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  1. I mean, of course all of us here Just Know which is which. But to be fair, in every real car that I’ve driven with paddle shifters they are labelled (usually -/+ rather than / but really what’s the difference).
  2. I couldn’t work this out from the in-game instructions either and had to find a guide online. You apply spin with the second click, at the top of the power meter. For a normal shot, you just press A once. For topspin you double-click A. For standard backspin, single click B. For super backspin, double-click B.
  3. The single-sentence synopsis doesn't do this one justice. Even though it was my poorest finishing position of the day, it was my favourite, and the most intense, of the races. The interesting bit starts at about 45:30 of the second video above. If you're going to watch any part of my videos, make it this one. I had started 11th but after some big mistakes early on, I've fallen back to last place. I come past AlbertBlady on lap 4 as he's resetting to track (I haven't checked the full replay from his POV but he must have had a big off). Now I'm in 17th and he's plum last in 18th. From lap 4 to the end it's a straight battle between me and Albert. We trade places a few times, elbows out but fair. We work up through some traffic and get up to 11th and 10th positions respectively. After chasing him down for the entire second half of the race I eventually get him on the last corner of the last lap...
  4. Secret’s out now, @mexos. Everyone knows now that you’re my clandestine behind-the-scenes performance coach. My Svengali, if you will. For the benefit of anyone who wasn’t in the MNRC voice chat last night, the question of my recent improvement came up. What happened was that a couple of Mondays ago, mexos lost his connection and fell out of a race. He came back on to spectate, watched my onboard, and generously texted me some pointers that have really helped. The single biggest one is something that you probably all find obvious - and the worst thing is I already knew it! Just got into bad habits. Simply, I was coming off the brake on corner entry and getting straight back on to the throttle, too hard and too early. At worst I’d spin out, at best I’d induce a load of understeer and push too wide. Instead I’m now trying to build the habit of rolling the car through the entry phase, letting it rotate itself on the diff, and straightening it out at the apex before powering out in a much cleaner, straighter line. OK I’m not that good at DOING it yet, but that’s what I’m going for. It’s already worth seconds every single lap. Joe @McSpeed, you may say “I told you so”. Because you talked me through the exact same thing a long time ago, and I understood it then, just forgot to keep doing it.
  5. So anyway I had a bit of free time on Saturday so I did the same race five more times Here's the 1230, 1300 and 1330 runnings (Races start at 17:49, 47:22 and 1:17:40 respectively) : And here's 1530 and 1600 (Races start at 10:24 and 40:10) : Results: 1230: started 6th, finished 6th. 1300: started 6th, finished 5th. Fastest lap (1:30.6) - first and only time I've ever got an FL in a GT Sport race! 1330: started 8th, finished 7th. 1530: started 9th, finished 9th. 1600: started 11th, finished 11th. Obviously I don't expect you all to watch almost 2 hours of me bumbling about in DR D, but I recorded them so I may as well leave them here for my own sake Hopefully I'll watch these back in another year's time and be able to see more real improvement. Edited to add: Kudosprime says I've got 3200 points and you need 4000 to get into DR C. I was up to about 3600 after the 1530 race but the last one cost me a load of points again. I just don't really have enough time for racing as well as everything else. Most weeks I'm lucky if I can even fit in a couple of sighting laps on each of the Daily Race qualifiers.
  6. Not the best brass band I’ve ever heard though. The second trumpet in particular is pretty dreadful.
  7. You wanted a one-stop, here’s your fucking one-stop.
  9. jonathanhoey

    Formula E

    Mexico ePrix has just started a couple of minutes ago. It's at a permanent circuit again... so they've BUILT WALLS ALL AROUND IT. Someone has already been in one of the said walls, less than a minute into the race.
  10. No I just tagged all the teams on Twitter in hopes that one of them will contact me and offer to send me one
  11. I've spent longer doing this than I'd care to admit. Behold every current F1 car as an Xbox controller:
  12. I like Ted Kravitz but I wish he would stop saying “Nozza”.
  13. I was just about to say. Crofty is being very kind to Stroll there when he says “nothing he could do”. He could have just driven a legal lap at any prior point of the session.
  14. @davadvice1 Just mute the TV and put the BBC radio commentary on. Might take a minute to get it in sync but they’re watching the same pictures as the Sky team so it does work. Jolyon Palmer is always good and this week it’s Ben Edwards with him (because there’s Formula E so Jack Nicholls is off doing that).
  15. For anyone who wasn’t following the free practice today, both Bottas and Verstappen clattered a sausage kerb and damaged their cars, and we heard first Ron Meadows and then Jonathan Wheatley whingeing about the £100K repair bill to Michael Masi, who was having none of it at the time. Jolyon Palmer for 5 Live was also deeply unsympathetic. “They’re painted bright yellow. Just don’t drive on them.” I suspect @GwiDan is right and they’ll be gone tomorrow
  16. Just imagine if they used the endurance layout (same as the Grand Prix layout but without the chicane in the middle of that huge back straight)…
  17. On PS4, if you've connected your YouTube or Twitch accounts you can just press 'Broadcast Gameplay' in the Share menu and it will stream your entire session. I expect PS5 can do similar. You can then post it in here with time stamps for specific bits you'd like help/advice/feedback on.
  18. Yeah. The Race did quite a good video about it: The gist is that it looks like both RB and Aston Martin passed the pre-race compliance checks but were running the tyres well under pressure in the actual race, probably by taking off the blankets immediately after the pressure measurement then deliberately letting the tyres cool right down before going out on track. They also go into the fact that the constant inevitable fluctuation in tyre pressures means it’s not as simple as just feeding the TPMS readings live to the FIA.
  19. Thanks chaps. If you make it far enough into the video you'll see that I come in at the end of lap 8 of the 13. I think the Medium tyres were really a bit too worn out by then - you'll see at about 13:07 I don't make the hairpin and clatter the left wall! Fortunately damage was off, and it didn't slow me down too much. So I might try coming in for the Soft at the end of lap 7 next time, and do the last six laps on those. Fuel depletion is negligible so there's really no difference in weight to consider. Something else I notice on the video - the driver called Wally ghosts right through me twice. Once at about 5:40 and again at about 6:19. The first time he doesn't make it, the second he does (although I get the place back a few corners later when he spins without help). Can a better racer than me have a look at those and let me know if I got it right or wrong? I don't play enough online races to have a good sense of what makes the game decide to ghost a car.
  20. I’m still not convinced but I’m doing as I’m told.
  21. I had a fun time in Race C tonight. Set a quali lap of 1:30.146, which is still a good few seconds off you lot, but put me slightly further up this particular split than I really deserved to be. Started 4th, briefly ran in 3rd, finished 6th after a clean race (if you don't count a couple of, um, 'kisses' of the wall that didn't incur penalties). Stuck to my run plan, which I always intended to be two-thirds on the Mediums, then the last third on the Softs. If I get any time later in the week to run the race again I might do it the other way around and see how long I can eke out the Softs for. Video here: I'm still far from super quick but I'm trying to remember and incorporate all the tips you guys have been giving me. I do love the GT500 cars, particularly the newer GT-R. So much grip once you learn to trust it. (I'm not there yet.)
  22. Pirelli statement on the tyre failures: https://press.pirelli.com/the-reasons-behind-the-tyre-failures-in-baku-identified/ So... The tyres weren't defective. The cause of the failures was the "running conditions" of the tyre, even though the teams followed the pressure and temperature stipulations. Clear as mud.
  23. Speaking of nasty shunts, I have a feeling that once again we're all (myself included) a bit blasé about them. A lot of it is the Hans device, which is obviously very old news by now. You look at Stroll and then Verstappen both going suddenly nose-first into the wall at north of 300km/h (or Rosenqvist in Saturday's Indy GP). All of those are essentially the same impact that killed Dale Earnhardt and however many others. Without the Hans device I don't think any of those guys are walking away from those shunts, and yet we all sort of treat them like they ain't no thang. I don't know where I'm going with this. Cars are too fast, maybe. Pirelli caught in a no-win battle where the FIA tells them to make tyres degrade artificially soon, but NOT LIKE THAT.
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