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  1. I loved the Robin Hood movie as a child, its defiantly one of Disney's best animated films. And The Incredibles is another brilliant movie. The only CGI movies that I've seen and didn't like were Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. The rest were all pretty good.

    'Adult' humour was much more subtle (and funnier) in TS2 than Shrek. One ace bit I only noticed on about my 5th viewing was near the end Mr Potato head gets scared when he sees Zorg and his back flap opens and all his eyes and feet fall out. It's on screen for a split second, but it's very funny indeed.

    On the 5th viewing you first noticed that? I didn't think that scene was adult either, when his eyes and feet fall out, its like the expression "shitting bricks" but as its suppose to represent poo, that makes it a kids joke. But still that was one of the funnier scenes in the movie.

  2. Whole setup (including sound system) cost £1500, but that was 2 years ago so you'll get it all a lot cheaper now.

    Quick question to all the boffins in the forum....which gives a better picture 720p or 1080i?

    It's really down to opinion, although I would think most people would agree that 720P is better. The benefits of a progressive display are no flicker, scan lines are much less visible (permitting closer seating to the display), and they have none of the artifacts you get with interlaced displays (as long as they are fed a real progressive signal). These for me are better reasons to use 720P as I prefer sitting closer, and I do notice artifacts.

  3. The guy selling TV stands in yesterday's show got swindled by the dragons.  He had a current offer from Panasonic to buy his company for 3.2m (including a year's work from him) and he sold half the company to the dragons for 225k.  Really, a disastrous decision by him.

    Does that guy have a site? I missed most of it where he explained what made his TV stands different from any other TV stand and I could do with a decent one for my bedroom anyway.

  4. What exactly can you do with a modded Gamecube?

    I've been thinking of waiting for the 360 to be hacked (to a point where its definetly worth buying over a regular 360) and buying one then, my main reason for it would be to watch any video format from my computer on a big screen and to make DVD's and games region free. How long do you reckon it will be before that is possible?

  5. It's going to be a woman omg!

    If it was a woman (I thought this too, but the body of him/her looks too masculine to be a woman) then maybe everyone was raped by:

    Big black 12" dildos!

    I've been saying it wouldn't be Quentin since he was introduced and with Mr_rmg's shot, I think it's safe to say that's true.

    I watched episodes 11-13 as the previous episodes have already been shown on Sky One, good episodes, 12 in particular.

    So will ep14+15 be available on torrent sites on Wednesday morning? I have a day of exams and wouldn't mind coming home to watch the last 2 episodes of the series. That Fox protection thing sounds like crap to me, especially as it's being aired on the FX channel.

  6. I'm only up to where Sky One is (episode 7?, the neo-nazi girlfriend episode) but I'm considering downloading the remaining episodes, do you think torrents for episode 8 to the second to last episode will still be active? I don't want to be downloading at dial-up speeds.

    If anyone's interested, when I finished that post, I set out to download the remaining episodes (is episode 13 the latest episode?), anyway after opening torrents for episode 9-13, my 1MB connection began downloading them, ep 12 & 13 are done, and 9, 10 and 11 should be finished by the end of tonight.

    So in answer to my question, the torrents are still active enough to be able to download an episode quite fast, but only the more recent episodes will likely max out your connection.

  7. I agree - Nip Tuck season 3 has been FANTASTIC. Its been MUCH better than Lost season 2. I seriously can't wait for the finale... I also say its got to be Quinton, but is it really that obvious? Also the final episode is named after him.. which might give it away?

    Shame there is only 16 episodes for this season. I can't wait till season 4 now.

    I think the title of that episode indicates Quinton will be The Carver's last victim before being found out and possibly the only one who dies at the hands of The Carver.

    I'm only up to where Sky One is (episode 7?, the neo-nazi girlfriend episode) but I'm considering downloading the remaining episodes, do you think torrents for episode 8 to the second to last episode will still be active? I don't want to be downloading at dial-up speeds.

  8. I don't know if they're being screened over Christmas, but the Futurama Christmas episodes are great.

    They've been shown on Sky One to the point where I hate watching the Christmas epsiodes, the amount of times I've seen the one where Bender replaces Santa too many times over the weekend.

    Here's a list of TV shows people may be interested in from tomorrow onwards:

    Tuesday 20th December

    Live 8

    BBC1 - 10.35pm

    Highlights of the years huge concert.

    Wednesday 21st December

    Life in the Undergrowth

    BBC1 - 9pm

    Ants this time. *shivers and itches*


    C4 - 10pm

    Its not a spoiler, but I'll remove because I know what this forums like.

    Thursday 22nd December

    Bend It Like Beckham

    BBC1 - 9pm

    Romantic sports comedy, and Kiera Knightley.

    Friday 23rd December

    Layer Cake

    Sky Movies 1 - 8pm

    Slavo and Dragan are supposed to be Serbians but they speak Romanian in this adult thriller.

    Christmas Eve

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    ITV1 - 2.50pm

    Bond film. Cheryl Crow did the theme.

    Star Trek: Voyager

    FIVE - 8.05pm

    Tom Paris is found guilty of murder on an unknown planet.

    Christmas Day

    Toy Story 2

    BBC1 - 4.30pm


    Doctor Who

    BBC1 - 7pm

    Rampaging Santa's? Killer Christmas tree? Aliens? Sounds chuff.

    Boxing Day

    Coronation Street Panto

    ITV1 - 6pm

    I'm bringing this to your attention so you can avoid it on purpose.

    Minority Report

    BBC1 - 9pm

    Tom Cruise is accused of a crime he didn't commit... YET!

    Tuesday 27th December

    Big Fish

    Sky Movies 6 - 6.45pm

    Ewan McGregor charms everyone with his exaggerated stories.

    Wednesday 28th December


    C4 - 10.05pm

    Hardcore action between the love triangle + ???

    Thursday 29th December

    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    BBC1 - 8pm

    So bad it's good.

    Friday 30th December

    Chicken Run

    BBC1 - 6.45pm

    The Great Escape, only with chickens.

    Some decent stuff, but some real crap stuff too, Tomb Raider, Tomorrow Never Dies.

  9. Dude that was the season premiere. Its a repeat.

    Ah fuck, was looking forward to watching a new episode tomorrow. I missed the first 2 episodes though so it will be like watching 2 new episodes but not the 2 latest episodes in the series. Oh well.

  10. It's £7.50 at Wimbledon Odeon, £4.50 for a kid ticket, I'm prepared to pay that much to watch the movie, but the insanely high prices for snacks etc really gets on my nerves, I payed over £2 for what I thought was Sprite but as I took my first sip, it was nothing but sparkling water! I'm pretty certain it had been watered down as there was the slightest hint of lemon.

    I usually see movies as early as possible so that I have an empty-ish cinema and the people who are there also want to see the movie in peace and quiet.

    Last time I went there (for the Harry Potter movie) it was full of stupid kids talking throughout the movie, felt like telling their parents to make the shut up or get out of the cinema.

  11. I think there is some sort of Smallville special tonight, a 2 hour long, massive progress with the story line type episode, there is a trailer here and more information on the episode here.

    It seems to follow on with the season 4 finale episode as I recognised some parts from that episode, also looks to be an action packed episode which can only be a good thing.

    I cannot wait for the torrent of that episode to come up, it's going to be a pretty big file though!

  12. how many sequels are there now? I watched the 3rd one a few years ago at christmas and it was fucking shit. I suspect the later ones are even worse

    There's a 4th one which is fucking awful!

    I agree with makkuwata, it feels very 90's, and I could have sworn Caulkin was taller when I first saw Home Alone.

  13. Seems rather Revenge of the Sithy

    Yeah, now that you mention it, it does. I hate when bad guys have good motives but go about it wrong. Much prefer it when they are evil because they prefer being evil.

    Don't think we need to spoiler it since its been out for a few days now and the topic title says "Warning link to spoilers ahead."

  14. Torrent downloaded pretty quickly today (constant 40kb/s+), and just got round to watching it.

    Story really advances with regards to the superman story, and

    how lex got evil

    How many episodes are there this season?


    I thought it was a pretty good episode too. I think there is roughly 22 episodes each season so 13 left. :(

  15. I downloaded the 720P trailer of Bit Torrent (and watched it in VLC, rather then shitty Quicktime) it looks very impressive but as already said some parts look a bit poor.

    The Juggernaut should be similar to The Hulk but white and wearing armour preventing psychic attacks, This. image shows what I'm trying to say. If they need to use special effects to do so, then they should, much better then a 6 foot guy in a muscle suit. He looks like Wolverine, Beast or Sabretooth could easily take him on 1 on 1 and win.

    Beast needs to be look more bulked out, but the height is right.

    Overall though, I'm looking forward to this alot, the 2nd one was very good.

  16. The wait was long and painful, but there are torrent sites out there with episode 9, I'm currently downloading it at half a meg (I have 1 meg) but for me this is very speedy as torrents are usually very slow for me.

    Get downloading!

  17. I have a question to you all as it seems every man and his dog has THAT Samsung HDTV.

    I just wanted to draw attention to this Samsung again. I'm somewhat confused as to why it is commanding a significantly lower price tag than the 26" older version when its a 27" TV. I know the 26" and above Samsung is very popular on here so why is this one not as popular? Is it technically not as good?



    Few topics I found on the AV forums:

    Samsung 27" LE27T51BX LCD TV for £549.99 delivered!

    Seems to have a DVI with HDCP instead of a HDMI connection, meaning you'd need a HDMI to DVI convertor, they are about £10, I think.

    Samsung HDTV Question

    Seems to be a TV from Europe.

    LE26R41B versus the new LE27T51B

    DVI may or may not support connection to DVI equipped PC.

    I guess the main reason is lack of a HDMI input and most people think it doesn't look as nice as the LE26.

  18. The plastic packaging is annoying, but I always get a massive kitchen scissors and rip it to pieces to get into it's goodness, so it's nonreturnable, but at least I accomplished what I had set out to do - open packaging to accessories.

    Saw this topic and remembered this:


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