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  1. Balls, I waited too long and missed this one!
  2. How does the building and making work with multiple people? Is it like Animal Crossing where only the first person in gets a say?
  3. Can’t see how you can win a tricolour match as a defender. Defend and ink while attacked from all sides. Errr?
  4. I just won a x100 battle that earned me a shed load of clout that I have no idea of the purpose of.
  5. Oh, Kingdom Hearts. What happened to you? Wasn't the KH3 reveal full of joy and Disney/Pixar partnerships (like Toy Story) instead of going all in on its naval-gazing nonsense? I suppose the ending of KH3 hinted very heavily at the direction this was going to be taken in, but I didn't know it would be so quick (for this series at least).
  6. I don't really know how this happened. Wordle 295 4/6
  7. tnman

    NFL 2021!

    We lost to the Jags in a win-and-in game. Wentz had to go. But now we are once again asking for a franchise QB...
  8. Glad the the Overlords and Future War Chums clans united tonight for first Vow clear! That final boss is a bastard. Am now absolutely wired with adrenaline but need sleep before work tomorrow...
  9. The sheer number of orange bars, yellow bars and Champions made me nope the fuck out of that on Contest.
  10. Yes, new unlocks at Ikora, a new mission and an Evidence Board quest. And the usual new ink-blot cutscene that 'spoils' the raid boss if you're that way inclined.
  11. Managed the first and second encounters with my LFG but was absolutely wiped out when I turned in at 3:30am! Got the LFR as first drop and apparently nothing from a buggy second chest, but I was tired and haven't bothered to check postmaster etc. We/I were considering going back in today without Contest but as Bungie have extended that until Monday reset I'm not so sure now, especially after seeing clips of streamers wrestle with the final boss.
  12. Today's the day! Good luck everyone. Let's go find, and probably kill, The Disciple.
  13. Are we? I've been one-shotting yellow bars with Moebius Quiver... chuck on my exotic booties for one more twang of the bow and every time I have my super everything needs to look out.
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