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  1. Well sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, mr snarky. I searched 'android' and couldn't find a thread, so this was the next best thing. Didn't try off Topic, though, so thanks for the link.
  2. I got a Galaxy S the other day and I'm looking for games for it. They seem to be thin on the ground. Is there anything actually worth playing on Android?
  3. I love the Debriefings. My favourite podcast I sent them a box of sweets and biscuits from Ireland yesterday. I hope they like them! They won't have them by the time they record this weeks show, but hopefully next week.
  4. RebelFM has been great since boring Phhil and dull as fuck Suttner left and that infamous episode 8 with Robert Ashley. And I love the Debriefings. It's probably my favourite podcast. Makes me laugh out loud every week. Fuck the haters.
  5. Woah!, this thread is kinda dead, isn't it? Man God is on the new episode of 8-4 Play. It's all about the new PSP, all of the cast were at the event. JOHN RICCIARDI YOU ARE DAFT! There were some glimpses of classic Shane here and there throughout the podcast. Particularly during the NGP price "discussion". It was like vintage 1up Yours for a brief few moments. Great stuff. Rebel FM was terrific this week, too. Great 25 minute section about the differences between Western and Japanese developed games. Really good listen. I still have yesterdays and last weeks Gamespy Debriefings to listen to. A good afternoon ahead.
  6. Indeed. I was stunned into silence.
  7. Anyone watch this weeks episode? Holy shit! What an amazing 42 minutes of tv. Criminal that more people don't watch this.
  8. Amazing episode The return of Lil Kev from all those years ago And Cutty, too. I love that they just randomly set up their DJ equipment in the hospital waiting room. And the crack pipe during the slow mo The sewer conversation at the start So many lol's. Anyone notice the lingering shot of Mac(aka the real father of the baby) with the gigantic smile on his face as Dee was being brought out? I thought it was really sweet Probably the most sweetly sincere thing that's ever happened in this show. It only lasted about 5 seconds but it was a wonderful moment. And the cute picture of the baby yawning at the end. Awwww. I think next weeks episode is just last years DVD christmas special. It has the same episode title, anyway. It never aired on FX, and it will be highly edited too, sooooooo, that's it for another year. After a slightly rocky start it turned out to be an amazing season. It had some of the best episodes the show ever did.
  9. Gamespy Debriefings was hysterical this week. The part where they were talking about Ryan Scott's lunch and eating habits nearly had me in tears. Ryan clearly was in tears, though, the way he was laughing so much. I nearly laughed out lound in Tesco this morning while listening to it.
  10. And now you're back to the good stuff again. Season 6 and 7 are amazing.
  11. Debriefings was outstanding this week. Nearly pissed myself laughing at certain points. Rebel FM was great, too.
  12. Hey, it worked for The Thick Of It, with In The Loop, which I thought was fucking outstanding. There's always hope.
  13. Yeah, I liked it(obviously). Shane really creeps me the fuck out. So sinister. Silas is now the only 'good' Botwin on the show. I hope they don't turn him back into an moron.
  14. Yeah, the third episode was the best yet. Gervais was good. Although he had kinda driven his characters schtick into the ground by the end of it.
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