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  1. You will always need a mic for raids.
  2. Well if you did raids with us and got tokens... Paula can even teach you now.
  3. Just Champions generally would be a sword or Anarchy for me. Anarchy is also my go-to for Presage, which wasn't mentioned in moose's post.
  4. Bungie still haven't got out of their own way in putting major story beats in lore, some of which still doesn't appear in the game (RIP Sagira). Not really. The tick damage against the immunity/regen/charge doesn't make up for their strengths. Lament says hi again.
  5. Gorf is referencing a Destiny 1 meme. The first ever time Xur rolled in, he sold Gjallahorn, the best gun of the game. At the time it was derided, because the heavy slot was already full of weapons that packed a punch so why bother with an even punchier punch-packer, right? Oh, that aged like milk... Anywho, ironically D2 is now in a similar state, where arguably the heavy slot is usually going to be your go-to exotic. Xenophage, Lament, Anarchy, Truth... In [grand]master activities, it's tough for anything else to get a look in.
  6. As long as you have The Lament exotic sword you will be accepted lovingly into almost every group. Otherwise use what you're good with and enjoy. Unless it's bows.
  7. No, he actually got it! No, it's not. It's a lot more mechanically heavy, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't want to run it. You'd just have to learn the joys of uterus snake, Penn & Teller, and some nail salon techniques.
  8. Congrats to @paulamagaula, @Pungee and @pledge on their first Deep Stone Crypt clears. Sorry a lot of it was “stand here, shoot that”, but now you know the raid flow the rest will fall into place very easily if you hopefully join more raids with us in the future.
  9. Yeah about two hours is right. I’d be up for raiding some time tomorrow. My only request to Sherpa runs is that you guys please have either Falling Guillotine legendary sword or Lament exotic sword. Unless we taught only one person at once, in which case just bring snacks.
  10. Why don't you do a raid with us?
  11. While I'm at it, I've purged members with 0 triumph score and people who haven't logged in for over 3 months.
  12. A-ha, I knew the cross save goblins on your account would affect your clan status somehow in the future. Welcome back.
  13. Embarrassingly, I own the 3DS World Tour and never played it. I'll still buy this...
  14. Why? I don't know, my hands don't find waggle controls comfortable. Why do you find it comfortable? My hands ache. It's annoying. The joycons are small so they add the new sensation of balling your fist into the mix. The pro controller is the only way forward.
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