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  1. Yeah, all the Nook Mile items are different. I've been meaning to post what mine are for trading purposes, will probably do that tomorrow.
  2. Not to be 'that poster' but my copy has been despatched from Amazon for delivery tomorrow. Feel a bit guilty that someone has to deliver it in these times, but, well... one entertainment item hopefully won't tip karmic scales against me. You know what else I'm missing with this release, though? A Piggyback guide. I'd normally luxuriate with one of those for a bit before starting the game proper.
  3. That's one of the rarest items in the game, both for its value and getting it to pop up at the Sisters'. You could pimp that out on various AC sites and people would probably offer to pay or tip you for a visit to buy it.
  4. You need a bag of bells in your inventory, which you can take from your bell total on your pocket menu.
  5. Amazon seem to still be clinging onto their copies, if they’ve received them yet.
  6. I’m open for another 10 mins - (closed). Selling at 95.
  7. 95 bells for turnips on Isla Way. Dodo is (closed) and gates will be open for the next hour or so. Peaches and coconuts are available too, but please don’t take from trees outside town hall.
  8. That looks like something from Ico.
  9. Thanks for being a fun host. Sorry I ran over the white flower at the end...
  10. Thanks! I just got oranges a second before you posted but I’ll come for a visit anyway!
  11. Thanks to forumites I am now only searching for oranges! Oranges, anyone, please?
  12. Anyone about with oranges or cherries?
  13. No worries! Thanks for the pears.
  14. 3 days I think. 5 for money trees.
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