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  1. beenabadbunny


    Start with Square Hammer and Cirice off the last album, and Rats and Danse Macabre off the new one. Miasma as well, probably.
  2. beenabadbunny


    I didn't get it at first. I eventually realised I was suffering from massive cognitive dissonance between the visual gimmick and the actual sound. If you'd only ever seen them and never heard a note, you'd assume they were some kind of massively heavy, theatrical black metal band (which would be right up my street). Then you listen, and the first thing that hits you is that the singer sounds like he's in Bowling For Soup. Which is no bad thing... if you're Bowling For Soup. I do think the songs are really strong, so I've sort of trained myself to put up with his singing voice. I still wouldn't say Ghost is my favourite artist or anything, but I can see the appeal and after a couple of listens I think Prequelle is probably the best Ghost album yet. Shame he seems to treat his musicians like shit. The current lineup probably has it easier than the previous members because at least they were able to take the job with their eyes open, I guess.
  3. beenabadbunny

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

  4. beenabadbunny

    Top Gear - Series 24

    Shame for the show but I suppose you can't really fault his reasons. Must be six months of each year away from home. Even with all the money in the world, that kind of time away from family would be hard to sustain.
  5. Watched the whole thing across two days and found it pretty interesting, although I really didn't enjoy
  6. beenabadbunny

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    It’s not too bad but it does require a graphics card that supports Direct X 11. You should be fine. My pinball computer (the one with the dedicated vertical TV) is old enough that it doesn’t do DX11, though, so I’m stuck playing 3 in landscape on my girlfriend’s PC when she’s not using it.
  7. beenabadbunny

    PS4 Pro

    If we're doing that, it starts with a 华. (in other words there's umpteen ways to transliterate phonemes into the Roman alphabet and this is the one they've gone with - similarly, for example, Eddie Huang and Wong Kar-Wai have the same surname.) I actually didn't know this video existed but here it is: I'll get down off my linguistics soapbox now. You can all go back to talking about your PS4s.
  8. beenabadbunny

    PS4 Pro

    WAH-way, I think.
  9. beenabadbunny

    Sega Announce MD Mini and Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered

    Here's their tweet about it: Edit: apparently the original tweet has been deleted, so in case the embedded version above doesn't work any more, here's an image: And for the uninitiated, here is some context about AtGames' last outing, with a fairly straightforward lack of minced words: Do Not Buy AtGames' Sega Genesis Flashback Console
  10. beenabadbunny

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Well no, of course. But the point DC was making on the qualifying show this morning, which I agree with, is that an improperly attached wheel is a really big deal. If it comes off at pace it's a big high-energy missile that could seriously hurt someone. Not only dangerous for the drivers but as DC pointed out, what if it hit a track steward or audience member. Clearly it makes sense in principle to have a smaller fine for a what-if and a proportionally larger fine for an actual injury. The actual amounts are so trivial, though, they do just seem symbolic, like tokens rather than actual deterrents / incentives to improve.
  11. beenabadbunny

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Just watching qualifying for China and they're talking about yet another botched pit stop. This time Vandoorne went out with an unattached rear wheel and the team has been fined 5000 euros. I saw a lot of headlines after last weekend along the lines of "Ferrari hit with big fine" - they got a 50,000 euro fine after Kimi ran over his mechanic. I just can't see how that is a "big" fine. I mean I don't have 50,000 euros, obviously, but surely in the context of Ferrari's budget, that's trivial?
  12. beenabadbunny

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Thumbs up from the wounded mechanic after successful surgery:
  13. beenabadbunny

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I like hearing from DC and Webber. Susie Wolff obviously knows her onions too. I don't have much of an opinion either way about the rest of them.
  14. beenabadbunny

    A Quiet Place

    @Garibaldi I won't quote what you said (as I think the bit you left outside the spoiler tags might itself be a bit spoilerific) but that was essentially what I meant earlier, when I said I understood that it's a bit more complicated/nuanced than I was letting on.
  15. beenabadbunny


    Doesn't seem to be valid any more (6pm on Saturday). Comes up at £7.49 for me, both in the Steam client and via the web.

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