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  1. You know all those Red Bull promo videos where they use older cars as show cars for stunts? This kind of thing: What engines would they be using? I think the car in both of those recent clips is a 2011 RB7 so I guess it would have originally had a Renault engine - but they've got it dressed up in a version of the 2021 livery, with massive Honda branding. Presumably Honda isn't going to be giving them old-spec engines, to fit in a chassis from a period when Honda wasn't even in F1, just to put in show ponies. Would it be Renault PUs, similar to the ones the car competed with, or do they have like an aftermarket Judd or Cosworth engine or something for this kind of thing?
  2. I like this a lot so far. Played a round online last night with a couple of friends - two of us in different towns in England, one in Germany. We were communicating via a video call on our PCs at the same time. The netcode doesn't seem to be brilliant - we all saw stutters and freezes simultaneously - but it does seem to prioritise the player who is currently playing, so it doesn't mess up your shot. We played normal match play, so no running after your ball. Essentially just a nice traditional game of golf (although we left special shots on, which the others regretted when I used King Bob-Omb's special to blow their balls off the green). One major snag was that we got disconnected on hole 17 of 18, and that was that. No way for us to return to the game. It's the only match I've tried online so I can't say whether it was a one-off (apparently my friend in Germany has a very slow/flaky wi-fi connection, although the video call was rock solid throughout) or if it's going to be a real issue for future games.
  3. @ScouserInExile Make a free account on trueachievements.com, give it permission to scrape your Xbox Live account, and then you can browse to a given game and toggle between achievements you’ve won/not won.
  4. The absolute state of this: In fairness he did get a penalty. And I finished the race ahead of him
  5. Leclerc is filthy isn’t he?
  6. Running nicely in eighth, got within half a second of Alonso ahead, then Williams phoned him and told him they needed to change plan “for reliability”. He came in, did a disastrously slow pit stop, then came back in on the very next lap for another long stop. Something about hydraulic pressure loss. Edit: the graphics are now saying he’s only done 1 stop but it’s wrong, he definitely has been in twice. I was watching him very closely on the timing screen.
  7. Massive shunt caused by a fan trying to get on TV…
  8. We have a Mazda 3 and when you put that in sequential mode, I’m sure it’s stick forward to change down / stick back to change up. Never really occurred to me to think anyone would do it the other way around. Obviously you very seldom need it anyway. Mainly for descending steep hills. It’s not a sporty car in any way at all We also have a mk1 Honda Jazz that has flappy paddles despite having a CVT. Truly strange bit of design, that.
  9. I mean, of course all of us here Just Know which is which. But to be fair, in every real car that I’ve driven with paddle shifters they are labelled (usually -/+ rather than / but really what’s the difference).
  10. I couldn’t work this out from the in-game instructions either and had to find a guide online. You apply spin with the second click, at the top of the power meter. For a normal shot, you just press A once. For topspin you double-click A. For standard backspin, single click B. For super backspin, double-click B.
  11. The single-sentence synopsis doesn't do this one justice. Even though it was my poorest finishing position of the day, it was my favourite, and the most intense, of the races. The interesting bit starts at about 45:30 of the second video above. If you're going to watch any part of my videos, make it this one. I had started 11th but after some big mistakes early on, I've fallen back to last place. I come past AlbertBlady on lap 4 as he's resetting to track (I haven't checked the full replay from his POV but he must have had a big off). Now I'm in 17th and he's plum last in 18th. From lap 4 to the end it's a straight battle between me and Albert. We trade places a few times, elbows out but fair. We work up through some traffic and get up to 11th and 10th positions respectively. After chasing him down for the entire second half of the race I eventually get him on the last corner of the last lap...
  12. Secret’s out now, @mexos. Everyone knows now that you’re my clandestine behind-the-scenes performance coach. My Svengali, if you will. For the benefit of anyone who wasn’t in the MNRC voice chat last night, the question of my recent improvement came up. What happened was that a couple of Mondays ago, mexos lost his connection and fell out of a race. He came back on to spectate, watched my onboard, and generously texted me some pointers that have really helped. The single biggest one is something that you probably all find obvious - and the worst thing is I already knew it! Just got into bad habits. Simply, I was coming off the brake on corner entry and getting straight back on to the throttle, too hard and too early. At worst I’d spin out, at best I’d induce a load of understeer and push too wide. Instead I’m now trying to build the habit of rolling the car through the entry phase, letting it rotate itself on the diff, and straightening it out at the apex before powering out in a much cleaner, straighter line. OK I’m not that good at DOING it yet, but that’s what I’m going for. It’s already worth seconds every single lap. Joe @McSpeed, you may say “I told you so”. Because you talked me through the exact same thing a long time ago, and I understood it then, just forgot to keep doing it.
  13. So anyway I had a bit of free time on Saturday so I did the same race five more times Here's the 1230, 1300 and 1330 runnings (Races start at 17:49, 47:22 and 1:17:40 respectively) : And here's 1530 and 1600 (Races start at 10:24 and 40:10) : Results: 1230: started 6th, finished 6th. 1300: started 6th, finished 5th. Fastest lap (1:30.6) - first and only time I've ever got an FL in a GT Sport race! 1330: started 8th, finished 7th. 1530: started 9th, finished 9th. 1600: started 11th, finished 11th. Obviously I don't expect you all to watch almost 2 hours of me bumbling about in DR D, but I recorded them so I may as well leave them here for my own sake Hopefully I'll watch these back in another year's time and be able to see more real improvement. Edited to add: Kudosprime says I've got 3200 points and you need 4000 to get into DR C. I was up to about 3600 after the 1530 race but the last one cost me a load of points again. I just don't really have enough time for racing as well as everything else. Most weeks I'm lucky if I can even fit in a couple of sighting laps on each of the Daily Race qualifiers.
  14. Not the best brass band I’ve ever heard though. The second trumpet in particular is pretty dreadful.
  15. You wanted a one-stop, here’s your fucking one-stop.
  17. jonathanhoey

    Formula E

    Mexico ePrix has just started a couple of minutes ago. It's at a permanent circuit again... so they've BUILT WALLS ALL AROUND IT. Someone has already been in one of the said walls, less than a minute into the race.
  18. No I just tagged all the teams on Twitter in hopes that one of them will contact me and offer to send me one
  19. I've spent longer doing this than I'd care to admit. Behold every current F1 car as an Xbox controller:
  20. I like Ted Kravitz but I wish he would stop saying “Nozza”.
  21. I was just about to say. Crofty is being very kind to Stroll there when he says “nothing he could do”. He could have just driven a legal lap at any prior point of the session.
  22. @davadvice1 Just mute the TV and put the BBC radio commentary on. Might take a minute to get it in sync but they’re watching the same pictures as the Sky team so it does work. Jolyon Palmer is always good and this week it’s Ben Edwards with him (because there’s Formula E so Jack Nicholls is off doing that).
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