on the SNES is why I get such terrible migraines now. It was enlightening to play again this morning if nothing else. This isn't news to anyone but Yoshi's Island is still unspeakably beautiful. I could watch that title screen for hours.
  13. I enjoyed this more than I expected to, some interesting choices in among the obvious:
  14. Inspired by finally "getting" classic Castlevania last month I'm now "getting" Mega Man through Mega Man X on the Switch. Played it before when I used to collect Super Famicom but I'm actually enjoying it this time. Looking forward to the others I haven't seen at all and perversely into watching them gradually slide into shite.
  15. No Penguins, no dice.
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