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  1. 30 minutes ago, Tet said:

    The 3rd season has been out for a couple of weeks already on JP Disney+. Excellently crafted with more focus on thoughtful anecdotes this time. Few belly laughs, but when they come it's perfect.

    The Old Man and the Tree is one of the finest episodes of TV I've seen in a long while. Up there with some of Atlanta's best

  2. Watched the season 10 finale and thought it was definitely one of the better ones with a good S11 set up too. Only neg was its a shame there's so much info out about spin offs, kind of takes away any threat of death for certain characters.


    Anyway this was my most trending in Twitter today which amused me.. 




  3. 1 hour ago, unleashedmaniac said:

    Does anyone have any recommendations for decent powerbanks to use with the switch?


    Amazon seems a bit of a minefield, there is an Anker one for £28.99 (Anker PowerCore 20100 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00VJSGT2A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uPH5AbJ4RBD7Z) which seems good but any advice would be great.


    I ended up going for this one in the end after doing a bit of research




    If you want to charge and play demanding games like Zelda get one with USB-C Power Delivery. If you're less bothered about that scenario and would be happy with something that maintains your switch charge or slows it's drain a cheaper pack without power delivery will suffice.


    PD powerbanks will also charge your switch and other devices a fair bit quicker

  4. Guardians of the Galaxy, The Purge and The Great Gatsby are all up on Dutch Netflix according to NU for Netflix. Can't confirm until I get home however

    Edit: Hmmm - No Gatsby but GotG and Purge are present and correct

    Edit 2: Turns out Luxembourg and the Netherlands have similar flags. (Gatsby is available in Luxembourg)

  5. Not a recent add but I watched 'The Way Way Back' over the weekend and absolutely loved it. If you enjoy films like Adventureland, anything starring Sam Rocckwell and a decent soundtrack you're in for a treat - definitely up there with some of the best coming of age dramas for me

    Can be found on Brazil / Canada / Mexico amongst others

  6. Full disclosure - this is a bit of game pimping for a very good friend.... but if you're in the market for a fun little gravity based physics platformer you could do worse than Perfect Moon


    (iOS version too if you're that way inclined https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/perfect-moon/id906672326?ls=1&mt=8)

    Prior to this Will was a lead on Monument Valley and has been in the industry for decades. This is his 1st attempt at going it alone (quite literally - he did all of the code, art, music etc.) and he's eager to get some feedback.

    Here's a review so you don't just have to take my word for it...


    ...and one from IGN Sweden (apparently they liked it)


  7. Bit of a long shot but if anyone still has a recommendation code they can chuck my way I'd really appreciate it, always fancied giving this monster hunting lark a try

  8. I know what you mean which is why I'm leaning towards that 1st Edition bundle which gives you the extras. But on the other hand I just can't seem to see why it woudl be better to get the 3G over a wifi model.

    Arrrgghhh.... :wacko:

    It's the only version with GPS built in.

    A lot of people seem to be overlooking this fact for some reason but if GPS becomes a standard feature for games then you could end up with a limited experience on the WiFi model


  9. I still don't understand why the 3G version is going to be that much more expensive if it doesn't cover the cost of data (as per Amazon's Kindle 3G). Are there any other devices that follow this pattern, or is Sony just hiking up the price of the 3G hardware for shits and giggles?

    iPad 2 WiFi 16GB RRP - £399

    iPad 2 3G 16GB RRP - £499

    ...or is this one of those strange beard / shave things?

  10. If that’s true, then it’s subtle to the point of imperceptibility. I mean, it’s basically the ending to Total Recall again, although I’m not sure the film supports that interpretation with anything other than that throwaway comment earlier on in the film. And I’d be surprised if they nicked the ending from another Philip K Dick adaptation.

    I don't think there's ever been an official line that says one way or another so it's just an interpretation

    I think the reason I'd go for the halo/fantasy ending over the literal one is that the literal one is all just a little too perfect. It's not so much that the comment from the organist is the clue it's all the individual elements of his life suddenly shifting from bad (drug dependancy, loss of his kid, relationship with wife) to really good (wife goes from hating him to rescuing him, he solves the crime, wife gets pregnant again) are the indicators and that cutover happens from the point he gets haloed. It's all down to interpretation so it could just be me willing the film to be a better one as much as anything

  11. Also, the last half hour of Minority Report is fucking stupid, and should have ended with the scene in the

    Isn't the whole deal there that

    the last 30mins or so is his post 'haloing' fantasy hence on the face of it, it seems like a perfect / dull holywood ending but in reality he's actually still in the clink. The clue comes when the guy who runs the halo storage facility (the organist) says something about them all being happy because all their dreams come true once the halo goes on. Quite a bleak ending if you take it that way

    My choice change would have been for TRON: Legacy

    Just as he goes for his 1st slo-mo lightcycle dive...

    he realises mid-flight he actually has no idea what to do with his cycle stick, face plants into the gound and smashing his teeth into pixally bits

  12. Edit: It's also me misremembering - they DID dub some sounds back in - its just that they are of a completely different volume/acoustics than the rest of the audio prior to it.

    It's more noticeable on the DVD. But anyway here's the clip:

    Hmmmmm, I think I preferred the version in my head better but thanks for the clip I hadn't been able to find one myself.

    The thing about this scene and to some extent the Signs scene is the fact that it's in broad daylight and in a setting that you'd consider to be safe. It throws the usual 'scary things in the shadows' rule book out of the window and catches you off guard as a result.

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