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  1. Thank god, a Super Monkey Ball timeline trailer. All you other idiots hoping for Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Pikmin, F-Zero, Wave Race…….
  2. Nintendo will always dedicate time to average third party support because of the years and years they had to endure accusations of having none of it.
  3. I like Smash, and having 6 minutes on it isn’t that big of a deal… It’s better than the news of Life Is Strange being on Switch, which could have been done in the Square conference.
  4. Starting with Zelda or Smash DLC? Yeh it’s smash.
  5. No, it’s turned out to be a massive deal to the point where Twitch won’t be showing it all on their platform because people can’t co-stream it. I’m not sure how this will work with things like IGN, but I’m going to go with YouTube for this one and hope that it doesn’t shit the bed.
  6. Have we talked about how ready our bodies are yet? Because mine is.
  7. Nintendo have done the pre-recorded gubbins for a while now. This morning they could shuffle a Japanese executive into The Bland Board Room with a Toadstool plush in the blurred background to film them reading an autocue for two minutes, then show the pre-rendered "here's a camera womming around a new console" trailer, and stuff it into the beginning of the show. Done.
  8. Re: The Xbox-y PS5-y debate, I'm personally glad that their paths are starting to diverge more obviously away from each other. There was a time in the 360/PS3 era where it didn't really matter which console you had as the multiplatforms ruled and the system-sellers were in an easy immovable object unstoppable force scenario. "I have Halo." "I have The Last of Us".* However I would note that it seems more telling that Sony is quietly mentioning that their big IPs are still coming out on PS4. Sackboy, Horizon, Spider-Man... Supporting the generations gap feels Xbox-y now. * Yes I know these are all many years apart, it's just what came to the top of my mind first.
  9. In entirely unrelated news, I've downloaded the Scarlet Nexus demo to give that a try ahead of its release in a couple of weeks. Have you tried that too?
  10. Using my empath powers, I’m sensing this thread harbours ill will towards Chaos.
  11. I don’t understand the appeal of Platinum games. There, I said it.
  12. Why does what I’ve been wishing for have to be bloody PC and mobile?! Aaaargh!
  13. Fucking hell, I was waiting for someone to post that. It’s still in development! I see it as a brave head above the parapet gameplay demo.
  14. I think you underestimate how many tens of millions of dollars it costs to accrue likeness rights to most of cinema’s hottest actors.
  15. Tonally it already feels much better and honouring of the beloved modern MCU.
  16. Sup. I’m here riding an Xbox conference high and am hoping for some Final Fantasy announcements. For ages I’ve been wanting a retro FF compilation title, grouping 1-6 together. (I would also accept 1-5 and a 6 remaster.) They’ve done it for the Mana series and Dragon Quest has been getting the love, soooo…
  17. I demand an Xbox physical edition pre-order!
  18. I look forward to gameplay previews of Redfall when they’re available.
  19. Errr, it showed Halo Infinite multiplayer as Holiday 2021, but not the campaign…
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