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  1. Here I am very cheekily linking to the thread in Off Topic. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=169489 Because it would have probably made more sense to put it here to begin with.
  2. Son House, Lightnin' Hopkins. Buy the Alan Lomax field recordings.
  3. Mr Pink

    Bob Dylan -

    The first album is called Bob Dylan and is mostly traditional folk songs and blues.
  4. Mutiny In Heaven is even better.
  5. Mr Pink

    Music and politics

    Phil Ochs, Sinead O'connor, Bad Religion, Man Incorporated (not very mainstream but I got distracted), The Staple Singers.
  6. Mr Pink

    Lily Allen

    I recognised the chorus to Smile which unnerved me as I don't know where from. This is nice, the accent doesn't bother me at all. But then most of my favourite vocalists are shit singers anyway.
  7. Plug In Baby is about "how if it would be really cool if we could have puppies that just stay as puppies and never get older". Supermassive Black Hole is OK, nicely prodcued, but nothing too special. Fair enough, it's very different for Muse but Hot Chip do that kind of thing much better.
  8. Seriously. They've got lots of good ideas on it but the arrangements are terrible, so it's a confusing listen, and the choruses just sound grey and messy. If it were remixed, however, it could be VERY VERY good.
  9. The Raconteurs' album isn't very good,anyway.
  10. THanks, I'll rey to get a proper scan of it when I get it back ( A level coursework). @Joek - it's done in Photoshop.
  11. I can paint shitty skies, hurrrah! And the rest:
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