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  1. I'm finding the camera a bit annoying, I'd prefer to have full control over the direction I'm looking at, too often I fall of a clif or find myself in a position where I know I'd play better from having a better camera angle. Does anyone know how to C3PO R2D2 past a little force field type barrier that prevents droids from going through, I need 4 characters to open a door.

    My Play order is still sitting at 'preordered'. Has Gameplay started sending out the 360 version does anyone know?

    I got the 360 version today from Gameplay, it was shipped yesterday, I used 99p delivery too.

    The Cube version is yet another Game exclusive. So, that'll be no sales and high prices forever, then.

    I thought most GAME stores no longer even bothered to stock GC games. I know the ones I've been into recently don't have any space for newly released GC games, only pre-owned stuff and stuff that is new but has been out for ages.

  2. I've got this if anyone wants to add me, the Xfire tag is caprylate.

    I've got it, can't really play today, maybe tomorrow?

    What's it like online? I fear that all the players might be too good now, leading to us new players dying loads and loads!

    Well on my first time trying it online, I manged to get 13 kills which I was very happy with, I had the least kills on my team, but its still quite a high amount of kills for a first try and for someone who isn't used to mouse and keyboard controls either.

  3. I finally managed it:


    I'm almost didn't make it as I kept losing lives at 970,000+ and had no bombs at the time so was unable to survive once all those tiny little crosses started spawning. It was a fucking great feeling beating a 1,000,000.

  4. I'm very happy with my 360, I've got Oblivion it isn't grabbing me yet, despite playing it for 3 hours (that should be long enough to get into it right?) PGR3, I don't care what anyone says, its good offline and fucking excellent online with the right people, Fight Night Round 3, didn't know what to expect really, but its very good, still haven't tried it online though and Tomb Raider Legend (never played a TR game until I got Legend), was expecting it to be shit, but its fantastic and really reminds me of Sands of Time, which is no bad thing.

    I reckon my next game will be Call of Duty 2 since I'm actually liking the demo or Battlefield 2 Modern Combat if I see it below £25.

    Okay sure, 2 of those games are ports, and Oblivion isn't exclusive, but my PC couldn't play Oblivion, and I don't really want to buy games for last gen consoles unless they are sub £15 and not available on the 360.

    I've got Geometry Wars and UNO (and Hardwood Hearts, but I regret buying it so much) and plan on getting Marble Blast Ultra some time soon, what would truly make XBL Arcade come alive is some 10 player Bomberman action for 400 points.

    The demo system has to be one of the best things to happen to Console gaming in a long while, now I can try out games I wasn't sure I might like and know I haven't wasted £40 on a dud.

    It all looks lovely on my Samsung 26" (74 model) HD TV.

  5. How much are people paying for these Samsung TVs that appear to be very popular?

    I have the 26" model and payed £567 for it, from PRCDirect (although the price has gone up now). The 32" model is £765, also from PRCDirect.

  6. Maybe some paint, a cupboard for your 360 box and cable tidies? :lol:

    I have a wardrobe to the left of the TV, I just like looking at it because its still very new for me (2 weeks from today), I'll move it into the wardrobe eventually. The cables are a mess, but it doesn't bother me right now, if I were to get 5.1, I'd invest in some, but for the time being, I'll leave it.

    It's a good set-up for a 16 year old though, all with my own money, except the stand which I got about a decade back and is in need of an upgrade now that there is other new stuff, it looks out of place.

  7. Its looking like I won't even have to pay for my ticket at the IMAX, I had always planned to see Superman Returns with a few friends, but one of my friends is taking my idea and using it as part of his birthday plans, only thing is, we'd be seeing it on Saturday and apparently, the best tickets are sold out, but oh well.

    Are schools not finished for the summer in the UK? I know they are here.

    Nah, they tend to finish around the 21st of July, give or take a few days. I know Ireland share a similar holiday system to the US of long summer holidays.

  8. I have no credit card to buy tickets for London IMAX, and I don't know how many of my friends want to/can go to even place an order, but I'm hoping the first Friday showing won't be too packed since most people will be at work or school.

    It sucks we have to wait 2 more weeks then people in the US.

  9. I found the trailer on ISOhunt, very fast too, works in VLC. What a cool trailer, I hope they pull of Venom right, I'd love to see Carnage in 4!

    From Spiderman 2, I would have guessed that The Lizard, Venom (Jameson's son is in S2 so he could bring back Venom in 3) and the Hobgoblin (because of the ending of S2) would be the 3 main villains in Spiderman 3. However, its possible that there could be 4, Sandman, Venom, Hobgoblin and Black Cat, out of those I'd prefer if they focused on Venom the most, but from things I've read his role is quite small, similar to that of Darth Maul. Maybe it will rival LotR in length to fully explain the bad guys backgrounds.

    Although I can see Spiderman 4 going the way of Xmen 3 if the director and main actors were to all move on to different things, but I hope that won't happen.

    I can't wait to see this movie, its looking like it will be the best film of next year, and easily the best Spideman film.

  10. I'm in a PGR3 lobby now, if anyone wants to join me.

    EDIT: Been playing a few games with Frankie Lee and The Stig (from GR), enjoyable games, although Frankie Lee kept getting disconnected and we had one spacker America pretending to be an Arab, then trying an English accent, but coming out sounding Australian.

  11. If people are still playing this, could they add me? I've only had the game since Thursday, but every single online game I've had of this with randoms always results in some cock (usually more then 1) treating it like its Burnout.

  12. If I still had a PS2, I'd get Ninjabread Man, it could even be fun for a few hours, if a bit simplistic.

    Budget PS2 games are amazing for this sort of thing.

    On the link it said:

    "Barry Hatter is an action adventure game featuring young wizards, broomstick racing, and a completely original concept."


  13. What's the secret with the spinny things.

    I never seem to be able to do them very well.

    Same here, I've never been able to improve my 'health' using the spinny cicles and thats what they are for, I only ever seem to equal or just lose a small amount of health, and when you're playing RSG on hard mode, you can't afford to lose even a little bit.

    There must be a way to spin faster, as the videos on YouTube and VideoGoogle show people getting huge bonuses with the spinny circles.

  14. I watched it earlier today. I thought it was very well done, if a little too slow for the first 40 minutes, the last 20 minutes was definitely the strongest part of the movie. Watching the WTC collapse still gives me goose-pimples.

    The version I watched, for about the last minute or so there was no sound but the movie was still going before the black screen with the text happened. Was this the same in the cinema?

  15. Gamingsetuponfirstjune.jpg

    A 360 will be there by the end of this month, hopefully a HD ready TV early next month, if I have enough money left over, if I don't, I'll get this instead which I know I will have enough money left over from after buying a 360 + 2/3 games.

  16. I reckon the Wii will be out in America before Thanksgivings, just because its a massive buying season. Japan and Europe early December, maybe late November. Similar to the way the DS launched except the Wii gets to Europe before Christmas.

    Most of the games that looked like they had been developed for a while to be out before Christmas.

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