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  1. Destructoid have a compilation of other reviews, which mace me aware of this 3/10 from playstationlifestyle.net: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2013/02/19/metal-gear-rising-revengeance-review-ps3/ Sounds like the guy just couldn't get parrying to work.
  2. Start and select buttons to the left and right of the touchscreen in that more zoomed in shot? I assume if it's a dev pad it wouldn't need to have labelling and correct shapes.
  3. Matt G


    What's the jump at the end of that gif - just a backwards dodge? I don't remember ever doing it but it looks totally badass there.
  4. Another one I haven't seen mentioned is people renting games through LoveFilm, Blockbusters (pfffffft) etc. At least one person I know uses this over buying new games, especially if they could be of dubious quality and I'd been considering starting it myself. Microsoft could easily start their own 'rental' service though.
  5. Matt G

    Dead Space 3

    Two potentially unpopular sources here but I still feel like Penny Arcade gets things right occasionally: I also thought the Kotaku review was interesting, suggesting you play co-op not single player. Sadly, I doubt I'd ever get to play it co-op, the same was true of Resi 5: http://kotaku.com/59...e-kotaku-review
  6. I saw something elsewhere that said moves with a red flash are parryable and ones with a yellow/orange flash are grabs that you need to avoid. Don't take my word for it though, I hadn't even noticed the red flash until I watched Saurs vid of the demo again.
  7. I'm the opposite, managed the normal guys to start with but by the time I got to the boss I was constantly getting hit, couldn't even block. I've also not consciously parried a Metal Gear thing yet either, I constantly feel like I'm doing something wrong, either pointing the stick in the wrong direction or hitting the button too early/late. I've definitely seen attacks coming and hit the button before they've hit me but instead just gone into an attack of my own.
  8. I think it's a mixture of probably not knowing much detail about that period in history on a personal level, combined with how recent the American revolution is in relative terms. To think that history wouldn't record him does seem a bit ridiculous, other than because he was a Native American so of course he'd get left out. At the same time I feel like us in the UK are at a disadvantage because we probably don't know that much about the American Revolution, I have no idea what the significance of the battle of Lexington was for example but to someone well versed in it, it might be more exciting. All of the games have been filled with historical events but it's never really stopped them telling whatever story they felt like before now, this just felt so pedestrian plodding through every major point in that time period while Connor's personal story was left by the wayside.
  9. Just finished this tonight, I finished Connor's part of the story the night before, which only highlighted how brief the modern day ending is and the length of the God damn credits. I really did hate it by the end and just wanted it to be over but for a lot of it there was some weird compulsion (I wouldn't quite call it enjoyment) that pulled me back in and made me look forward to the next time I'd play it. Like K, I was addicted to the Homestead missions for a time, I think it was the fact that they offered the most basic glimpses of humanity and character in comparison to 'every person from history is an arsehole'. It felt pretty sad when I'd completed them all and there was absolutely no reward for it, save for theoretically being able to craft some more items. I think I could have enjoyed the crafting if the menu system wasn't the worst designed piece of shit UI I've ever seen in my life. Did anyone ever manage to make a Naval Convoy? As for the Naval missions, I pretty much missed all of them until right at the end of the game. I played the ones you had to but then didn't realise that you were building up a bunch you could select from the Homestead docks, only coming back to them before the final Naval story mission as I didn't want to go in cold. They were leagues ahead of everything else but commanding the ship didn't really click with me and most missions seemed to end up with me and another ship endlessly circling each other, trying to get in a barrage of cannonfire when I wasn't ducking incoming shots. I'm pretty sure this will be the last of these games I will play now, it's left that bad a taste in my mouth. Christ, I think I'd even look back on the first game favourably by comparison. Only if I hear word of the next one being as monumental a turnaround as from 1 to 2 would I consider it.
  10. Matt G

    Worst Boxart Ever

    It has been done before actually but I can't see that anyone else has really run with it yet: http://www.gamesradar.com/what-video-game-box-art-would-look-if-it-hadnt-changed-30-years/
  11. Matt G

    Worst Boxart Ever

    To be honest I'm a bit confused by it myself but they seem to be fairly easy to set up and allow other people to submit things so it doesn't have to be one person re-posting them all. I only set one up to write a comment on Alex W's but then realised that they don't really do comments. Oh.
  12. Matt G

    Worst Boxart Ever

    A tumblr would be a good home for them.
  13. I don't know that I am specifically trying to write reviews I suppose, my blog is just generally to get my thoughts down on paper and out of my head. I do generally enjoy the process of writing and editing but I guess sometimes I struggle to finish things off into a piece that I think someone would want to read as a whole, whether it's supposed to be a review or otherwise.
  14. That's something I've read about and do attempt but I still need a lot of practice at. Probably a combination of still being in that mindset of 'every word I write is precious' and having had this hanging around for ages so I just wanted to be done with it. I think I edit things best if I sleep on it once I've finished the basics and try to look at it later as if I was reading it for the first time. Cheers for the feedback though, I probably wouldn't have looked at it that way otherwise.
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