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  1. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Five years ago I might have been interested but I've come to accept my tastes have changed, sadly. I get that it's great for some, and if I'd had something like this as a kid or owned children I'd love it but it's not for me. Case in point - this weekend when I went to play Fallout 4 AND Resident Evil 0
  2. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    had my Xbone since July and it's been nice playing FH4 "free" but I'll be letting it expire in January. It's just a haphazard collection of games I didn't care about enough to buy when they came out, and there are no first party releases other than Forza I'm interested in.
  3. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Cheers, wasn't sure whether I just wasn't seeing it because it was on the drive already. Boo. The convenience of no-disc almost justifies the sub for me.
  4. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Is Fallout 4 still on Game Pass? I assumed it was and tried to boot it (installed from the physical disc) and it asked me for the disc but yet Hitman works fine in the exact same situation.
  5. Yasawas

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Every time some new dumb Fallout limited edition comes out (every two years) I regret discarding that lunchbox. It was legitimately good and only £48.99 apparently. Also more games should come with making-of DVDs.
  6. Yasawas

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    Mega Man. I own dozens of them. I think X is alright and it's by a huge margin the best one. I blame the enthusiasm of Americans on the internet who grew up with this shit rather than proper games like Dizzy.
  7. Yasawas

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Amen. I put FH3 on earlier to see what their Forzathon was like and can confirm these things did used to be about fun. *pick scrape*
  8. Yasawas

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Couldn't sleep so picked up the Switch and beat Capra on my SL1 character. Probably not worth going back to bed now. The Depths then, let's fucking GO
  9. Yasawas

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Am I missing something here or does it seem to have fewer events than before? So I’ve done all the cross country/street race/road race/off-road to the point where you unlock the big climax event for each – Titan, Colossus, Whatever. And then after that…what? I can either do them again or concentrate on the Horizon Story events which I can take or leave really. I’m not sure I’ve understood the progression here, it feels odd and a bit empty.
  10. Yasawas

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    "I have no interest in bikes and I don't think they'd work in this" was my first thought then I had a flashback to feeling the same way about PGR4 where they were great so fingers crossed I'm just as wrong this time. Also the Isle of Man is just generally pretty rad so this better happen now. Then they could rework the bike physics for the lighter-hearted, bicycle-based Millport DLC I really want.
  11. Yasawas

    SNES Mini

    I have this too and doubly confirm it works but do bear in mind it's a terrible design whereby each of the four sides has one port on it. It takes up way more space and is more of a hassle to keep your cabling tidy than it should be.
  12. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I will try those two things, cheers. So far I've changed my password and removed/re-added my account with no joy but it'll doubtless be something daft like that that fixes it.
  13. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I've the only account on this console and until yesterday all was well - I switched it on and it logged in as me and connected to Live. Having changed nothing it now logs me in, doesn't connect to Live, then logs me out so I have to manually select my profile to sign in again. Anyone seen anything like this before? Instant sign-in is definitely still selected and no passcode is set up. It's so trivial but infuriating in a stupid way.
  14. Yasawas

    Forza Horizon 3

    Had my first go of this last night too, only managed ten minutes as I'd hugely underestimated how long the install would take but so far it seems like a shiny version of Test Drive Unlimited. I hope that's not too far off the mark as that consumed me fully for about six months on the 360, it was the first game that generation I really got into.
  15. Yasawas

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I’ll give Support a go then, cheers! I was hoping to avoid it but if there’s no download list workaround then it sounds like I might need to. Even though I know full well I’ll never play any of those games again… I’m sure I always used points cards rather than cash on the 360 store so there would have been no exchange-rate based reason for me to maintain a US account like I do on PSN and I have achievements for those games so I must’ve played the full versions. Weird.

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