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  1. I think Andrew is reading a script. I'm not entirely sure though. I mean, he's very talented at what he does.
  2. It's 'proper' name is WiiSports: Aeroplane, I think. Nothing to do with PilotWings.
  3. tnman

    Family Guy

    SEXY PARTY! How will you play as Peter if he's in hospital?
  4. That's hardly a whopper of an announcement, now, is it? Bad puns brought to you courtesy of Prototype on GR.
  5. tnman


    Don't click unless you want to know how to get a certain item. (Is there even a spoiler box there? It's not showing up in a preview or in the topic. There's not even the text .)
  6. I don't want no foreigners in my countreh! Get the pointy sticks and we shall march...march against the Spanish EDGE Magazine!
  7. Who else saw mchugh's bump and went immediately to the Stars Catalogue page then? *Raises hand*...
  8. But I'm English. And I like the English EDGE. So why care about the Spanish EDGE?
  9. Jak 3, so you can feel pleased upon completing the trilogy. Besides...£70 is enough for two games, is it not?
  10. I really don't know why Amazon don't implement something where an item can't be reviewed until it's released. Or program some anti-idiot filter, but I don't know how that could work. Google will come up with something eventually probably, but until then... Rev titles then eh? I'm still in the camp of people (it's a lonely camp ) who're sceptic about the controller and just how "WOAH!!!1" it will be.
  11. It's not Harvest Moon if you're not chained to your crops and a watering can for at least the whole morning!
  12. tnman

    The Flower Fest

    I think there's only one every year. And be honest, you won't be playing this in a year.
  13. tnman

    The Flower Fest

    I didn't win. I didn't realise that the Flower Fest actually meant "turn the area outside of your house into a colony of flora". I have a quaint, symmetrically organised bed of tulips either side of my house, but that obviously wasn't good enough compared to Blaire's offering of five flowers...one of which was dying.
  14. That means that there are too many trees in a certain 'bit' of your town, and is the exact example of why I don't want to try and get a golden watering can by conventional methods.
  15. I HAVE ANGER. Still no bloody Boondox feather, Blaire won the Flower Fest (her garden is shit. I dug it up for revenge), Pierce is thinking of moving out (I mailed him tons of presents and asked him not to go), and I can only find one fossil today. *Breathe*. Good things? I caught a pretty Clownfish and donated it to the museum. I swear this game is trying to screw me out of some items...
  16. tnman

    New Streets album

    Oh...is it cool to like The Streets now? I think I'm going to stay uncool. I'm remaining in the camp that thinks The Streets aren't a band...bloodyhell, they're just some chavs with voices who speak over a beat. Mike Skinner tries to sing in this album does he? Does that mean changing a note occasionally in a song? Assonance is getting the rhyme wrong. And if Stu has extreme distaste for The Streets...I'm on his side. Utter cack. Some newbie late-night DJ on Virgin Radio played their new single the other night. I thought they only played good music...I hope that guy gets fired.
  17. And shiny, I would imagine.
  18. When merchandising goes too far. (NSFW) http://www.igda.org/sex/archives/2006/04/t...ingdom_hea.html Sorry if already posted.
  19. Yeah. Just design something as you would normally, and then there's an icon with a leaf pointing down to the floor on your design inventory page. Just press that and your design will be tiled onto the floor. I've seen people re-design whole towns with custom tiles. I've donated well over 10k to Boondox now, but I still haven't received a feather. What the fuck is going on? Tsk...charities.
  20. Jap > NTSC > PAL Wai Wai Golf > Swingerz Golf ( ) > Ace Golf Maybe they couldn't decide?
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