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  1. Matchmaking on raids and similar is such an old debate. It just plain wouldn't work. The Nightfalls require a bare minimum of preparation and you can brute force them. I don't think the dungeons do well with unprepared carries. You at least want to be able to communicate with who you're with for advice, which you don't get on matchmaking in games anymore. I maintain the best solution to all of this is an in-game LFG system run through the Tower, and not spread between a companion app, console dashboard or third-party website.
  2. tnman

    Nintendo Switch

    Awesome! Haven't they had the hanafuda cards available in US or Japan for a while? Glad they've made it over here. Edit- Must be popular as it's bombed the website and I can't log in to checkout.
  3. Plenty of space pal, just send a request to join and I'll approve it. There's a core group of about 5 of us at the moment now the new season has started.
  4. Exciting! Hope the single player is good. I can't remember what the reaction to Battlefront 2's single player was like, having never played it myself.
  5. This ties into a wider debate but personally I couldn't envisage not playing Persona games on easy mode. These games have the two-fold multiplier of there's not enough time to sweat through days of dungeons!
  6. I think it's probably the fact it's a handheld game from 2012 being sent out through your HDTV's speakers or better when it was not envisaged for such audio quality.
  7. To get decent armor to transmog onto in Y4. It also makes levelling a lot easier, and I'd personally hate to go into a new year underlevelled as any disadvantage to be day 1 raid ready is something I'd rather avoid.
  8. I like that better than the other Groundhog Day one.
  9. You need to be 1000 power to be able to get those powerful drops.
  10. Free New Dungeon Contact Public Activity Moments of Triumph ( ) Solstice of Heroes ( ) New Artifact/Mods Seasonal Reward Track Paid Above New Weekly Mission New Exotic Weapon(s) Bonus XP and more seasonal rewards on level up Sorry, I hit reply at the end of the last page without seeing the newer posts. I was/am in the same boat as you. Think I'm a lowly 970-something right now? Got a lotta ~990 blues sat in my inventory, though. I just kinda hung around the event and ran motes when other players forgot them and used my super, heavy and Champion mods to help when I could. Participation prize! I believe you only have to touch the chest at the end of an event for the quest to progress so don't feel you have to grind. In fact, don't, because the quest's requirements after this step asks you to grind activities.
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