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  1. That was presented as if we should know what those anime games were to begin with.
  2. Desperately seeking confirmation of whether that Halo multiplayer map shown was Valhalla.
  3. Now that was a nice Halo demonstration. Just hope that in game graphics are still improved.
  4. Fall Guys but cute. I’m fine with it. Think of the merch opportunities.
  5. Ha! Great nod to the original ride in the PotC collab. I’ll enjoy this trailer but won’t play it. Great ‘get’ though.
  6. I thought the opposite to be honest. The storytelling seemed interesting but the rest was beige FPS.
  7. Oh man, Sony console owners gonna be mad that got taken away. Not surprising though!
  8. My stream hasn’t started yet, so if this is a fake delay troll I’ll come and cry at you.
  9. All this talk of the New Nintendo Switch has had me looking up how to transfer islands to a new console, and it's just so... ugh. I think I'd need to watch multiple tutorial videos first.
  10. Yeah I thought that too. I couldn't tell if it was down to an early build (didn't it say pre-alpha or something?) or if they were moving to a more unique, free-roaming AOE damage approach.
  11. So my YouTube recommended feed this morning highlighted to me that Intergrade has an extended ending, which I wasn't aware of. It's quite something. ALARMINGLY MEGA SPOILERS.
  12. Is this like a marketing Rorschach test? It's listing all possibilities. You wouldn't trade a Switch for a Switch, but you might trade a Switch for a Switch Lite, Xbox, or New Switch.
  13. Melissa McGamePass is my uncle who works at Nintendo.
  14. I personally found the Avatar announcement exciting, but for an E3 presentation that did reek of "our studio has had a lot of problems recently, and no I don't just mean COVID".
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