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  1. 6 days after beating RSG on normal, I'm now on RSG on hard, the game really is more fun in hard mode then normal, its challenging, but you don't want to break your DS when you fail, which I nearly always wanted to do when I was on normal.

  2. Nandos is lovely, good food that fills you up for a good price with bottomless drinks. Extra hot chicken with corn on the cob and chips with peri peri spice added on (costs like 20p, but is so worth it) is what I go for.

    The heat differs in different areas. Are you in South London?

    I've been to the Nando's in Putney, Wimbledon, Wandsworth (inside shopping center) and Clapham Junction, I always go for extra hot, the spice is equally as hot in all of them. Why would it be different?

    What I have noticed though is that depending on how liquid the sauce is, the spicer it will be, so if its basted on properly, its less hot then if the sauce doesn't get time to dry into the skin. Is that what you are referring to? Because I always thought it was different factors which determined how sauce dryed onto the chicken.

  3. What a poor decision. I don't buy pre-owned games but jeez, that really is a bad decision. The PS3's target market (kids) aren't able to afford an expensive console (read: parents aren't willing to spend that much), and one of the ways of being able to save a bit of money is now going to be eliminated.

    Although saying that, GAME rip people off with pre-owned, 360 games are usually the same price as online retailers and supermarket's, and instead of a nasty pre-owned game, you get a brand new one.

  4. Right Click, Save As for those who want to watch it in VLC, or those who are having trouble downloading it.

    I can't f**k wait to see this, I reckon it will be movie of the year for me. Its going to look amazing when I go and see it in the London IMAX cinema.

    That bullet scene put a gigantic grin on my face.

  5. Loved the DS version, despite never completing it due to its difficulty spikes, I enjoyed it greatly, breath of fresh air, and one of the best use's of the DS touch screen. I'll definetly be getting the Wii version. Based on those screenshots, it looks alot better then I would have imagined it to be, the 3rd picture down, although I suppose the art style helps make it look better.

  6. I think MitM has gotten better with age, there has hardly been an episode that I dislike, although I hate Sky One for repeating this and Futurama like crazy. It's going to make them seem less good.

    I'll be buying a season 1-7 DVD box set the moment that its realised on DVD.

    And it is better then British comedies.

  7. "That will answer all the questions to how you'll play a racing game."

    That quote makes me think it won't be a franchise game they use to demo racing games controls. For some reason I have a clear picture of the Rev showing a game similar to PGR to show it off. I want some new franchises to perfectly show the Wiimote off, the franchise games can come later. As long as they make 1080 and F Zero feel more like their N64 versions.

    Possible way to control?


  8. Episode 19 was rubbish, it tried to copy Saw with the games Lionel and Martha had to play and you could easily guess the villain of the week was the security guard. The only good thing was Clark and Martha know Lionel definitely knows Clark's secret.

    I wish they would just progress the Braniac storyline, I want an action packed episode, not another villain of the week where there is hardly any action scenes.

  9. Very annoyed with how Comedy Central blocked it or did South Park do that on purpose? Why should one religion get their prophet censored yet its fine to show Jesus?

    The fight scene and bart parts were the highlight of the episode for me, in what was otherwise a poor episode.

  10. http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/top/burger-ki...ames-166066.php


    "Hamburger flipper Burger King is considering a promotion that offers 3 exclusive BK-branded games. Each would feature their own characters (in this case, the actual Burger King) in “popular” genres (fighting, action and racing). The action game is apparently similar to Halo, while the fighter combines Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Just tack on a “with hamburgers,” and you get the drift.

    Marketing research company Greenfield Online sent around a survey regarding the plan apparently and leaked some mock-up and concept images for the proposed campaign. Still in the conceptual stage apparently, the titles would go for US $4 and be compatible with both the original Xbox and the 360. This all makes sense as BK has already jumped into in-game advertising feet first.

    But, four bucks for a 360 game? With the Angus Cheesy Bacon Steak Burger going for US $3.69 and Oblivion asking US $59.99, one of them is overpriced. "

    I'm loving the concept art:


  11. I think its aged quite poorly, and to me that makes it hard to watch, as I keep nit-picking all the special effects, which good for their time, look terrible now. Bits of it seem cheesy, in Superman 2, when the people believe Superman has died and some random guy grabs a 2x4 and yells "They killed Superman, lets get them".*

    *I know Spiderman 2 had this in the train scene, but it was done a lot better, the guy who said it looked scared, rather then thinking he could actually stop Doc Ock, but who knows in 20 years time, I might think that scene is equally cheesy as Superman 2's scene.

  12. For a truly awesome burger experience you need to try the gourmet burger bar in Clapham Junction. I've yet to find anywhere that can match the majesty of their creations!

    I went there late 2004 and was quite dissapointed, I can't remember why but I didn't enjoy it very much. They were on a TV show on the BBC recently, I've forgotten what it was called though.

  13. Hearty Italian



    Lettuce, onions, peppers, jalapenos (extra), sweetcorn, basically everything minues olives and something else I can't remember

    Sweet Onion sauce and Spicy sauce

    So lovely, despite going Subway numerous times before, I have yet to try anything else.

  14. Is it me or does the budget seem a bit small, i know it is only a tv series, but there were not too many special fx, considering he is you know Superman...

    Isn't it filmed in High Def, the budget can't be too low then. I always thought the lack of superpowers being used was because it was designed to be more of a drama then action TV show, so it's not a case of the budget being to low, just the people who produce it thinking it isn't needed. The action scenes are easily the most entertaining parts of the show though, but nearly all of the episodes leave me with a feeling of 'I could do better if I was in charge of the action scenes'.

    The main case of this would have to be Clark and Brainiac's fight, here we have 2 people who are seen as equal in terms of powers, and when their fight begins, we are treated to a push fight, it should have lasted a least a minute and a few punches should have been thrown, maybe we see Chloe being thrown over the place due to the force at which they are fighting.

    I have wondered though, when Clark runs fast, shouldn't people near to him, or people he runs past hear sonic booms or feel the wind on their face or see car's getting knocked over due to the speed he is running at and the distance he is from the object.

  15. Hmm, for some reason I'm extremely good at Xbox Live games across all genres, but as soon as I try my hand at Counter-Strike Source or any other PC online game it's like I've hit myself with a shit covered nub stick.

    But if you're no good at the skill based games, there's ones that are more fun based, like Burnout 3 (even though I was THE best at that), Midtown Madness 3 and some co-op games.

    But, honestly, I really don't mind whether I'm winning or losing, so long as I've got some classy gents to have a chat with while doing so. Xbox Live is about how good your Friend's list is, not how good you are at games.

    I was better then you at Burnout 3. Agree with the 1st and 3rd paragraph though.

    The best advice for people who find winning online difficult is to keep practicing at it, everyone is crap when they first start off, but you'll soon get better real fast without even realising it.

  16. Please help me! (im pretty far through the game so possible spoiler below)

    Im on what I think to be the last level with the big meteor coming towards earth.  Its crazy fast but most of it is ok but then (on the first stage) it switches from what appears to be a very fast but in time section to a bit with some singing where the numbers are more spaced out.

    I just CANNOT get the timing on this section at all.  The only time ive done it ive been half listening to the percussion / base line and that wasn't perfect.

    Can anyone give me some advice on what to listen out for?  Its proper proper hard! :(

    i was thinking of maybe trying with earphones tonite so that I could hear the song a bit better but dont know if that will help...

    I get tricked at that part too, but what really kills me is the spinner, is there a certain way to spin it so that you recieve a big bonus, at the moment, I'm lucky if I just manage it, but usually I fail to spin it frequently enough, which takes a huge chunk of health(?) away.

  17. Small snippet of an interview with Samuel L. Jackson on this very topic...

    Beaks:  One of those films that you’re working on right now is... well, it’s called "Pacific Air 121"—

    Jackson:  Snakes on a Plane, man!

    Beaks:  Exactly.

    Jackson:  We’re totally changing that back.  That’s the only reason I took the job:  I read the title.

    Beaks:  Snakes on a Plane!  That’s everything!

    Jackson:  You either want to see that, or you don’t.

    Beaks:  And how are those snakes?  Besides being on a plane?

    Jackson:  Some of them are aggressive, some of them are cool.  They’re interesting to watch, and interesting to interact with.  It depends on what kind of snake it is.  One day, it took, like, four guys to bring in this 350 lb. Burmese Python.  We were all like, “Where’s that goin’?”  And I watched an Albino Cobra strike airplane seats the other day.  I watched it from another studio.  It’s actually been a fun show.  But we’re taking the name back!



  18. Is this official then? I've read plently of pre-season talk on the fifth season being the last, but then I thought they came out and said there would be a sixth season? Can you say where you are getting your information from?

    I thought it was confirmed by the people who make Smallville? Something to do with it ending before Superman Returns is released.

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