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  1. Well if yours was dispatched yesterday and mine and others isn't dispatched yet, we have no hope...
  2. But then my credit card has been charged and Amazon don't usually do that unless they're shipping... CONFLICTION
  3. Okay now I'm concerned. My Play and Charge Kit has just been marked as out for delivery on Amazon. As in, it's on the van. Console is sat on "arriving today", but not dispatched. I don't think it's gonna happen.
  4. I have had it happen before... But not with an in-demand next-gen console...
  5. Good morning Amazon-no-dispatch-email-team. Let's all socially distance hug each other over the internet while we wait anxiously for any email.
  6. Powered by AO.com! Fascinatingly bizarre brand synergy! I love this thread, give me more!
  7. Getting a US-designed console built in China from an Australian furniture shop in Ireland is the kind of globalisation talk I live for.
  8. It's usually their own casual couriers, Amazon Logistics.
  9. It's at like 1am here though...
  10. FAAAAAACK. I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription and then a little later my wife left for a short walk on her lunch break, and Royal Mail chose that moment to apparently try to deliver my Expansion Card. They left a note specifying they've left it with a neighbour, but who knows what number! I live in a block of 16 flats! Let this be an important warning notice to everyone for Tuesday.
  11. TWAB: Login screens now have a dark background.
  12. Also I was tempted to try this - like a GAME website trophy - and was pleased that I could also get it.
  13. I was wondering how long it would take someone to write a macro that does this and then alerts when it works.
  14. Fairplay, that must've taken hours of clicking. I wonder which bundle has the best chance?
  15. I find this image incredibly confusing.
  16. In the store I used to work at, the cleaning liquid that we sponged on - a bit like a roller ball deodorant - ran out very quickly, and it was apparently expensive to get so our management just... didn't. Every disc we put through after that had a minute amount of water smonched onto it from a dry sponge. Bizarrely, discs came out looking fine, but then wouldn't play.
  17. I wouldn't worry about any of the pinnacles and exotics going away as Bungie have said they'll be available through a new memorial kiosk in the Tower. Who knows what materials you'll need though.
  18. ... That would be quite nice, actually... I like chocolate Hobnobs. Edit- I continued to scroll down, good man!
  19. Apparently you can “let the Animus decide” so that you play both leads when narratively most relevant...
  20. Yeah. Myself, @redbloodcel and @luckypierre and two of his friends made up a fairly regular group of five, with us peer pressuring other clanmates or LFGers into joining us as needed. I'm hoping all will return for Beyond Light and Deep Stone Crypt raid.
  21. I'd put CoS as the hardest raid because with three teams of two, it only takes one weak link to bugger one side and then that's it, you're in recovery mode.
  22. The excitement of the new, combined with vicarious consumerism that possibly isn’t achievable in one’s own lifestyle.
  23. They said in the briefing that click and collect services could still run so that might be how GAME have to do it. Working between now and Wednesday to contact your store’s preorder customers to discuss this is surely how they’ll have to do it, right?
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