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  1. I haven't seen it for a while so I hope I'm remembering this correctly but there's a scene early on in Poltergeist where Diane even with all the scenes that come after that point that's still the one that stays with me
  2. Steak Wraps! Griddle the beef and then let it rest for 5-10mins prepare a mixture of Rocket Halved cherry tomatoes Lemon juice + olive oil Heat the tortillas in a dry pan Slice the rested beef into strips Spread some hummus + sour cream on the wrap Add the salad and steak Fold it Eat it
  3. MS are probably saving that for Natal launch game
  4. I'm a Talisker / Lagavulin man but reacently branched out with a bottle of Yoichi 10yr and I have to say I'm sold - not so great if you love the burn but for a peaty smooth whisky you can't go wrong. I'll be buying a fresh bottle as soon as I polish this one off
  5. Has anyone seen mention of this game being patched for 1080i support? I'm one of the great unwashed that owns a 480p/1080i telly so the PS3 will downscale 720p content to SD when higher resolutions aren't supported by the software (quite jarring after years of consistant 1080i lovelyness from my Xbox 360 - but that's another thread altogether) I'm really enjoying the game but I can't help but feel I'm missing out a bit by playing it at a lower res
  6. Current rumor doing the rounds is that Kanye is down as an Other Stage headline
  7. Can I be the first to say 'Grindhouse of the Dead' I thank you Edit: Nuts, someone said it in the youtube comments. I'll get my coat Anyway, game looks great - I'm still holding out for point blank on Wii Ware
  8. Click the link and see for yourself
  9. So tight-rope walking, vehicle control. Does this add fuel to the motion control fire?
  10. Website or phone? Did you do anything fancy?
  11. Which was another weird point because a few moments later he had blood on his hand after killing a chicken. Did Locke know they were the last two eggs because he was about to kill the last chicken (which seems like an odd thing to do) or was the line about the chicken a cover and the blood was from something/someone else?
  12. This is true, I contracted for a software firm testing cinema PoS software and they had teams working on genetic algorythms that could calculate which size screen a certain film should be shown on at any one time. The cinema has to pay the distributer on a per play / per seat basis, if a film plays to an empty house on the cinema's biggest screen that's a massive loss. Having said that, that shouldn't really be our problem and we shouldn't have to pay extra for food because the fundamentle model of film distribution is broken. If cinema really is in as much trouble as we're lead to beleive this is the area that needs sorting.
  13. Has anyone noticed the posters on the tube (possiably elswhere) have the cast nicely divided into two groups of 6 and everyone on the left hand side has so far been revealed as a member of the Oceanic 6 Apart from the ones we know the other two are
  14. Outtrigger? I loved that game. I get a similar vibe from the stuff I've seen, here's hoping for a 360 demo soon.
  15. Me too, they were great. But I bet like me you didn't buy many prerecorded MiniDiscs during those 5yrs.
  16. Proprietary media is and always will be Sony’s big problem. Their business model across the board is all about getting you in on the initial purchase and once you’re in getting you to continually line their pockets by exclusively buying media they have a vested interest in. Failed with Betamax, minimal sucess with MiniDisc, worked to an extent with phones / cameras (memorystick). With consoles it worked with PS2/DVD (because people wanted it / market was ready), they tried on PSP/UMD (movies flopped) and now they're trying the same trick again with PS3/BluRay. The only difference this time is that the market isn't ready to take a £100 hit for a feature they don't care or in some cases know about
  17. I'm hoping for a bit of Point Blank action myself, WiiWare or compiled on a disc either way make it happen Nintendo/Namco. Thinking about it a lot of the older arcade gun games that aren't necessarily suitable for full retail release would make perfect WiiWare titles Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, Jurassic Park etc.
  18. As far as I'm aware Sony have only stated that they are phasing out the 60 gig model not BC. I imagine at some point they will introduce a new upper tier model (poss. the 80 gig) with 'premium' features like extra USB ports and BC. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they are intentionally being ambiguous to create a bit of a sales boost out of people panic buying for BC.
  19. Quick google image search suggests one of them was Neo Drift Out
  20. From my days pumping coins into a neo-geo multi cab at my local snooker club I would say 'the side on football one' (Super Sidekicks 2?), 'the frisbee one' (Windjammers as mentined) and 'the isometric rally one' (which came in two flavours, neither of which I can remember the name of)
  21. Clearly the 360 does better greys and the PS3 better browns, that's the next gen debate over then. I did notice that the PS3 shots have a bullet tracer effect on them and the 360 ones don't, is that a coincidence?
  22. Well yes and no but that's beside the point. I think this is just the first of many and I doubt MS have signed any kind of exclusivity agreement with BT. What is interesting is that MS are allowing a service on there system which competes to some extent with their own video marketplace (once it arrives). Wouldn't they have been better off providing just the freeview / pvr functionality and keeping the ondemand market to to themselves?
  23. I'd imagine this is very much BT driven, they have the network and the content ready to go and MS have the box. There's no point getting your knickers in a twist because 'MS aren't providing this service to non-BT subscribers' it's the equivalent of blaming Nokia because you can't get Vodaphone content on your phone when you've got an Orange contract. It won't be long before all major content providers have an IPTV service and selecting your box / subscription will be akin to selecting a mobile phone / network.
  24. It'll be that 'play anywhere' business where the PS3's output can be wi-fi'd to the PSP allowing you to access your media / games while you're on the bog.
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