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  1. Could a PS5 Miles Morales standard edition owner please help me out? I've been looking at the Prime Day deal for a controller and MM standard for £80 which seem like good value. Only, I'd like to play Spider-Man Remastered as well so would prefer the ultimate edition, but that's not included in the deal and is now out of stock on Amazon after being stuck at a reasonable £50 price point for a while. Anyway, can you get Spider-Man Remastered from the MM standard edition, and how much does it cost? I can only find info for America.
  2. I gave this another go now with New Genesis after being brutally disappointed by the initial European release. The on-boarding is so much better, and the fluidity and movement speed is much more of what I wanted from a modern PSO game. Everything is a bit long-winded right now, but I’ve already been able to just bugger off and explore to get away from MENUS - THE GAME which, again, is another huge improvement. I’m hopeful for the game’s future. It must avoid the pitfalls of layering on more and more stuff, instead focusing on bosses and combat rituals.
  3. Anyone fancy a Vault of Glass run on Xbox? We’re hopefully starting at 8:30 tonight. Edit- Done!
  4. Oh... I thought the Yuffie DLC was included. Do you know what hoops you need to jump through, post-PS5-upgrade, to get the Yuffie chapters?
  5. Ah, yes, good shout. Bagsy red Yoshi!
  6. I am very much of the theory and hope that the 'scraggly haired Link' we're seeing in the trailer is actually Zelda, and that blue-tunic Link is, er, Link. It would be such a waste of awesome characterisation if Zelda played another "I'm going to stand here for ages and hold back the devil juice" role.
  7. tnman


    Came here to ask just this, wondering if anyone had beat it. I might try to use the freezing bombs from the dungeon on it later. My only concern with this title is if it will ever direct you helpfully where to go. One of the biggest things that put me off Souls games are the stories that you can wander off in entirely the wrong direction for proper progression and not know about it for hours.
  8. Um, was that a scraggly haired Zelda you could play as with the bow on her back?
  9. Yes please share a few more things!!!
  10. Zeldazeldazelda No not that one, damn it Nintendo…
  12. Ten minutes to go. Sometimes they announce stuffs in the first hour of the Treehouse stream too.
  13. I wonder if they’ll get the 999 trilogy at some point too.
  14. Hahahaha, imagine if this series really was based off a Doom review.
  15. A new Shin Megami Tensei will please many.
  16. WarioWare is great but I have no friends to play it with. And they didn’t mention if the co-op was online. wahhhh
  17. This is the E3 showing! COVID hit Ninty soooo hard.
  18. As much as I would love to agree with you, one announcement won’t save this. We’re halfway for goodness sake.
  19. The frame rate on DBZ Kakarot was shocking.
  20. From new Metroid to Just Dance. Never change Nintendo. Actually, do.
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