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  1. I did the same with the exact same experience and outcome. Not worth it for one stick but I'm sure the PVP elites will enjoy a way to finally and reliably farm these materials.
  2. On the assumption of you being a big Marvel fan and only playing the campaign, I'd say yes. (Bizarrely if you did want to do the online grind I would say no, it's not worth it for that price, because it's so frustrating.)
  3. tnman

    NFL 2021!

    Conversely I always thought they picked the Patriots (now Tampa) game and went on their merry way. They got a little better last season with their picks but two years back they were awful. Last season Sky did a poll on what game they should pick and the community voted for a banger. I maintain it would’ve been a “what’re the Pats doing this week?” pick otherwise. I like GamePass for just picking what I’m interested in. I’ll always want to watch the Colts in week 1, as an example.
  4. How do you take screenshots without HUD bits on? (I'm on Xbox and can't see a quick option to turn them off. Or enable Active Pause.)
  5. That's the questline for the entire season, best I can tell.
  6. I’ll help translate. I’m not in yet but this is assumed based on last seasons. Use the seasonal currency (probably obtained from the seasonal weekly mission) at the circle thing in the HELM. Open the final chest in the seasonal activity.
  7. Correct, you’re not restricted but it will make matchmaking a lot easier.
  8. You wanna join, Gorf? Unite the consoles! I maintain your initial approach to having the clan locked down to only forumites was an error, I/we've met some great people through Destiny and it would be great to have you (entirely PlayStation I assume) folks come and play!
  9. Well, the thing about that is I actually can't! I'm the founder of what was formerly known as the Xbox and PC clan, so I can't leave it. At the Overlords we've attracted a great core group and frequently raid, do dungeons, help with carries and content clearing. We also make fun of @luckypierre's ludicrously high season rank and @mikeyl's everything. It's quite a casual approach to teaming up, but we get as many clan members involved in all sorts of activities as regularly as possible, and have max ranked the clan every season since D2 launch. If anyone wants to come over to the clan, please see this link after maintenance is complete or hit me up via PM. This is the time to unite the consoles! We will be raiding! Raiding tonight probably unlikely but who knows what the servers will do.
  10. Unclear, Hexxy. Hey Hexx, as crossplay is going live tonight after all, you wanna join the clan?
  11. The new dungeons coming in year 5 will be available to deluxe edition owners only (usually £80 but includes all the year’s season passes so I personally am okay with this). There’s also an incoming Bungie anniversary DLC, which will include a mini dungeon in the Cosmodrome accessed through the loot cave.
  12. Does that launch tonight? Initiating coup in 3...2...1... ( )
  13. Sony Australia just leaked Witch Queen listing accidentally. Releases 22/2. Naturally there’s loads of spoilers for tonight’s reveal and the plotline of the new season in the listing details so tread carefully.
  14. Fair enough but Hass didn't specify story or mechanics. Overrides and Expunges are sticking around anyway, like the Battlegrounds did. The good thing about (paid) Destiny now is that it's got to the realm of 'it's never a bad time to start', a bit like FFXIV.
  15. The lack of couch co-op for Halo 5 is still bemoaned today. There being no co-op for Infinite launch is yet another sign that 343i aren't getting it right for release and spend too much dev time on theory-crafting a game and not actually building it. Halo is a definitive co-op, buddy-up, LAN kind of game that blossomed thanks to the advent of Xbox Live. All of these features are launch essentials. The excuse of Infinite being a live game is trash, frankly. The single player won't be. Can't be.
  16. I couldn't disagree more. The last two seasons' story beats have been a marked improvement on what's gone before and are setting up The Witch Queen considerably well.
  17. I actually won’t be buying these remakes, at least initially. I want to see if it has content I care about before blindly handing over even more money to TPCi.
  18. I’ve mentioned in other places though it seems odd they do these Directs and continuously fail to appeal to the hardcore fans that watch them. It’s much more interesting to see details about postgame - for a remake especially - than it is decorating your underground hideout to attract a Houndoom.
  19. Yes but ORAS had a substantial postgame of its own creation.
  20. Funnily enough that's how I felt, only double your figure. I got to run 14 and turned god mode on, because while I'm enjoying the game I was stopping enjoying the RNG element and I don't know how streamers and people in this thread manage to get such OP builds. The large damage buff then meant that I got my first clear on run 16. Am I still allowed in the club? Really need to unlock the final two weapons now...
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