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  1. Turns out putting the pedals on the lip was no good. Any brake pressure was enough to lever the whole seat off the floor (and I’m no lightweight at about 100kg!) I was playing GTS tonight and didn’t bother to plug the PC in just for the photo, but here is what I will be seeing from my point of view when I play Assetto Corsa Competizione: Both iPads are in very easy reach. I measured and the distance to the 50” TV is almost exactly 2 metres. The FOV calculator I found says that I need to set 35° for Project CARS 2 and 17.7° for AC/ACC. I don’t r
  2. I’ll give that a go this evening. I would have thought that without some additional support there would be too much flex/play (since the pedals would essentially be on a see-saw) but I’ll play with it and see. The pedal angle does want changing as I was getting a bit of right calf cramp last time I drove a long session. The gas pedal has my toes pointing just a little bit too far away at full throttle.
  3. By the way I know the TV is far too far away - ideally it’d be just behind the wheel at windscreen distance (ie over my knees). But it weighs something like 45kg so it is where it is and that’s that. Just getting it up the stairs into the loft room was bad enough! It’s also exacerbated by that lip, which prevents me from moving the pedals any closer to the screen. So my FOV is no doubt all out of whack but I can live with it. Not yet pictured: a second old iPad, this one repurposed as a virtual button box. I’ve made this panel for ACC and can do the same fo
  4. No tricks I’m afraid, I just sang the song. Once you’re hitting every note then it just becomes about when you deploy your multiplier. I don’t look up optimal paths or anything so I guess I just got lucky. I do have ‘activate with voice’ turned off so I have to manually press the button to deploy it, if that makes a difference.
  5. I was thinking my preferred seating position might vary from car to car, is all - so it'd be handy to have a quick way of adjusting them, even if it's almost entirely set-and-forget.
  6. Help me out, ACC gang. I'm repurposing an old iPad as a virtual button box/dashboard. I'm making a template up, setting it as a background image and then I'll be overlaying invisible buttons over it. Here's the current draft. Got a bit of free space left (and obviously the whole thing is totally customisable) - what's useful and what's not so much? Have I forgotten anything that I would later realise I really want? I'm unlikely to be driving much in VR for the time being so no worries about lack of tactility. I'
  7. This is true, although equally there’s an argument that it’s a good opportunity to GET familiar with some tracks I haven’t driven before. I’ve never seen Zolder in my life before this afternoon
  8. Moved my wheel up into the loft along with the old 50” TV that used to be in the living room, and replaced the old wheel stand/office chair with a Playseat Challenge (formerly belonging to @GT3Will). It’s not fancy (and I know the loft space needs some decluttering, and a lot of cable management) but it’s comfy and it works.
  9. I didn’t actually choose a car at all. I just joined the server and woke up in the pits behind the wheel of the Audi.
  10. Jumped in this afternoon and did a few laps of Zolder in the Audi GT4. Still very much feeling my way with this game so I didn’t set any impressive times (my best was a 1:49, think these cars should be good for a 42 if not better). I don’t expect to join in any racing with you guys for the time being but I’ll keep practising when I can and see how it goes. My PC isn’t the fastest but it mostly holds up ok on the High preset. Might switch it down to Mid as I was getting the odd bit of slowdown - particularly under heavy braking, which makes me wonder if the simulation ha
  11. Yes that’s exactly what happened. Just spawned in the pit lane during pre-race practice and sat for a few minutes trying to see if I could spectate. Couldn’t figure it out and didn’t really think it would be wise to drive out when I wasn’t intending to actually take part. I tried to add as many of you as I could find on Steam but I’m sure I don’t know all of your usernames. I’m beenabadbunny on there, same as here.
  12. I feel like most of the time the TV director doesn't even bother to show Hamilton at all. They focus on what's going on in the rest of the field.
  13. These: When it cuts to the other angle you can see they’re not there.
  14. Those virtual Pokerstars adverts have been annoying me all season. I don’t know why I find them so distracting.
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