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  1. Click the link in OP and should be a big yellow join clan button.
  2. Your request has been turned into a reverse request as you were already a member of another clan.
  3. Isn’t Series S a slightly souped up One X for Velocity architecture purposes? Thats how I’d mark it for performance purposes.
  4. And yet the expansion card still tempts me so I don't have to think about it. Lazy twat tax.
  5. Ah, okay. I was looking at the external storage as being played from rather than literally storage for the shiny new whizz-bang games that only run from the internal.
  6. Aren't you bothered about it being redundant in a year or more's time?
  7. Two weeks to go and I continue to agonise over SSD space! Forza 4 75GB Destiny 2 109GB Halo MCC 102GB Halo 5 99GB Creed Valhalla ??? DBZ 39GB FFXV 112GB Creed Odyssey 66GB Hitman 2 90GB 692GB Do I get an external SSD? But then eventually I will run out of One X games and it will become redundant... Do I get the Seagate card? It's bloody expensive and is 1 extra Terry really worth the money? Hmmmm.
  8. That's the lore, not the triumph for the variants of the weekly mission.
  9. You're outta luck sorry moose, it's Nokris only from now on for the weekly mission.
  10. FF14 is a bit of an outlier because Square basically went "actually, this is shit, isn't it?", closed the game and said the baddies won (I think?) and then relaunched a long time later as FF14: A Realm Reborn after a story time-jump. So, you can't play the original FF14 at all as it shipped anymore.
  11. Welcome! We're very quiet at the moment while most people are waiting for Beyond Light to drop next month.
  12. Good luck. I hope Valhalla doesn’t do the Odyssey trick of going on and on and on...
  13. I got to AR20 today after finishing the Mondstadt prologue the other day. There’s still a lot of stuff being thrown at me but I now get the feeling it’s about to slow down a lot, although I hope not as I bizarrely want the game to keep being good so I can pay for some character wishes. I’m really enjoying the story (ya, srsly) so would like to show my support but equally if things of interest to me just kinda stop like I’ve heard they do until the December update then there’s no real point in doing so.
  14. I’ll be looking to sell mine soon, is this a serious post?
  15. That's almost certainly coming. I wouldn't sleep on the MC, though, as the thing that you redacted will almost certainly be expanded upon making them invaluably versatile.
  16. The Means to an End finale is this week.
  17. It's pretty much as anime as it gets, but it's free, so you can nope out with no financial loss if it bothers you.
  18. Spent most of yesterday with it and it is surprisingly fun, but I have concerns over the endgame and the ability to quickly level up your new gacha pulls. Which, of course, also cause the most irritating itch of you can't have your favourite characters without gambling. Still, I'll try to enjoy the rest of the ride.
  19. At the moment there's lots of things to level up and I'm just carrying on until I hit a wall. I'm gonna spend the freebie gems the game gives you tonight and hope I get a good waifu addition to my harem.
  20. Obviously I would never be interested in such weeb trash which is why I’ve downloaded it immediately after seeing it on Twitch. When you can team up with other people?
  21. Apart from the impatience which you will be punished for in Sunshine, this video shows why I find the game janky. You see how Mario kind of mini-hops as he falls off the platform at the end? That's because his stopping distance is weird and floaty compared to all the other Mario games, and the game doesn't seem to cope well with plummet edges.
  22. It would have probably been easier to get a loan for the minimum amount possible for 24 months from your bank (£1k?) to fund a XSX than go through GAME or Smyths. I can't see how anyone saw that going through smoothly.
  23. Oh my. I didn't know what to expect. Where have you seen this? Is it for pre-order?
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