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  1. I didn't think much of Part 1 of Imagination Land, but Part 2 really made up for it, loved the ManBearPig references and Butters reverse-dream at the beginning, and when Stan realises they are talking about the Critters ("Who could have imagined something so evil?"). :rolleyes: Amazing episode, can't wait to see Part 3.

    Roll on nuking our imaginations!

  2. Got this from Sendit.com today (posted on Tuesday), haven't played it too long but so far I'm really enjoying it, the graphics are stunning (I'd say second only to Gears), and the races are great fun, there is one track I've tried so far which is partly in a British forest, and the other part is set on a road, its a point to point race and was damn good fun, changing surfaces strongly affects the way the car handles. I can see myself playing this for a good while.

    there are two online achievements only, I think. 20g for first rally win and 20 more for first hillclimb win. if you have the game i'd get on quick as there are f all paople online and it'll be easier to win.

    There is another achievement for having a clean race on a XBL game, but you don't need to win the race to get it. I had the same thought as you though, start trying to win now before people get too good at it and there are more people competing. Managed to get the first rally win achievement on my first game, but is it possible to talk to the others (up to) 99 people at any point?

  3. Straps is right, the Mongoose whilst being good fun to drive is too much of a target, weak armour and no means of attack unless you have a passenger, whose aim will be reduced when on the Mongoose due to the speed.

    However, I do use it despite this disadvantages because it does have its benefits (rushing for weapons, getting back to base quickly) and it has actually won my team a few Multi Flag games by just rushing the base, it works quite often. I actually play with Straps online, and I have a good few videos saved showing a game where we were losing 1-0 and came back to win 2-1, with the reason being because the mongoose was used so effectively.

    Also it is easier to dodge the sniper or spartan laser on foot, for a start you can shoot them back, getting rid of their zoom function, and have jumping as an option as well as more movement options (180 degree turn in a Mongoose slows you down, then needs accelerating, when on foot, you just walk backwards with a very brief pause). Whenever I see a lone Mongoose, I equate it with a free kill.

    So yeah, Straps is right in that it usually is a death trap and is often just used by idiots, but in the hands of a competent player it can be pretty effective, result altering even.

  4. I was really impressed with the demo, the buggy race in particular was great fun. Just placed my order with sendit.com, as it was the cheapest place to buy from, don't care too much about delivery speed as the trade-off (cost vs speed) is more then worth it.

  5. The only gametype in which I've won a (non-objective) match, and everyone else hates it. ;)

    I love shotty snipers, it gives me two of my favourite guns with unlimited ammo, what's not to like? Plus it gives people who ordinarily don't use the sniper a chance to use it and improve.

    Team Rockets is crap, but that is more down to the fact that new rockets suck, slow, with very little splash damage.

  6. Ooh ooh - where's the observatory?

    Its in the North of The Volk and the area where it is found is called 'City Memorial Observatory.' Take a look at the map which comes with the game, and you'll see what I mean.

  7. Have this on in the background, swapping between the channel 5 programme - "The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes" (was he that guy on on some US Talk Show given a Wii a month before US launch?).

    I'm sure their cousin (who I could have sworn was 20 months) was only able to overpower the girl, which isn't surprising seeing as she is 2 foot 3 and weighs very little.

  8. Parcelforce don't operate on weekends*, so whilst I have Wii Play, Zelda and a nunchuck, I have no Wii itself to play them on until Monday.

    *What a fucking stupid idea, if Royal Mail operate on Saturdays then a courier better fucking do, hell they should run 24/7, part of the reason couriers are used is for speed, but if Amazon had used Royal Mail or any other courier company then I'd be playing the Wii today.

  9. Nearly a year after getting the game, and nearly 10 months of being stuck on RSG on Hard, I managed to beat it without too much trouble after getting used to EBA on Insane mode (I unlocked that today as well!), I'm only one the homework kid at the moment, which I was pretty close to beating a few times, but missed keep on missing a few beats and by the time I get back on track, I've lost way too much energy and can't recover from it, although I expect I'll quickly be back in here posting about being stuck on RSG on Insane soon.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to post that.

    Was it playing at 1080p do you know?

    The screens used were 1080P, but when Motorstorm crashed, I was at the front of the queue and saw in the top right of the screen '720P', the upscaling made it look like it needed a bit more AA.

  11. Went to the What Hi Fi event earlier today, didn’t get many photos and the majority of the ones I managed to take ended up getting a bit blurred, especially Motorstorm due to the fast paced nature of the game.

    The PS3 pad is seriously light; the loss of the rumble has made it feel near weightless, and it definitely doesn’t feel very solid because of it. The triggers aren’t a patch on the 360’s, the way it positions your finger results in it being to nearer to the front of the trigger, rather then in the centre of the trigger or nearer to the edge, which means that the leverage required to push the trigger down is greater.

    The games they had were Lair, Resistance and Motorstorm, both Lair and Motorstorm crashed whilst I was there, Resistance didn’t look too interesting and I couldn’t be bothered queuing for it (as they were incredibly long queues) and I wanted to see the rest of the show.

    The controls for Lair were a bit rubbish, to control the dragon you tilted the control pad, but even minor movements of it resulted in turning fairly sharply, making it quite difficult to control.

    Motorstorm is basically just like Burnout, but it doesn’t control as well, the queue for it was the longest and it appeared to be fairly difficult (people were crashing often and no-one was coming anywhere near first place), but because it handles so similar to Burnout, my skills at it transferred over quite easily, on my first go, I came first by a good margin and crashed very little, and the set the best time of the day 5 minutes and 15 seconds or so, the next quickest time was about 20 seconds slower. And I didn’t think the graphics were very impressive, nothing the 360 couldn’t easily do, and nothing like the video of E3 2005.

    Finally the images:






  12. I've owned 3 copies of Halo 2, the first disc snapped, the second one replaced it, and the third one came with an XBL sub for the amazing price of £5.99, I also got Halo with my Xbox (as part of a bundle), after buying it on PC.

    I also owned OoT twice if you count the bonus disc that came with the Wind Waker.

  13. I like the changes in the demo, its made the learning curve that the SC games had, much less steep, and more fun because of it, its also a lot more accessible and easier to get into then CT, and overall, despite crappy connection issues, I'm very impressed with the demo.

    £34.98 @ sendit.com

    Mine's already been shipped ;)

    I was tempted to order it from them (used them before and they're as good as Play, but delivery is faster, whilst remaining free) but I thought I would try PowerPlayDirect, because SC is £33.99 from them and includes free delivery, normally, I order games from Gameplay because you get them a day before they are officially out, hopefully this company will get it to me tomorrow or at least Friday.

  14. I've always hated it when developers try and justify the cost of a game, when movies cost far more and have as many people helping to create them.

    A new controller method isn't the best or quickest way to expand the industry, DVD movie style prices are.

  15. Wii (Still deciding on if I should import it, will wait for more news)

    Component cable (A must)

    Extra Nunchuck

    Wii Play (for the extra Wiimote)

    Twilight Princess

    Super Monkey Ball

    Excite Truck

    Trauma Center

  16. I reckon I'd go v-sync with a rock solid 30fps, if it couldn't do that, then 60Hz with no v-sync.

    Although does v-sync actually make that big of an impact on framerate that it would reduce it by half? With PC games, I always have v-sync enabled and it plays very smoothly.

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