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  1. Your post makes great points but loses it here. I was only referring to the idea that the Galar Dex could be seen off with little investment, and that including the National would get rid of that. Was it Black and White that unlocked National ‘mon after becoming Champion? From my time with the Wild Area I wonder if that would have been the best approach here (along with more dev time, obviously, as this story goes on and on).
  2. Despite there still being hundreds I can’t help but feel that Dexit would annihilate any such opinions were it not a thing.
  3. Anyone got a Galarian Ponyta? Will trade my Galarian Farfetch’d.
  4. tnman

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Weirdly enough I got sent Chrom over a week ago. Did Nintendo accidentally break street? Got Incineroar and Simon today. They’re nice. Next round are due for release in January and should be up for pre-order soon I reckon.
  5. Which steelbook will you be missing? I have ordered Sword and don't really want it.
  6. Good job! I remember mine and Big Jack's first time with that. We did not have the best PUG ever made, to say the least. The best bit was figuring out you're basically running around being a Guardian pooper-scooper. And the first encounter is nice because it can take a brute force punch if you're not completely all together with mechanics. With the second encounter my best advice without being with the team is stick with your assigned roles. Otherwise you'll spend time after time getting used to new places and spawn-in locations rather than focusing on honing the win.
  7. Done a bit of spring winter cleaning and removed anyone who only had Blizzard accounts on their profile, as clearly they ain't coming back. (Although if you have been kicked and port to Steam, just message me to re-join!) Some requests have been rejected because I don't know who the people are and have had no communication from them.
  8. Apparently you were in another clan, so my accepting your request has turned into a pending invite for you to confirm you want to leave your old one. Welcome.
  9. tnman

    Pokemon Go

    First 'normal' weekday... queue shut for the store at 4:30pm. All the exclusive merchandise was reportedly long gone after the morning crowd got in. I'm kind of saddened I can't see a why in which I will be able to experience this. I had booked a train to get in for 11am next Saturday; seems like there's going to be no hope to get in before I have to turn around and get the train back again that evening!
  10. tnman

    Pokemon Go

    Yesterday had people queueing from the small hours of the morning, and it got so long that they had to effectively close the store early at 1pm to make sure everyone in the queue got in before it shut at 10pm. I’m supposed to be going next weekend, so I hope it’s calmed down somewhat by then, but as it’s a Saturday I doubt it will have.
  11. I mean I've paid the £4 and it just saves me going into GAME period.
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