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  1. Where? ← Can't find them all, but after a quick Google search this seems to turn up something pretty similar. http://www.ps3today.com/Blogs/JournalBlogV...qs/blr_129.aspx
  2. Well I'd say Microsoft have the most solid stuff so far, but that's to be expected with their Xbox360 launch round the corner. They have games announced, details announced, and the price has just leaked and hopefully to be confirmed (or denied) later today. Sony (read: Ken Kutaragi) are just throwing petty and quite cringeworthy stabs at other companies around like there's no tomorrow. I don't think they realise that, unfortunately, those stabs are likely to receive more attention than the latest processor number they release. Oh dear. And Nintendo haven't really done anything, leaving everyone to speculate if anything they do will turn out to be revolutionary or not. Being a Nintendo fan, it's kind of annoying to say that Microsoft are probably 'winning' at the moment because they seem to be getting on with it the most. Unlike Sony or Nintendo, they're not relying on more speculation than fact. The true war will begin when all three consoles are released into the market, consumers have 100% concrete details to play with, the software is out... etc etc. And at the moment, I'm likely to buy the Revolution simply down to blind hope and adoration for what Nintendo puts out. That's not to say however I'm not strongly considering an Xbox360 instead of or as well as, because what they're giving out is mighty tempting. The PS3 has nothing for me...the controller looks like a boomerang with buttons, and I haven't seen anything on software, confirmed technical details, so I predict Sony to lose completely in this war. Hope this helps with your feature, Lisa.
  3. *Sees drawing in article.* *Laughs.* *Sees Rayn's avatar*. *Pisses self*.
  4. tnman

    Game Boy Micro

    Cupholder? ← Paperweight?
  5. On PSO, I had to rebound the little ball of light of all four corners and sides of the screen, and then put it back exactly in the middle of the screen before it finished loading. I have mastered this. B)
  6. tnman

    Game Boy Micro

    Phhrt! I'll stick with my DS.
  7. That would make a horrific price! I really hope they don't do that. A direct currency conversion comes up with the following results: $399.99 = £221.33 $299.99 = £165.98 For the extra £60 I think I'll have the HD version, as I'm likely to spend that much in Memory Cards otherwise.
  8. tnman


    To keep things simple: Ham Mushroom Pineapple Oh my, yes.
  9. They were released yonks ago! How?
  10. I'm sure even Jack Thompson would be able to click a big red 'X' in the top right of his PC monitor. Or at least ask his secretary to do it for him. Or sue Bill Gates for making the button red, implying that it's bloody, so that whenever somebody clicks it, it's making them wanting to kill and 'close' people's lives down. Or *continues to ramble*...
  11. Innocent charm = ugly annoying dumbass? I have lost all faith in the British public.
  12. tnman

    King Kong

    That camera looks a little dodgy. It kept going in front of Kong instead of behind him, so you couldn't see the action well at all. Otherwise, looks like quite a fun romp.
  13. ... You weren't being serious, were you?
  14. True, but it's nevertheless an enjoyable game. I chose to ignore the stupid hentai you were awarded with if you 100%ed the game. Not too sure I'll be interested in buying more of the same, mind.
  15. Eh, she'll be like Jade. Famous for doing a few dumbass things on reality TV and will never, ever just go away for it.
  16. That Steve guy is supposedly really unhappy at being forced to do covers by his recording company. Can't blame him!
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