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  1. I'm watching the new Schumacher documentary that just came out on Netflix today. I know we've probably all seen the footage from Imola 1994 many times, but just as a warning in case it's an issue - the documentary includes a full shot of Senna's fatal crash with no cutaway, plus maybe one or two minutes of him receiving trackside attention and being stretchered away. It's about 27 or 28 minutes in. It cuts from an onboard shot of Schumacher following Senna into Tamburello, straight to an offboard wide shot of the impact. I get why they've included it for narrative reasons, and as I say I've seen it many times before, but it still isn't at all easy to watch (nor should it be). I'm on my lunch break from work so I won't get to watch the rest of the film until this evening. Pretty impressive so far though. It's produced in a similar style to the Senna film, with no narrator, just lots of archive footage and talking heads. A fair bit of it is in German and French, so you will need to have the subtitles on.
  2. Look at Lars Ulrich. Grandfather and father were both tennis players. He gets sent off to the USA as a teenager to try and become a tennis pro himself, fucks it off and starts Metallica.
  3. The only thing I'm going to say confidently is that @GwiDan and I won't be winning this year
  4. Didn't they even change the super licence criteria to stop it happening again?
  5. Part of the turbocharger. Recovers energy from the engine exhaust and feeds it into the hybrid electric system (and vice versa - can take energy out of the electrical system and use it to more quickly spin up the turbo to the right speed when boost is called for). The H stands for Heat. Distinct from the MGU-K, which does the same thing but at the rear axle rather than at the exhaust turbine. The K stands for Kinetic (energy). Mercedes is brilliant at making good MGU-H units thanks to many years (decades?) of experience building turbocharged engines for HGVs. Red Bull wants rid of them because with the Honda exit, RBR has to start making its own engines and it doesn't have the same expertise in making a good MGU-H. It'll happen because it will hinder Mercedes and everyone's fed up with them winning.
  6. It wasn’t racing at home, it was done in TV studios.
  7. We must both have started watching in 1988! Jean-Louis Schlesser and René Arnoux (both b.1948) were racing that year, and only Räikkönen, Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel were even alive then. My dad was always into F1 when I was a kid, and 1988 is the year when I reckon I started paying attention (because we got Nigel Mansell's World Championship for Amstrad CPC and I loved it). We also had an F1 management game (just called Formula One, I think) for the Amstrad. That had people like Arnoux and Laffite in it. Good times.
  8. Back up to (an admittedly still-discounted) £6.74 now.
  9. GIO dropped, MSC alongside Bottas? (to be clear, this is pure speculation, I haven't heard anything. Just think MSC's agent must be doing everything to try and get him out of Haas - both because it's slow, and because it's increasingly clear that he really can't stand the driver of the no.9 car on any level).
  10. @davejm Hang in there man. Hope you can get things sorted out as smoothly/painlessly as possible.
  11. MSC was three laps down at the end. Russell is classified ahead of him because I guess he retired with just one or two laps of the race left.
  12. Retired one lap after a late pit stop. Presumably they brought him in with a problem, sent him back out but it wasn’t fixed. It wasn’t on TV.
  13. Jenson just now : “If Mercedes hadn’t signed George he’d have gone somewhere else. They had to sign him… er… they HAVE to sign him”.
  14. You jest but something not a million miles away is already happening: http://www.dailysportscar.com/2021/06/03/steer-by-wire-at-the-n24-the-first-24-hour-race-in-a-gt3-with-no-steering-column-beckons.html (It's not remote though, the driver sits onboard not offboard).
  15. Ten hours of Madden, not ten minutes. I got an achievement for scoring a touchdown pass with the “low throw” modifier (conveniently this is on LT so it’s easy to remember). I did it a few times before it popped in a Custom Exhibition match. Fortunately I like Madden so it wasn’t really a chore.
  16. Perhaps, although I wonder if it couldn't equally mean that they've negotiated for Butters to go back to Williams-Mercedes for next year.
  17. So they’re saying Norris needs scans to see if he’s broken his arm. I had to look it up: McLaren shares its reserve drivers with Mercedes, which means Vandoorne, Devries or… PDR. One of whom we know is there at the circuit right now…
  18. Already exists and is even free on GamePass:
  19. I’m fine with the face buttons on all three major platforms (although I still tend to call the shoulder buttons/triggers “L1 and L2” no matter what I’m playing on). However since Microsoft changed Back and Start to whatever they are now, I have no idea. Games will say “press View” and I’m none the wiser. And of course you end up with “press Menu to start” and stupid shit like that. When the interface just shows the symbol (the… two boxes? Or the three lines) I still have to look down and see which is which. Just a dreadful design decision all around, really.
  20. To be clear, I'm not saying you're wrong! All things considered, I am a fan of FE. But they don't always make it particularly easy to like. Too much Stupid Shit going on, like that event where the Attack Zone lane was positioned in such a way that it, by design, sent faster cars into slower cars' blind spot on a corner. I think it led to four cars DNFing in the wall. Genuinely absurd.
  21. When did this turn into the pro wrestling thread?!
  22. I guess we're not getting the Glickenhaus car in Gran Turismo 7.
  23. Yes, it includes the full version of JP Analysis rather than the truncated version that goes on YouTube. As it happens, you can also listen to him live during the races via the timing screen app. It’s the BBC Radio 5 feed, but it stays with the race the whole time rather than chopping away for updates about whatever else they do on the radio. Admittedly this is also available for free on the BBC website so by itself it’s not a selling point. I’ve taken to watching Sky pictures with BBC audio. Hard to get it quite in sync, though - the audio tends to be at least a few seconds ahead. Between now and Spa I’m going to figure out some way of adding a delay…
  24. UK residents aren’t allowed to subscribe to the Pro tier (more expensive, live streaming current-season races, onboard cameras, other nice stuff) because of Sky’s exclusivity deal. You should be able to subscribe to the Access tier, which is cheaper and allows you to have live timing in-race, highlights and extra programming around the current-season races, and archives of previous seasons. But no live 2021 races.
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