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  1. Actually here's a thing. At times yesterday when the 911 was starting to let go, I found myself instinctively wanting to dip the clutch (but my pedal set doesn't have one). Would that have helped?
  2. Race A this week (1995 Porsche 911 at Tsukuba) is brilliant for practising with TC off. That thing goes around if you so much as breathe out while cornering. It's the very definition of "slow is smooth and smooth is fast".
  3. This is just one specific example and I don't know how true it is of other games, but when I ran FTL via GamePass for Windows, it found and loaded my existing save file from the Steam version. So maybe that counts as some precedent.
  4. Don't they absolve themselves of the blame for that by not actually officially supporting any of the crosslinks, so if they don't work they can just go "not us"?
  5. Yeah I think I need to deliberately choose a car that wants to slide (the MX-5 Roadster is probably perfect for this), turn the TC off and just suck it up.
  6. I can't really drive anything with a loose rear end*. I think I have an OK understanding of racing lines, and I try to do slow in, fast out. But I seem to either lose time from slowing too much on the way in, or I get on the power too hard/early on the way out. When that happens I with TC off, I light up the rear tyres and spin. If TC is on (as it usually is) then it kicks in and I lose the push out of the corner. I'm (relatively) much better in aero cars. I still don't enjoy understeer but I understand that it's part of the compromise you make if you want a planted rear. I'm getting better at coping with it but again, I think I lose a lot of time on the way into low-speed corners. It might be because, afraid of pushing too hard, I tend to be overcautious and slow down more than I actually need to. I'm happy enough with the fact that I'll never be at the very front but I want to get involved in some of these brilliant midfield battles! *Oo-er.
  7. Ish. I'm sure we all remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy thousands of launch PS2s, intending to network them together into a supercomputing cluster and use them to guide Scud missiles I'd always assumed it was marketing bullshit planted by someone at Sony (and highly successful marketing bullshit at that - it basically killed the Dreamcast). More recently PCMag ran an article (syndicated via Medium at the URL below) claiming that the Japanese government had made Sony obtain a special export licence because of "concerns" over "potential military applications": https://medium.com/pcmag-access/20-years-later-how-concerns-about-weaponized-consoles-almost-sunk-the-playstation-2-7550f0e9c8f3 I still think it's tenuous tbh. But it's interesting/evocative enough that we're still talking about it after twenty years, so I mean, Sony wins whichever way you look at it.
  8. Yeah thanks everyone for last night. I had no consistency at all and I feel a bit bad for tying up a lobby place while @mexos was waiting outside! Seventeen is the WORST number of players we could have.
  9. I didn't think it would happen so soon but IT'S RACE WEEK! Who do we fancy for this weekend? Max has done well at the Red Bull Ring in recent years so as much as I dislike him, I guess he'd be my tip for the W this time around too.
  10. I've got AC on Steam and have dabbled in it with an Xbox controller. I haven't given it a huge amount of time but from the little bit I have played, it seems basically fine with a pad.
  11. Played through this from start to finish in two sittings at the weekend after it came to Xbox Game Pass. I totally understand the various criticisms upthread but I absolutely loved it. Somehow it had totally passed me by on release. I adored Stories Untold and if I'd been aware that No Code had another game coming out, I'd have bought it full-price day one. As it was, I installed it on a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend, was hooked straight away by the intro, and then was pleasantly surprised to see No Code's name pop up in the credits.
  12. Yep, that’s pretty much exactly what the official F1 statement says. The hateful, racist, misogynist, homophobic, Nazi-celebrating old fuck.
  13. For the record I would like to state that I didn't watch the last season by logging into the Sky Sports F1 web player with my sister's details, nor would I have any intention of doing so again this season. If you did know someone who, like my sister, happens to subscribe to Sky Sports for the football, I'm sure you wouldn't consider doing anything similar either.
  14. As in, it's the biggest flat area on the car and if you can't get someone to pay you to put their name there, you're really seriously in trouble?
  15. See I love it! It feels like it's practically driving itself. I've mentioned before but it's the only car in which I've managed a sub-6-minute clean lap of the Nordschleife. And there's a lot more pace in it, I reckon it could get down closer to 5 with a better pilot. Did someone in the chat on Monday night say that it was awful at first and they changed it in a patch?
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