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  1. I don't know if him saying that is incredibly stupid or smart. Any players here who don't have 750 characters? Do you want to play now? Cos my Titan is 705-summet, and I was gonna grind my ass off for Solstice gear to get up to 750 now but I mean, now there's no point soooooo... Oh and before the "because it's fun to play the game?" reply comes in - yes it is, it's so fun I've ploughed an ungodly number of days (not hours, days!) into this game but hasn't Luke Smith essentially just given me a Destiny 'holiday'? *Looks at pile of shame...*
  2. Nah, we're max clan level this season so there's nothing you can contribute even if you wanted to. @Siri runs the Discord.
  3. @PK your avatar reminds me that I never did finish reading Bone.
  4. See the link in my sig! Request to join and I'll approve you.
  5. I think part of the problem is that many of the player base is trying to do a month-long set of objectives in [less than] a week.
  6. DAPPREDATOR and uncleg29 please send me a message on here if you'd like to join the clan as I don't know who you are.
  7. It was perfect in a non-episodic structure, yeah. But we don't even know if anything carries over yet or how that will work so I reserve the right to change my mind. We need to subvert that subversion. Meta!
  8. And that's yet another reason why, with any luck, they will change the timing of that story beat.
  9. Pretty much what ryodi said. I have Pokemon in my Bank from the GBA era. The idea that I won't (possibly) be able to carry them forward because of dev time reasons when we've already been waiting a long time is incredibly disappointing to me. Having them sat in Bank or Home (FWIW another issue for me; when Bank was developed it was touted as the definitive one-stop-shop for cross-generational 'mon. Unfortunately this apparently meant just the generations we had there and then) is just going to split my collection in frustrating and unnecessary ways. The challenge of catching them all for new players is, uh, not really something normal people do! Every game for a long time has recommended completing its local version of the Pokedex for a cool reward, but stops short of recommending people go for a full national dex (this means every Pokemon ever) as there's no reward for it but personal satisfaction. You will never come to Pokemon as a new player and then have the situation of "well, 1 down, 900 to go!" So, for those players who have done that... well, fuck you, in short, it feels like.
  10. They just announced that Pokémon Home (Bank 2.0) will only send Pokémon over to Sword and Shield that appear in those games anyway. They say this is due to the sheer size of the national dex versus development time around balancing. Very disappointing.
  11. Has waifu Zelda cut her hair? New game, new look? It seems like those cut scene glimpses are very out of order.
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