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  1. For me that moment came when I found out that Frank was a lifelong Thatcher devotee (even having a massive framed portrait of her in his office) and thought her greatest achievement was breaking the trade unions. We were always a Williams household when I was growing up, so finding out he was a baddie was a major kick in the teeth.
  2. I did slow it down to check and I at least don't start braking before the double cone marker (of course the other guy may not have those turned on). Probably not more than a car length or two after it, but, like, not ultra-early.
  3. Yeah that’s fair. I really like the Nürburgring but as it’s such an unforgiving course, I guess I tend to drive quite conservatively - when you get it wrong and have a big excursion it feels like it costs you more time than what you lose by just taking it a little more cautiously. So I probably drive a lot of it at eight or nine tenths, not ten tenths. So there’s a bit of “the hare and the tortoise” going on in the longer races as I often gain places from unforced errors, when people overcommit and just throw it off by themselves in front of me. But you’re right, I guess it’s double-edged and probably contributes to things like this. If I were really confident on the brakes into that corner, maybe we’d both have made it through.
  4. To be clear, I’m not super cross about it or anything. I just like to analyse things like this a bit so I can improve my own game.
  5. Here’s me getting killed at the Nürburgring: No penalty given. I finished the race in 10th (which is OK because it’s still a net improvement to my DR). Rllmuk Stewards’ decision please! My take on it is as follows (spoilered for prejudice) :
  6. I think it took me something like ten or twelve simulated matches, each ten real minutes long, before I got a win. Absolutely not worth the time, it’s ridiculous. At least I was using the cloud version on an iPad, which I just set to one side and pressed buttons occasionally (eg to start the second half of each match, etc) while doing something else.
  7. This any use to you guys? Seller is in Bexleyheath which is next to where I work. So if you did want to buy them I could collect and then send it all on to you.
  8. As I was saying last night, just do not use normal WD40 to try and clean pots. The trouble is it superficially appears to work, but because it’s waxy, you will swiftly end up with more congealed dust and crud in there than before you started. I’ve always used Servisol Super 10. The WD40-branded contact cleaner that fretnoise linked above will presumably do a job. I’d just be inclined to avoid it solely so that I couldn’t mix it up with original WD40 by mistake!
  9. So the official rule is if you’re being barged off the track, make sure he hits you. I didn’t expect anything else but it’s obvious bullshit.
  10. And to be extra confusing, this is the smartphone Xbox app, not the smartphone Xbox Game Pass app (which you also need to use separately as it also garners points).
  11. ^^^ This, plus what this guy says (essentially the same point):
  12. 5/10. Rock does his thing, Reynolds does his thing, Gal Gadot is honestly not a very good actor, it's entertaining enough I guess. Not worth 200 million dollars at ALL. I'd probably be disappointed if I'd paid money to see it but I mean it's free and it passed the time harmlessly enough (apart from an excruciating cameo by .
  13. The BBC commentary team were openly talking about exactly that during the race. (I tend to watch every race live with Sky pictures and BBC audio).
  14. That's only the 360 camera in front of the halo pillar, though. All 20 T-cams are available throughout the entire race.
  15. Bono said "Don't touch any other cars", Toto said "fuck them all".
  16. Ba-dum tssssh. He'll mean for this race. There were freight issues with gear being delayed at Miami en route between Mexico and São Paulo. Presumably he literally means a container of their engines has got lost.
  17. Guys I don't know how many of you will have seen this already, but Wev (RivaOni, who has raced with us in MNRC in the past) is going through a tough time with his family at the moment. Forum member And has set up a Gofundme to help: https://www.gofundme.com/f/wev-needs-some-help?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 See also the pinned thread in OT. Just drawing attention to it in case anyone would like to put something in. Every time Joe says "See God then brake" on the radio on a Monday night, I always think of Wev.
  18. These things are weirdly inconsistent. I couldn’t have jonathanhoey as my gamertag on Xbox Live, but I can have JON HOEY as my numberplate in Horizon. Not just Microsoft. Can’t make a custom player with my own name in EA’s Madden, either, but it’s fine to name my driver after myself in EA’s F1. (I assume the problem is that it doesn’t like “HOE”).
  19. They should never have let Schumacher back in a single-seater after he broke his neck racing superbikes. With hindsight that’s perfectly obvious, right up to the fact that he even missed his scheduled F1 return because his neck hadn’t fully healed. But I guess who was going to say no to him?
  20. ...and less so from myself immediately afterwards!
  21. Good stuff last night everyone! My favourite of the three races was probably GT3s at São Paulo: (if you’ve ever wondered what the view is like from the back )
  22. To be fair, simulation steering is pretty bad with a wheel too.* Standard is fine. *I haven’t tried it in FH5 but it was the case in FH4 and FM7, and I’m assuming it’s the same engine.
  23. Can you please add eleventyjeff to the club? Thanks
  24. I know everyone's on to FH5 now. Has there been any word about when FH4 is going to be removed from sale? I've got 4 via Gamepass. Hoping for a decent end-of-life discount, like there was when they took FM7 down. It's a bit weird that there are now two separate Horizon games available yet you can't buy any Forza Motorsport games at the moment.
  25. You can certainly get ones where the brake pedal vibrates to help you “feel” the lockup point. I don’t know if there are any that actually have pushback.
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