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  1. But not the Platinum improvements...? It seems odd they haven't specifically mentioned that.
  2. As a noob, I don't know how you manage to get that many upgrades for your boons. I literally do not see that many upgrade fruit things ever.
  3. I think I might need to turn god mode on too because I can see myself getting frustrated with the RNG. It is frustrating I can get all the way to the end (?) one run and then get wiped out in Asphodel the next using the same weapon...
  4. I can now reliably hand Meg's ass to her every time. Unusually for me and my kind of play style, I find it hardest with the sword because I can't get away from her fast enough.
  5. The initial damage it gives off is a bit dump, but it has a bit of a poison-style effect that you can buff from the mirror, where your attacks do more damage when they have the diamond on them.
  6. Yeah, but for example I’ve just done two runs with the bow. The first time I got some amazing boobs boons (lol autocorrect leaving that in) and got my furthest ever, to the third boss! Then I went back in full of hope and died randomly in the second area, as I just kept getting coin doors.
  7. Thank Christ I decided to try Hades first. My Mum died very suddenly a little over a month ago. Even the notion would have upset me.
  8. I am also a fellow noob, so what I have gleaned is that yes they all stack on top of one another, the different symbols are different symbols of gods (wing is Hermes, bolt is Zeus and so on), and no smashing barrels seems to do fuck all unless you unlock a thing from the builder ghost (which I haven’t done). I enjoyed my time playing this last night but I can’t shake the niggling feeling that any win run is just going to be based on RNG on getting the good shit rather than my skill. Please tell me why I am wrong?
  9. tnman

    NFL 2021!

    A preseason win is always nice for team morale, if meaningless eventually.
  10. tnman

    NFL 2021!

    Please stop putting bad luck vibes out into the world! Us Colts fans have had to deal with enough bull with (new) QBs recently. Personally I endured Rivers' victory lap (that wasn't) while other fans seemed to really enjoy it.
  11. It's a shame it couldn't be patched in as an XSX-exclusive feature.
  12. Best I can tell you just need to do a golf.
  13. I'm such a moron... thank you...
  14. I think it was D-Pad Left or Right on controller as default. Try one of the two and go to external view and see if your wheels come out I guess. 😅 Please can someone explain to me how to take photos? The share button on my controller flicks between cockpit and external view, and if I go on the Xbox button to get the dash slide in it just brings up the pause menu automatically. I took my wife on a flight over Disney World to see our honeymoon spots but we couldn't take any nice photos.
  15. I can recommend going for it pre-9am or midnight. That’s what I did.
  16. Wouldn't be Skyward Sword without annoying control options debates!
  17. Heathrow is still in the game, as you would fly over or land onto it, it just isn't modelled to 100% reality with building locations, which is what the deluxe upgrade gets you.
  18. Or buying the Deck will make it feel like you suddenly have to play all the Steam games to justify your purchase when you could have sat at the PC instead of in bed. This is me playing devil's advocate, only because I went through this around when I was at uni and pissed away a lot of loan on games. You're saying what I used to tell myself, enabling around the subject. (Apologies if these posts are coming across strong, I would just like to try and lend a helping hand.)
  19. tnman

    Gaming in VMs

    I tried to do this with a Windows 10 VM on my Mac with Parallels and the results were utter shit.
  20. Watch a YouTube Let’s Play or find some Twitch streamers playing something you have to get hype again.
  21. Just bumping this thread to gently remind you of your feelings and that you don’t need a Switch OLED or Steam Deck to be able to make headway on, or simply enjoy, the games you already own.
  22. If anything I hope this gives Nintendo some competition again so that they start upping their hardware specs. 60fps needs to become an industry standard.
  23. Out of curiosity, how many people preordering don’t already have the better battery model?
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