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  1. White van just turned down the road and it’s a play inspection van for the park. My heart!
  2. Don’t think I’ll manage a picture of him with the console box. What do you mean I’m spamming the thread? Edit- oh that’s annoying, why did it upload sideways?
  3. There is a 50% chance of rain at 9am. That would make me 50% more miserable.
  4. It’s on a van! Should be here by 10:30, so like any self respecting gamer who booked a week off, I am stood outside my flat so there is zero chance that the driver will decide not to bother like with yesterday’s play and charge kit. I have been joined by a squirrel from the local park. He isn’t sure what is going on, and squeaked at me and ran off when I started to talk about how important velocity architecture is to the next-gen experience. I’m also reliving the day one experience of two decades ago, as it is cold.
  5. Good morning delayed Amazon club. Mine is now sitting at its final delivery station in Swindon. That's about 45 minutes down the road. Fingers crossed it'll get onto a van today, but who knows? How very Tuesday morning, eh?
  6. Come back tomorrow, innit.
  7. Live is down. Probably gonna get server queued tonight now. Bah humbug to today's launches.
  8. Live has crashed and burned. Happy launch day, America.
  9. Don't you twat the cat when you come through the door with its post there?
  10. You won't dude, Destiny 2 runs off a single client with any expansions downloaded as a 10MB key each.
  11. Zero. Sorry to hear of your woes @Purin. Perhaps if you throw in the towel now and call Microsoft they can get a replacement out to you or a pickup arranged before the end of the working day? I say them rather than your retailer because I assume Microsoft will have some stock held for such a purpose, whereas a retailer won't.
  12. DON'T YOU GIVE ME HOPE YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARD, DON'T YOU DO THAT TO ME Alas, Destiny 2 on console is capped at 30, so it needs a Bungie patch which is coming next month. Also best of luck @Scribblor.
  13. Amazon dispatch get. Two hours after the previously tagged trio, just as strangely predicted. Thursday... Tomorrow will be especially agonising as I had to order a new external hard drive for my wife the other day. Ordered it Friday night for Sunday delivery and it turned up Saturday afternoon. Of course my mind will be playing tricks on me all day tomorrow that the same thing will happen for the Xbox.
  14. Hmm, maybe, but they could've just as easily lobbed it into their release day live blog (yes really, but it is kinda fun) and left it at that.
  15. Mate, Amazon have just well and truly fucked it; enough for Eurogamer to report on it.
  16. I live in Bath and don't have mine. I think it came down to luck, honestly. Or the lack of it...
  17. My Amazon order is STILL NOT DISPATCHED. But I seem to be about two hours behind @Mr Tony, @Dirty Harry Potter and @Super Craig for similar stakes and timings, so I'm definitely not stalking your posts for any detail as if I'm cracking the enigma code. Are you guys all Prime members?
  18. What the fuck does 'within the next business day' even mean? Today? Does today count as the next day seeing as really it should have despatched yesterday, or is that now in fact tomorrow?
  19. Hello, it's Mr Piss On Your Chips, from the delivery thread. My console has suffered the dreaded Amazon delay email fate, and they also couldn't even deliver my separately ordered play and charge kit. I'm genuinely mulling over whether to delay playing Destiny 2 Beyond Light when it launches at 6pm tonight so I can fully enjoy its speedy newness on the Series X or if that would just be martyring myself.
  20. Amazon even failed to deliver my play and charge kit, citing a problem with my order. i.e. they couldn't be bothered to read the instructions on my account to open the gate. loooool Fuck this I'm playing Last of Us 2.
  21. Hello, I'm Mr Piss On Your Chips. The chatbot and the human will be pulling from the same system, which won't update itself until it breaches its own timeframe. Said system won't be taking into account all these emails being sent out. It's just a product release that Amazon, in their eyes, have slightly delayed for a few of their customers who they have over a barrel. Not like we're going to go out to a shop instead is it? Yes...
  22. Seeing reports on other forums that Amazon UK are sending out delay apology emails, promising they will dispatch within the next business day.
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