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  1. I know its still a beta but it crashes a lot on the xbox - not unplayable but close at times (one session earlier today it crashed every time I got near a docking station, but at least it started me in the same area once i restarted so didn't need to hyperspace in).
  2. Looks like a faster paced Door-knockers, which isn't a bad thing...
  3. camps

    Battlefield 4

    Tested it some more - grenades do resupply but very very slowly ie before the patch I could drop an ammo box and within 20 seconds of 'sitting' on it my grenades would be full - now its over that for a single grenade Mortar shells restock even slower than that...
  4. camps

    Battlefield 4

    Quick Match selector - it then lets you pick the map pack from Battlefield 4, Second Assault or China Rising. Previously Quick Match would only put you into a standard map rotation and you had to do a server search to go into any of the add-on map pack rotations. For domination I have to say I prefer most of the standard maps rather than the dlc ones ... my favourite being golmud railway set around the small village. Tactic I have been using in that one is to destroy all the buildings as quickly as possible, removing all the sniper spots around the map. BTW has anyone noticed that the ammo box has been nerfed in this patch? For some reason it is resupplying other people's grenades etc but not my own.
  5. camps

    Battlefield 4

    New patch on the xbone now adds the ability to pick the map pack when using quick match in the online selection ... though using it on china rising gave me an empty server on domination, which I actually found useful since I have only played the map a couple of times so gave me some practice on learning flag placement and routes around choke points
  6. camps

    The Boxing Thread

    Did I hear right that it was 76-75 on the score cards at the "stoppage"?
  7. Already on my 2nd one after the first bricked while updating. Only had the forza one left in tesco so had to take that instead of fifa.
  8. Scans are out there already, alongside the audiobook version :/ Pretty stupid on their part tbh, you think they would have learned from the last book being delayed to ebook
  9. £22 in Asda/Tesco cheaper to buy from psn ... really hope this is the start of a trend with games being cheaper for the digital copy
  10. Fifa is 25 quid in Asda at the moment
  11. The Passage is a good 'The Stand'-ish clone
  12. Word is spreading on twitter that louis van gaal is the new sporting director ... partially replacing comolli
  13. Was Cain getting beat off Dos Santos
  14. re: friendlies - they won't drop the established 'stars' due to pressure from the sponsors/advertisers/tv ....
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