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  1. What level of agility do you need to get to the top? Don't want to start trying if I can't hack it. Great game, feels totally unstructured and random to begin with but clicks after a couple of hours.
  2. Brilliant, thanks! Will try tonight.
  3. Can anyone help me get into the Terrarium of Terror levels? I mean getting the bloody sphere over the barrier to the plinth. I guess I need a vehicle upgrade or something. At the moment I have the springs allowing me to jump but I still can't get over the barrier.
  4. Picked this up at the weekend for £7.99 on 360. Couldn't resist. Like a lot of people I thought it was just a bit too slidey and floaty after the first couple of goes but it really started to click last night. Absolutely love it. I especially like the feeling you get when the tyres dig in to the tracks already laid down and when you hit a hairpin just right and powerslide your arse round it's a glorious feeling. It's starting to show it's handling nuances more and more. One thing I'm finding strange: in Championship mode it doesn't seem to record your best lap times... This seems like a rubbish oversight. When I'm driving round the same track for the umpteenth time I don't just want to beat the opposition, I also want to see if I can beat my best times. Why didn't they do this? Or is is squirrelled away on some option screen somewhere? If not I just can't beleive they didn't include it.
  5. Just scratched the surface with this over the last couple of nights but it is ace so far. The melee attack is horrible but I love the intensity of it all. Is anyone still playing this online?
  6. Finding this game very hard to like. It's just so cliched and annoying. The monsters are the worst i've seen in a long time and while shooting limbs to more effectively take them out may have sounded good on paper just gets annoying. After all the great reviews I really was expecting more. I don't think it's rubbish, just very disappointing. It started off fine - good atmosphere, visuals and sound FX but as you plod on through each section I just found it lacking in any kind of personality of its own. Now on level 4 and feel it's given me everything it's going to. Does it get any better?
  7. 30 jiggies in and absolutely loving this. Been playing it with my 6 year-old son and we haven't had so much fun on a game since Lego Star Wars. Indeed, he got a bit bored by that but he's still loving this. There are not enough games that can be enjoyed by parent and child equally. Finding parts in crates is genuinely exciting, bringing them back to Mumbo to see what else you can add to your vehicle designs. Best game I've played in the last 3 years.
  8. Sorry for the daft question but I've just started playing this and loving it. But can someone tell me if once you've used a part for a vehicle design it no longer can be used again for another? I'm worried about designing rubbish vehicles then not being able to use the parts later on. Thanks for any help.
  9. Excite Truck all the way. Still the best Wii game for me.
  10. I can't help but think Retro put in their fucking ridiculous design no-nos as a joke. Either that or they only read GameFAQs forum.
  11. I just hope Retro sacked the lead designer and got in someone from Nintendo for Corruption.
  12. Hmm, that is quite difficult to make out. Something about finding a dark crystal in the Forgotten Bridge room, but I'm pretty sure I've explored all of it... As memory serves that ledge isn't there at the moment. I've been jumping around this place for the last two days so I'm sure about this. Seems like I need to activate something. Can anyone help? Cheers for the replies so far.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am at the point just before getting the Dark Visor, which I understand is the next boss. To get it I need to, apparently, go through the portal at the Forgotten Bridge. But Like I say it's too far to jump with the abilities I currently have (double jump). I have a gravity boost but that only works in water... erm, actually is that true..?
  14. Please somebody help me. I'm sad to say I'm stuck on this game and, yes, I've tried GameFAQs. Okay, where I am: I just beat the boss to get hold of the Grapple Hook in Torvus Bog (Dark). According to the guides on GameFAQs I need to go back to the light world then go to the Forgotten Bridge area and jump across from the central platform to the portal. but it's too far. There are no grapple points and the platform near the waterfall is too far as well. Is there some switch I need to press that I've forgotten? Maybe to raise the level of the water or something. If so, where can I find it because I'm almost giving up on this game now. It's like pulling teeth. Your help will be rewarded with much digital karma. Thanks!
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