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    Hip Hop And Games

    Vanilla Ice Climber
  2. Great thread! Loads of good stuff posted already
  3. One of my faves from Malik B
  4. I switched to giant bomb on YT, it’s much smoother
  5. I just finally beat those 2 gold cunts!! My hearts pounding.
  6. I’d love to get involved in some time trialing if that’s ok with you guys? How does it work, do you need to add me (I don’t do much online stuff)? My user name on PSN is: recordmole I’m a complete pad using noob, so your times will be safe!
  7. I’m playing it at the moment and it’s fantastic, it’s basically a new Yakuza with different characters
  8. esar

    Solange Knowles

  9. I'm another one still playing and its always busy. Fantastic game!
  10. She's incredible, you need to listen to her Blue Note albums all written and produced by the legendary Mizell Brothers.
  11. Good to see you posting again Art, hope all is well!
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