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  1. Just to expand on this - it needs to be an Android headset. Apple earphones are wired up wrong according to a different standard.
  2. If you buy the Lewis Hamilton DLC, doing the time trial challenges to bronze level is worth 200K each. You should be able to get through four of those. That does require spending more money than it would cost to just buy the F-1500 though (that is assuming it can be bought as a microtransaction - I think there are some 'special' cars that can't be bought for real money.)
  3. I don't seem to be able to claim the Pinball FX freebie. I think it's because I already own two of the three DLC packs it contains, and Steam doesn't know how to handle that fact. They're all well worth playing. They haven't just thrown in any old tables into the freebie bundle, those are some of the very best ones.
  4. A lot of us from this thread have been known to use the daily races as a kind of unofficial time trial contest. If you add people to your friends list and then do qualifying laps for the daily races, their best quali lap will be listed against yours. It's a bit hacky but it's something.
  5. I should have put some kind of snarky emoticon on that. I REALLY don’t like Max.
  6. I think Joe said he had a waiting list on Monday. If it comes down to it I've already said I don't mind standing aside to make room for more competitive drivers, and I won't be offended to be asked
  7. Some chatter in the PSN Messenger group about car selection for this Monday (the "pre-1975 N300" stipulation). For me there's only one choice and my mind is already made up. The only thing now is to find the right livery!
  8. I like both Hamilton and Bottas a lot, and I think it might be a bit unfair on Lewis to say he's "cruising", but it would be very hard to argue in good faith that the current Mercedes dominance (and the F1/F1.5 divide) makes for compelling sport. This might be one for @kiroquai. When was the last season, or maybe era, when the field was genuinely competitive across the board? I know some teams have always tended to dominate to some extent (McLaren, Williams, Ferrari and Red Bull have all had years-long stretches where they looked untouchable at the very front, just as Mercedes does now). Equally there's always someone in last place. But has there been a period in relatively modern times where the viewer might reasonably expect to see a car from any of, say, the top six or seven teams at the front on any given weekend?
  9. Max is still not doing it. By his own admission it's because he can't be sure he'd win. This is probably a perfect illustration of why he'll be world champion one day and Albon won't.
  10. I'm sure you've thought of this but is there any way to upgrade the G29 firmware? Maybe that would fix it. I know you can on Thrustmaster wheels - my T150 didn't work at all on PC until I'd reflashed it - but is there anything similar from Logitech?
  11. From the sound of flappy paddles over the party chat, I'd guess almost everyone! I've got a Thrustmaster T150. The wheel is good but the stock pedals, while adequate, aren't brilliant. I've only used a friend's G29 very briefly and it was perfectly good. The stock G29 pedals are a bit more well-regarded than the base-spec Thrustmaster ones. There are three of them, although you won't use the clutch unless you spend out for the optional Logitech gear lever (which is a lot cheaper than the respective Thrustmaster gearshifter). There's a separate racing wheel thread elsewhere in Discussion, although I imagine the Venn diagram of people interested in that thread and this one is approaching a perfect circle! In all seriousness, bearing in mind that there were people waiting on standby on Monday - if it gets to a point where there are too many closely-matched racers for the lobby, I don't mind sitting out to give someone more competitive a slot.
  12. You can't be slower than me and they haven't stopped me joining in yet
  13. If you're buying digital it doesn't matter. Spec II is a retail edition with all the DLC (content patches) included on disc. All the updates are free/gratis anyway so you should buy the base game and just prepare for like 100GB of downloads. Edit: plus what @McSpeed said.
  14. That was mine. I didn't look at the livery from the back before applying it or I would have removed the GRUMPY OLD FART bumper stickers. Must remember to do that before using it online again as the rest of the livery is top notch.
  15. This may very well have been me, although I forgot to save the replays (I only managed to remember race 1) so I can't check. Anyway, to whoever it was that I did punt off, sorry!
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