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  1. Frame rate is doing me a concern across these vids.
  2. Silent Hill as well?! Edit- Nope, the scary Resi...
  3. Three must buys in a row by the looks of it.
  4. FF16 is the kind of Sony megatons I tune in for!
  5. That new game they announced is a shameful rip-off of Breath of the Wild.
  6. If you can't play as Zelda in this, outside of her final heroic moments of realisation, I will not purchase it...
  7. I thought this was one of those ones where the new console just goes *boop* and you have the shinier faster version?
  8. I admire the Xbox All Access program but isn't such a shite that you have to go into fucking GAME to do it? Fucking GAME.
  9. The new Yakuza game, which looks like an interesting break from the series' formula.
  10. Where’s @deKay? I’m so fucking in for this game. Will be one to look forward to hopefully unwrapping on Christmas Day.
  11. Wow, cheaper than a Switch.
  12. Oh man, is it bad that I like the look of those Pumas in the unboxing video? Never thought I’d like a red, blue and white trainer...
  13. I don't think Hawkeye can bloop through the air in a haze of purple lightning. I'm not familiar with this character anyway, though, so... And isn't War Machine like Iron Man anyway but with more guns and less bweeee?
  14. It’ll be lower res textures to ensure consistent VR frame rate.
  15. I always feel awkward when you can see people’s eyes flicker when they’re reading an autocue in an emotionless drawl.
  16. Show me more of Lemnis Gate, that actually seemed innovative. Here’s LEGO to cheer us up.
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