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  1. I remember Edge defending its reveiw scores a long time ago, in a reply to a letter I think. Basically someone wrote in to say 'how can you have 5 as an average when most of the scores are distributed towards the top end (5 - 10). The idiot even did a statistical analysis on the scores up until that issue, pointing out that the average in Edge was 6.8, or something. The answer is simple: Edge doesn't review every game and is naturally selective about the titles it reviews. And guess what? It tends to review the most significant/best games in a given month, and generally those will score a five or more. Trying to 'prove' Edge is somehow corrupt or unreliable because it's more likely to give a game a 7 than a 3 is ridiculous. It shows inept reasoning. I imagine Edge staffers judge games by the standards of all the other games out there (including all the shitty ones that don't get into the mag at all), not just against the ones it reviews so it can maintain a perfect bell curve. What an unhinged notion.
  2. Edge in the only magazine to get it right shocker. Now will Cthulhu even make it into the top 20?
  3. If you like the sound of an atmospheric yet frequently broken Cthulhu game then go for it. My impression is that the majority of people who buy this will give up and trade it in after two hours.
  4. I don't think substituting 'whose' for 'that's' makes it any better to be honest. Also, I honestly don't think it's possible to get a review score wrong. It's possible to get factual information wrong but an opinion is an opinion. I'm vaguely interested by gamesTM and want there to be a good alternative to Edge out there but while I admire the effort that clearly goes into the mag it falls down, month after month, because the writing is witless and banal.
  5. I definitely think Cthulhu is overrated (at least by everyone except Edge). Just wait till you get your hands on it. Compared to a title produced with love, care, experience and talent i.e. Resi 4, it's utterly abject.
  6. So did any of the gamestm lot go to TGS? If not, why not? Surely such a big event and announcement needs proper hands-on coverage...
  7. I don't think this is in the same league as Manhunt. It has the atmosphere and the excellent story-telling and there's a real compulsion to see what's coming up on the next level but it's almost broken in other ways. The movement for chrissake! I mean it's completely spasticated. And the melees often get very messy, to the point where you're just hitting buttons hoping to connect with an enemy you can't even see. The camera loses direction all too easily and often gets stuck between scenery. I totally love the destructive bits, wrecking cars, looting shops and smashing bins. Ace. Level 15b is rock hard though. Cruised through the rest of the game but this is a massive difficulty spike with police respawning all over the place. Am I doing something wrong? 7/10
  8. I think its heart is in the right place but it's clearly trying to do too much. On this I'd agree with Edge. Stealth, platforming, FPS, adventuring?? It's like some marketing men have gone in and told the developer 'we must have a bit of everything, cover all the bases and it'll appeal to more people in more countries'. I've just got to the point where I don't want to play it any more. The hotel escape and the warehouse stealth bits were terrible and now I'm in a really bad Time Crisis shootout section (yet another genre covered) but with sanity effects fucking up my vision and aim. I've just got better games to be playing like Far Cry and Resi 4 on PS2. 3/10 Also, don't you get the impression that this was always envisioned as a full price release but the publisher or retailers just thought, shit, no way, it's so dodgy we'll have to go budget?
  9. Been playing this for about 3 hours now and I can't say i'm impressed. It's soooo slow. Visually it looks like a first generation Dreamcast game - sort of on a par with Shadowman - and the voice acting/scripting is terrible. The first hour was spent going around a village trying to gather information; other than that there's absolutely nothing else to do except try countless doors that can't be opened. Don't you just hate that? The bit where you have to escape from the hotel room is broken beyond belief. It's pure trial and error with a platforming - yes, platforming - section where you have to leap from window sills using a really dodgy FPS control system. Any false slip and its back to a loading screen followed by the same procedure all over again. And why do all the people look like John Prescott?
  10. If those scores are correct then the real travesty is not Boiling Point but MoH: European Assault getting a 7. It is utterly banal, ugly and hilariously broken. I stopped trusting gamestm after cacky-gate.
  11. As for the catfish. Make sure you swim underneath the water with the catfish following you rather than with your head above it. Should do the trick, matey.
  12. Single-player game still suffers from horrible controls.
  13. PN03 gets undeserved criticism because you can't bloody strafe (remember Metroid Prime?). Which is not the point of the game. Shoot, dodge, shoot all the way. Brilliant.
  14. I do agree that people should read the review before complaining about the scores. Problem with gamesTM is that when you do read the text - if you manage to get to the end without falling asleep due to the general boringness of the prose - it rarely does justify the score given. LEGO Star Wars is a breath of fresh air to the currently dull gaming market. It doesn't surprise me a bit that wannabeedgeTM mark it down in a vain attempt to appear hardcore. "If you take away the Star Wars..." What a joke.
  15. Believe me, those screens have been tickled up.
  16. I imagine the ten was necessary for making the redesign seem worthwhile.
  17. blandishment


    I think it suffers from terrible characterisation and mediocre plotting but it displays a robustness that's very impressive. The first console game to use physics in a consistently interesting way.
  18. The sad thing is, that Indie retailer minimum wage slave is probably right.
  19. Every word. It's also smellier than a charity shop.
  20. It's a generic name for an indie retailer. I can't even remember what it's actually called but it's not GameStation. Which is probably why they're going down the tubes. Or being sold off soon.
  21. In my local friendly E-Play today and I was loving some of the advice/exclusives they dish out. Customer: When's that Fable coming out? Indie retailer: Ohh, erm, they are still hyping it up. I know it's definitely coming out, but you know how Microsoft are. They are going to hype it up some more and then release it. I know it'll be out. Probably this year, but they don't want it to clash with games like GTA San Andreas. Customer: Yeah, okay, that's good. Will the new Zelda game be coming out on GameCube d'ya think? Indie Retailer: Mmm, not sure. Nintendo is a family business and they are going to sell up very soon. It will come out on a console, but I don't know which. Eh? read that again: "Nintendo is family business and they are going to sell up very soon". You heard it here first.
  22. Crash mode is better in Burnout 2. Fact. All the gimmicks in Burnout 3 managed to dilute the brilliant crash formula.
  23. GT is now a joke, admittedly.
  24. GT was very special at the time.
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