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  1. Here you go: Replay files of both races are published to my GT activity feed. Friends only so make sure you have me added if you want to grab them.
  2. JB was on the F1 Beyond The Grid podcast the other week and they talked a bit about what a great fairytale movie it would make. Tom Clarkson asks JB "who would play you in the film" and he immediately goes "Me! I'm still young!"
  3. As well as myself can you please invite EffectiveTripod and Badger_GT? Friends of mine from off the forum.
  4. That's the very game that I was thinking of when I opened this thread. I had played many hours of one of the earlier Sniper Elite games on the 360 a few years ago, and when I got SE4 from PS Plus I fully expected to love it just as much. Installed it the other night, did about half the first mission and thought "I'm just not into this." Uninstalled it and went back to Gran Turismo. I'll return to it some time, I'm sure. Right now I'm in an odd frame of mind, I think. I hate it when you hear a dog yelping/crying in pain in a game (or on TV), because I don't like thinking about someone hurting a real dog to get them to make the noise into a microphone for the sample library. More than once when playing Fallout 4, I would send Dogmeat back to base and do missions without him, simply because he kept getting hurt in gunfights. He can't die but his cries kept upsetting my actual dog.
  5. beenabadbunny


    You might be thinking of Justin Wilson. He went into the wall relatively gently, but had already been fatally injured by debris striking his helmet.
  6. In a way that's exactly the point. Imagine if Gio turned out to be The One. Fair comment though, I mean you must be looking back to the likes of Michele Alboreto at least.
  7. I'd guess it's at least partly because he's Italian.
  8. Late to the party I know, but I finally got around to playing the Battlefront Rogue One VR mission last night, and now I'm incredibly sad because all I want in the whole world is a full VR remake of the original X-Wing and TIE Fighter games and I know it'll never, ever happen.
  9. For once I’m home and able to be online - but I can’t really host because our home connection, although probably mostly working, still isn’t totally trustworthy. I also don’t know the first thing about setting up a room and what options to pick. If anyone is about and can do it then please do
  10. One of the commentators yesterday (I forget if it was Sky or C4 as I caught bits on both) was saying it's looking likely Hülkenberg will be driving for BMW next year in the DTM.
  11. I don’t think they’re all terrible - I like the BMW and Peugeot for example - but I have certainly found the worst one. Behold the McLaren VGT: Even when it’s not taking off, it’s absolute dogshit to drive. Won’t steer at all if you’re on the gas, massive oversteer as soon as you lift. It honestly feels like it’s being steered from the rear wheels. In VR you also have no legs, which is odd. I think the gimmick is that the driving position is prone, or something. I mean that’s not what makes it so fucking dreadful, it’s just an observational aside. At least it was a gift car. I’d be genuinely cross if I’d paid GT credits for this thing, much less cash money.
  12. If so, then start the controller up in Mac mode (hold A when powering on) and that'll work instead. I've tested it with a Nes30 Pro (first version) with latest firmware 4.10, and an iPad 5th Gen on iPadOS 13.2. I used the accessibility/Bluetooth switch control thing as described above, and it works fine. You don't want to actually enable switch control (which causes a visible highlight to cycle through every input hotspot on the screen, so that one could select the current option by pressing one's switch). But if you leave it off, and define your 8bitdo controller as your switch input device, it then Just Works as a game controller.
  13. I've had a few more goes and I'm already sub-5:45. Couple of squirrelly moments and lots of places where I could be braver so I reckon there's a lot more pace to find. I finally found out that you can go onboard in a replay by pressing R1!
  14. Just did my first sub-6-minute lap of the Nordschleife. And I really do mean only just. I thought the Dallara Super Formula was fast but that Mercedes F1 car is something else. So easy to drive. I’m in love.
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