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  1. His race engineer Jock Clear was on Beyond The Grid a while back talking about his car setup. "Everything was quirky. [If] any other driver gets in his car, they're not going to be able to drive it. It had a stupidly short throttle pedal throw," Clear explained. "Most drivers nowadays have about 50 millimetres to 70 millimetres of throttle travel. "So that's at the ball of your foot, you're travelling 50 millimetres to 70 millimetres to have the modulation. The shortest I've known anybody else is about 45 [millimetres]. "Jacques had 22! Now 22 millimetres is nothing. But anything longer than that, he was like, 'No, this throttle pedal is far too long. I can't drive that!' "Patrick [Head] would be like, 'What on earth is this idiot doing? Does he have any understanding about how a bloody racing car works?' But he wouldn't be told, [saying], 'I don't care what Patrick says'."
  2. @wev what's the link to the channel please?
  3. His interview on Beyond The Grid (June 2019) had me in tears. He spoke of many lost friends who had died at the wheel, and how he often wished he'd joined them rather than surviving to get old and sick.
  4. jonathanhoey


    It’s Overkill. Even has the false ending. I love it.
  5. That's a phrase that I've seen around, but I've never actually known what it means (and still don't). Still, I'll keep playing until the thing happens
  6. Once you've evolved a weapon, is that it or can you level it up still further? Example:
  7. With a VR headset and a HOTAS it really is brilliant.
  8. Yeah having seen the onboards from Suzuka this year, I fully support their reticence to send the drivers out in the rain. Of course 'better' rain tyres (as in, ones with more grip) would have to move more water off the ground. And where's it going to go?
  9. The Formula E thread is that way, etc.
  10. Are those ones that you farmed when there was an exploit that time?
  11. I'd like if they would allow you to use L1/LB or L2/LT to select stuff. Then it could truly be a one-handed game. As it is, you can hold the controller one-handed to steer around, but you have to keep reaching over to press one of the face buttons whenever you level up or collect an item.
  12. He sounds a bit like Richard Ayoade as Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd. There's a lot of heavily-scripted back-and-forth between Tong and the writer/co-presenter. It's exactly like that scene in Wayne's World: Like I said before, it's pleasant enough listening if you can get past the clunkiness of it.
  13. They're normally fairly upright. Better to use a chair. Ideally one without castors, although I'm sure there's at least one racer here who rolls up a towel and puts it under the wheels of a normal office chair. You could also consider a Playseat Challenge. This is essentially a glorified lawn chair with designated points to affix a steering wheel and pedals. It's not especially cheap but it does have the advantage that it can be quickly folded up for stowage, with wheel and pedals still attached. It collapses to about the size of a large airline suitcase.
  14. This is incredible, I've played almost nothing else for a week and I can't believe you didn't all tell me about it months ago.
  15. I'm still playing a fair bit of FH5 (not only because it's my go-to for the MS Rewards "Play a PC game with friends" daily points, but I do actually enjoy it). The Hot Wheels content is weird. The environments and some of the vehicles are fine, but I could do without the bits where it makes you drive in more-or-less a straight line for minutes on end so you can listen to a bad voice actor reading from the Wikipedia article about Hot Wheels.
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