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  1. Aye, the late start certainly hampered proceedings. luckypierre is right, too, one of the most rewarding aspects is putting a triumphant boot on the chest of raid content! The first encounter that took us like six hours on day one we can now just bash it out within two or three tries in 20 minutes. Nobody was shouting though...
  2. All you had to deal with was getting the debuff shot off you, so, no, raids probably aren't for you! Raids only add layers as they continue. Thanks for joining though.
  3. Yeah I'll be on tonight, happy to raid again. Most likely I'll do it again on my Hunter and farm tokens, I don't think I'll have the materials to level up my alts. Unless... Pit speed run? You may find it helpful to follow the New Light storyline, which starts you off in the Cosmodrome with a fellow named Shaw Han. If you didn't get this quest line (perhaps you tried Destiny before the most recent update?) go to the Tower, and then face the Postmaster on your left. To the left of her is a small kiosk where you can pick up this quest line. Then, go to the Cosmodrome and t
  4. Clan admin finished - members have been booted to avoid the capacity bugs that the PSN clan once suffered from. If you've been booted it's because you haven't logged in for 6 months; feel free to message me again if you want to pick up Beyond Light. hub2x, SaintStain and FossilWarrior6 I have no idea who you are please message me.
  5. See link in sig. I've got a few bits to do with clan admin tomorrow.
  6. Sounds like the new sword will be incredibly useful in second encounter if anyone else is hoping to go back in tonight.
  7. To get No Time To Explain you have to have bought the digital deluxe edition or the Beyond Light and season bundle, I think. Here's Rick Kackis with a raid guide:
  8. Raid* complete! rllmuk Overlords at it again. luckypierre got a scout rifle, me and redbloodcel got Hunter cloaks. Probably go back in once the power lock is off. *first encounter
  9. It wouldn’t make sense to have loads of Stasis weapons suddenly appear given the current narrative though...
  10. I'd love for you to join us but it's gonna need to be a 1220 minimum. And, as luckypierre pointed out to me the other night, it has to be 1220 without the artifact power bonus.
  11. Thank you mate, Series S get! (Well, hopefully. It says delivery by 9/12.)
  12. Lots of other stuff has happened, like a bunch of other raids, but they're currently not connected to anything in the foreground of storytelling.
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