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  1. So Ben isn't Tim Westwood posting under a pseudonym? Another.Dream.Shattered!
  2. Wow, fabric have done a Spinbad mix CD? I'll have to check that, his 80's mixtapes are legendary!
  3. this might be more up your street Cal:
  4. yeah, I was gambling on the freebie but my mates got a spare so i'm going to buy off him to be sure (its sold out now).
  5. Some good recommendations already (although Derek B's pushing it ). I'm off to Pete Rock on the Wednesday, anyone else going? I keep meaning to check Thirstin Howl 'cos I hear nothing but good things but I keep forgeting, i'll look out for it. Best Tribe LP? thats too hard a question for a Monday morning, for me it used to be Midnight Marauders but I think its Low End Theory now, theres not much in it though I'll post some recomendations when i'm less busy. pz
  6. esar

    Killer 7

    I also seem to remember Playstation fanboys saying things along the lines of: "VIEWTIFULIS TEHGAYER!!!!!2-DSUXGRAFFIX!1" Surely it can only be a good thing if its released on as many consoles as possible?
  7. esar

    Killer 7

    Ha, I doubt even Sony could sell a game before its been released!
  8. Personally, I love 1080! I love the atmosphere and feeling you get just going down the mountain, especially on Tressle Trouble, the feeling of the wind pushing against your boarder, its the most realistic snowboarding game i've played (I haven't played SSX3 but if its anything like SSX2 I don't think i'll like it, I found it too gimicky). And those gate challenges are so addictive, I was up to bloody 2 in the morning last night (one more go, just one more go ).
  9. esar

    POP and BG&E

    Just order it anyway.....when it finally comes through it will be a nice (cheap) surprise If want something immediately though, they also have XIII (GC or XBox) for just £21, Wario World (GC) for £21, and Mario Sunshine for £12:85. Bargains! Cheers for the heads up. Wario World and BG&E have just been ordered!
  10. Let us rephrase it. Tim Naturally, anything Spong says has to be taken with a pinch of salt (maybe that should be a handfull of salt) but still, it'd be a nice surprise.
  11. I think Mr. Nagoshi is telling fibs. lifted from cube-europe.com: Sega has revealed it is working on a second Super Monkey Ball sequel. According to Spong, an internet game database, the preliminary work on Super Monkey Ball 3 is already underway at Sega's acclaimed R&D studio, Amusement Vision. One insider told Spong, "AV is looking at greatly expanding the mechanic behind Monkey Ball. Some of the things they are working on should explode what is possible from the game, with complete spin, controlled with the second analogue stick, already in place in early tech demos." Doesn't look li
  12. Do you reckon they'll be any news on SMB 3?
  13. so did we. This is the best thread evar!
  14. You're correct, it can be played with 2, as I've done. And may I add, it's CLASS! Alright, no need to rub it in
  15. I know what your saying Jim, I too used to hate caves but grew to love em, there are some great ledges with views below so you can pick people off without them realising. My mate used to always play as Grace Jones and he used sing'Slave To The Rhythm' as he slew me. Memories.
  16. Don't you need 4 of them to even play it? do you, I thought you could play with just 2? if so thats even more
  17. I usualy find that leads to people being 'teh gayers' by hiding and that just leads to a boring stand-off. Nope, I prefer running around like a lunatic with all guns-a-blazin'!
  18. I'd love to play 4 swords and seeing as my flatmate has a copy of GBA LttP as well as me that should be possible. Except that mine is a US copy and his is PAL thanks a fucking lot Nintendo.
  19. i'm reading it with a big grin on my face Power weapons in the facility, definately!
  20. That's an ace score for 1080 and thoroughly deserved. It's a real racer and very addictive.. because it doesn't feature laps then the drive to try and shave a few seconds off is very strong. Also, the developers KNOW that this is the case, so "restart" is very very quick.. no messing about. What I've found is that I've been hairing down one track, not quite got the exact line, pause.... restart.. and away I go. Since it only typically takes less than a minute start to finish, going through this is no problem. Tis ace. Go buy.. You will like. EDIT - Haven't read the review, but judging by
  21. This could be a thing that costs me money I had feared it would be quite rubbish. An 8 in Edge sounds good, though. I'll buy it now, and get the Zelda disc in the process. You won't be dissapointed, i've played it everyday for about 2 months, I can't get enough.
  22. My copies gone missing in the Parcel Force void and I keep getting transferred from department to department at Comet with no-one being able to tell me where its gone. Anyone else had trouble getting hold of theirs?
  23. esar

    StarFox Armada

    Use the same voice actors as were used on the N64 version (especially General Pepper). I'd also like to 2nd the view that he shouldn't get out of his ship, weld him in the fucker!
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