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  1. I agree that score debates go round in circles. However, this touches on a wider issue: we all know that the majority of mags are not to be trusted when it comes to dishing out the highest scores. They'll do it to sell a few extra copies and come across as 'enthusiastic'!!! After over a year on the shelves gamesTM had only given out one 10 so I thought they were a bit different from the single format mags and Official mags that give 10s to anything. There's no way on earth this game sets any kind of benchmark. It's very good, but a better driving game will be along in no time.
  2. Yes, it is a bit harsh, but then a 10 out of 10? I was really hoping gamesTM would offer the 10 to titles with real flair, longevity and sublime gameplay. Metroid deserved it but now they've undone all the good work. Next they'll be giving 10s out to any pap. Shame.
  3. Can't help feeling that gamesTM got this very wrong, even more so after playing it for a week. Obviously it's a good game, but surely a 10/10 accolade should go to something that doesn't bore the pants off you after a few days. Has anyone else got to the 50 percent itch stage? Hey, I just unlocked another car with, er, pretty much the same stats as all the other cars I unlocked.
  4. 8 hours is rubbish. The PSP will last for about 3 hours if you',re playing a game of any significant quality. We will all end up playing it from the mains socket.
  5. I've just discovered the herding mini-game in Sudeki. What is it with these developers? They'll throw any old tat in to add 'variety'. You know it's going to be antique collecting next. That's popular on TV at the moment. You find pots and pans in hedgerows then sell them at the local village fete or go to an auction house.
  6. I'd like GAME to introduce a curtained off area for all the filth, a bit like what newsagents used to do with their porn section. A spangly beaded thing would be perfect.
  7. Yeah, but the Desert Storm games were topical and had a bit more breathing space before the quality Q4 titles came out. I bet they stayed in the charts for ages. That's not going to happen with Conflict: Vietnam. And the Desert Storm games were actually good whereas the new one is... weak. I expect it'll sink like a stone now.
  8. Where next for the series? I imagine sales will drop off sharply after its two weeks of grace.
  9. It's a let down not just because the content is feeble but because it should be catering for a huge audience out there. There are what?, 8 million PS2s in homes in the UK, and how many copies does the official mag sell? about 130,000. If I can offer one piece of constructive criticism: design a cleaner, more accessible mag that is easier on the eyes. Even discounting the writing, it's just hard to look at sometimes.
  10. It'll be finished about a month after Official 2 reviews it.
  11. No, it needs good writers, not illiterate ramblings.
  12. Yeah, I think people can be a bit hard on the gamesTM lot. I get the impression they love what they do and make a big effort. However, I honestly think it could do with being reduced in size and enhanced with more care and thought. They clearly use a lot of the staffers from other mags like Play and XBM to plug the gaps. That's when it's at its weakest.
  13. I desperately want there to be an intelligent alternative to Edge but now there's only Paragon and Future in the marketplace it's not going to happen. gamesTM reminds me of Total Control, if anyone remembers that. You can't knock the effort that goes into it but the writing always seems rushed and bland. I'd rather it be half the size but with all the hackneyed 'only time will tell' phrases taken out.
  14. It comes down to the quality of the writing in the end. While I'm sure a lot of hours and effort goes into gamesTM the writing puts me to sleep. The cliches and lazy wording, I suspect, is symptomatic of the team working on a low budget and not having the resources to hire good freelancers. I hear that the salaries and freelance rates at Highbury/Paragon are laughable. It might pass muster with those happy with a daily diet of internet journalism, but that's about all. Future's mags are much the same.
  15. They could both do with losing all the boring previews on games that PRs drip feed to them every month.
  16. We all want it to be good, but let's face it, in our hearts we know it'll be a bit broken. And the travesty that is ShellShock does not augur well.
  17. blandishment

    Games Tm

    Damn, you've sidetracked this issue into sensible territory again. [Face with a wink or something]
  18. blandishment

    Games Tm

    Dunno really, I only played the first two levels before deciding it was shit. Still, the freelance from GamesTM came in handy.
  19. blandishment

    Games Tm

    Yes, I am Roy Kimber. Now where's the corporate hospitality?
  20. blandishment

    Games Tm

    10 out of 10 for BurnOut 3 merely proves that GamesTM has lower standards.
  21. Another one for Mace Griffin. The balance was all off but you always felt that something fresh was coming up on the next level. Shame about the boring space shooty bits.
  22. The girl on the right is quite fit though.
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