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  1. I didn't realise Farma G was producing for Griselda! Chester P needs a guest verse on this. Bonus beat because Youtube lined it up after and it still sounds dope!
  2. Well, that's a nice bonus
  3. This new one is fire too: And this is amazing: I think his beats sound like if John Carpenter made a library album.
  4. He's a beast. I've been listening to Alfredo a lot recently, its so fucking good, both Gibbs and Alchemist are killing everything at the moment.
  5. Haha, I was just about to reply with the same comment
  6. I swear the Series X makes games look noticeably sharper on my old 1080 plasma telly, so much so that i'm not going to bother getting the expensive new telly I was planning on getting. I've been playing a lot of Forza Horizon 3 and that looked a bit sharper but I fired up FH4 this morning with the Series X upgrade and the image almost sliced my eyeballs it was so sharp. It looks incredible.
  7. I got my points for the Easter sale this morning so hopefully it’s come through for everyone.
  8. I just checked it out on Switch. It’s a bit janky and very dark and the demo is over in about 2 minutes You’re not missing much.
  9. esar

    Nintendo Switch

    Pikmin 3 physical is £24.99 on Amazon right now if anyone’s interested.
  10. I love Wreckfest so very excited to try that. I'm mostly looking forward to the fast load times, Forza Horizon takes absolutely ages on the old consoles.
  11. I love Aesops new one, I think he's doing a kids album:
  12. Excellent, I'll check them out, thanks.
  13. I've just managed to get a Series X! Sorry for what is probably a very common question but what games should I be checking out? I'm a One X owner so fully up to date with Gamepass etc.
  14. A new version of that Phife tune with special guests:
  15. esar

    vinyl lovers

    https://www.discogs.com/Onecut-Cut-Commander/release/1286332?ev=rr *spits out coffee* I'm sure I checked the price of this record a while ago as I was going to get rid of it and it was worth nothing but I thought I'd hang onto it because of the Banksy artwork. Looking across Discogs it seems people are charging silly money for any records with Banksy designed sleeves.
  16. I've got a sealed copy of Pokemon Diamond for the DS, I checked ebay recently to see if it was worth anything and one had just sold for around £200! They must have sold millions of copies of that game, I don't understand how its worth so much?
  17. I've been on a massive PS3 spending binge recently, most of the games can be had for around a pound or two and they still look pretty good.
  18. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, its like a reggae/funk/afrobeat/disco/house crossover but its fabulous! *looks at Discogs prices and cries*
  19. I love that record!
  20. There's a Soundcloud link in the description for download.
  21. Shit yeah rainy intros, this has to be the most iconic:
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