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  1. I am going to persevere with it in the hope it gets better. Thing is, I like FPS games and some of my greatest gaming experiences have been on the likes of GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Halo. For me, Half-life 2 has atmosphere and story (though not as good as everyone makes out) but the game isn't quite there.
  2. It's not really my concern if you have a problem with such simple everyday words. Actually I did make a point about the balance between turgid, shiny big-budget games and more 'simplistic' fun titles earlier. It was a logical addendum to my original post and is called developing an argument. You seem to have difficulty with simple comprehension and debate. Jesus.
  3. You are 15 years-old, right? Yes, there's a handful of 'different, quirky' titles but I hope the Wii alters the balance so that such titles start coming into the ascendency and are not just seen as quirky.
  4. Gosh, my argument is pretty simple and, I would have thought, not that controversial. I just think that Wii will be a breath of fresh air and a much needed change of direction for the industry. I just found recently that games like Half-Life 2, Far Cry and Project Gotham Racing 3 (to name just three) are lauded to the heavens and then just end up delivering an experience we've all had hundreds of times before. Thanks to those that gave some game suggestions, I'll certainly take a look. To those who still get enjoyment out of the games that I personally now find dull, respect. I'm glad you are still enjoying them but I just wanted to appeal to people like me who probably find there's a list of games out there that we're supposed to like no matter what. I know it shouldn't really surprise me that there are a few immature bully boys on here who just come out with insults rather than constructive debate when you attack their cherished beliefs. The type of people who'd never do it to your face.
  5. Great comeback! Please make a point or go away to GameFAQs.
  6. Yes, and if fun does = simplisitc then so be it. I'd be happier if all games were simple and fun rather than complicated and turgid. Fortunately we get a mix but the balance is definitely weigthed towards big budget, shiny, dull games at the moment.
  7. The game broken? Maybe taking it too far but I do think it took a lot of credulous people in. You are all too easy.
  8. I see what you are saying but I can't help thinking that SOTC is a bit of an Emporer's New clothes game. I tried so hard, willing myself to like it but I eventually I had to go against the majority opinion (largely, I think, based on the games stunning looks and nothing else) and admit to the world that it's annoying rather than fun. See, you didn't do what I said. Go back and read the original post then add something constructive. Thanks, my friend.
  9. Only cliche-spouting idiots use that line. Take a deep breath. Read the original post. Then come back.
  10. Okay, just to underline the fact I'm not just a total cynic. Games I have found enjoyable in the last year: Trauma Center: Under the Knife Fable (yes, it didn't deliver on the promises but it was full of love) That's about it. I think my general point still stands: I try out a lot of games but so many of them I've already played a dozed times before. We are told that games like Far Cry and PGR are ace but actually they should be given average ratings because they do nothing we haven't played umpteen times before. The Wii gives me hope. I've been lucky enough to try the controller on Metroid Prime and it's beautiful. Of course the game is the same but the haptic joy is wonderful. I can't wait to use it on Trauma Centre.
  11. Started playing this recently and though I realise it's a couple of years old it just felt a bit banal. I got past the beach path section which was quite good (reminded me of Mad Max) but after that it just turned into another bland FPS with physics thrown in. I don't know about you but I've been geeting this feeling for a while now - like I'm just playing through games because they are there. Games I've played recently: Far Cry = boring Half-Life 2 = boring Shadow of the Colossus = beautiful, erm, but boring Top-Spin 2 = snooze Project Gotham Racing 3 = comatose Perfect Dark Zero = Oh Mr Sandman It's why I can't wait for the Wii. A new way to play games with the emphasis on fun.
  12. I hope the Time Extend did justice to PN03, which is one of the most overlooked games in recent memory. It clearly isn't for everyone, but people who just bash it for being 'clumsy' are just idiots. I hope that wasn't a criticism made in the article.
  13. I take it the analogue sticks are still utterly shit? At least another 5 years before we see a good FPS on a PlayStation console then.
  14. Bug. I just found the 10 Nirnroot plants I need for the alchemy quest and got an update telling me to go back to the alchemist in Skindrag (or whatever the place is called). However, a few hours ago in game time I accidentally mixed 3 of them into my own potions so I actually only have 7. The quest log is telling me I have to talk to the alchemist but he's not interested because I only have 7 in my inventory. So I'm stuck here. Hopefully I'll be able to find some more Nirnroot and trigger the conversation tree. Here's hoping.
  15. I like oblivion a lot but 25 hours in I'm starting to think the balance between tooing/froing and chating compared to sword fights and magic is all wrong. I've spent 80% of the game reading text and only 20% in 'action'. Most missions seem to consist of going backwards and forward with, if you're lucky, a single fight at the end of it. Where are all the pitched battles, raiding of lairs and proper D&D-style missions?
  16. Can someone please tell me how I cure vampirism. I've had it for a few days and now it's getting annoying.
  17. I've been playing it on 50Hz anyway and it has been fine up until now. When I started getting these problems I changed it to 60Hz in the options menu but it's just the same. I don't have a network cable. With these kinds of problems the 360 is starting to sound more and more like a PC.
  18. Gah! Can anyone help? My copy of Oblivion has just stopped working properly and I'm desperate to get back. Essentially the loading times have just increased approximately four times. Just going through a door can take up to a minute. Then it occassionally hangs and crashes. Makes it next to impossible to play. (Well, it's a bit like playing Morrowind on Xbox now). Has anyone had similar problems or is this a hardware fault? Thing is I put in PGR and it was absolutely fine...
  19. Thanks! I will check him out again tonight, the little bugger.
  20. Yeah, but he never came out. Unless I was looking away the milisecond he decided to go on his nightly excusion.
  21. So I'm trying to find out why Thorin of The Copious Coin Purse can undercut everyone else's prices in the Imperial City. It was suggested to me to wait until night then follow him out of his shop. I waited all bloody night - from 5:30pm until 8am and he never came out. (At least I increased my acrobatics skill by jumping up and down for over 12 hours in the street). Does anyone know when Thorin does his nightly walks because I can't be arsed standing around for another night.
  22. I find the between levels music very disturbing and almost puts me off wanting to play the game. The menu screen is the best ever.
  23. Ubisoft managed to do a great job bringing back Prince of Persia (one of my fave games of the last few years). If I could chose one game to be given the next-gen treatment it would have to be Outcast.
  24. Stop it, all of you. You're no better than the people who used to visit Bedlam just to gawp and laugh. Oliver Barder should be pitied not encouraged.
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