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  1. I've got Gamepass Ultimate but the only Android device I still possess is a Samsung S4. I assume I'm SOL unless I spend some money? In which case, what's the least expensive device that this will work on? I've got loads of controllers so I don't need to buy any more of those.
  2. Ah, that's good to know in advance, thanks. I do have a friend nearby who collects VR headsets (unless I'm mistaken she has every one that's ever been publicly released, plus a few dev-only/prototype ones) so hopefully she'll let me try out a few different ones of hers to see if it works well enough for me. I don't mind turning VFX way down or off if that'll help the frame rate. Watch this space, I'll be back in here in three months going HELP ME I NEED TO BUY ANOTHER NEW PC
  3. I do already own both PCARS2 and Assetto Corsa on Steam although I’ve not played either very much (all my driving time tends to be in GT Sport because the wheel is in a different room than the existing PC). Will keep an eye out for a Rift S
  4. i5-8300H, 32GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB. Not a powerhouse or anything but I'm not fussy about graphics, so as long as I can expect to get something that works at least as well as GT Sport does on PSVR (but with other cars on track) I'll be happy.
  5. So even though I've got the PS4 version, I will most likely end up double-dipping as I've just bought myself a PC that should run it much better than the console does. If I wanted a VR headset just for this game (and PCars 2 I guess), what should I be looking at? It would have to go in a very limited space (and obviously I won't be moving around). (I know there's a dedicated PC VR thread but this seems better suited in here because I know a few of you race in VR).
  6. Not that I've noticed. I just try to remember to watch the percentage remaining as I cross the start/finish line. It's a pain that you can't see radar mode and the fuel mode screen at the same time.
  7. Yeah thanks everyone. I started out relatively strong in the GT4 race but I got tired and made a few* too many unforced errors. It takes such concentration to try and keep up when everyone else is that much better than you! Ended up +3 laps behind the winner, which was not what I'd have hoped for. Fun nonetheless. I think I need to practise with fuel and tyre deg turned on, as that's something that seems to take me by surprise in these long races. Do you do it by setting up a private lobby? If someone could share some screens of the setup pages I'd appreciate it.
  8. Fun fact: I went for a job there and didn't get it because I'm a vegetarian. (What actually happened is I applied for a community manager role, and they also wanted the CM to cover their fishing simulator. I know a little bit about trains but nothing at all about fishing, and when I said I wouldn't LEARN to fish because I'm a vegetarian their eyes pretty much glazed over. My extensive experience of Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast didn't come up.)
  9. I suppose the thing is that Hamilton isn't jeopardising his career. Remember that Kaepernick hasn't thrown a pass since 2016 and is highly unlikely ever to step out on a football field again. Whether that's entirely because of his political statements is debatable (the team hadn't had a winning season since 2013, plus he had some persistent injuries IIRC) but the fact is he chose to make those statements anyway, even though he must have known it would hurt him. It's different in lots of ways. Kaepernick was decent but certainly not the GOAT. US sports teams are generall
  10. The group has switched formats before hasn't it? Didn't you all use to race online in Forza for the 360?
  11. I'll be getting a PS5, although possibly not at launch. Basically when GT7 or Horizon Zero Dawn 2 comes out, whichever is first. If they're simultaneous then I won't get to play any GT7 for a while I can't really say what I'll be doing longer-term as regards Monday night racing anyway. If the youth centre where I teach music reopens as before, then I'll cease to be available on Monday evenings again.
  12. I spent a while last night doing the Laguna Seca circuit challenges in prep for tonight. Different car (Gr.3 Viper) but hopefully the lessons learned should be useful. Got gold in all the individual sectors but could only manage a silver in the full-course hot lap challenge. Only two tenths off the gold but I had already spent longer trying than I intended. Decided to leave it and spend the rest of the evening with my GF! That circuit is remorseless isn't it? I hope we all like picking gravel out of our front splitters...
  13. The race at Imola was usually named the 'San Marino' GP even though it's 100km away from the actual country of San Marino, just to differentiate it from the 'Italian' GP at Monza. See also the 'Luxembourg' GP at Nürburgring, which is absolutely in Germany and not Luxembourg. Edited to add: that's the FIAT factory rooftop in Turin, isn't it? I've always wanted to go there. They don't run cars on it any more but apparently you can ride your pushbike there. The building itself is offices or a hotel or something now.
  14. Interesting bit of insight from Ted's Notebook that I hadn't noticed during the race. Russell got nobbled on the last restart because he HADN'T been lapped. The lapped cars were released to unlap themselves, so they had a lap's worth of heat in their tyres before the restart, so more grip off the line. Not much you can do about it - it's not actually unfair, it's just the roll of the dice. But once again I was really disappointed for George.
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