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  1. It should still be in your recent games section (and Flying Elephant will be in your recent maps), you can find it by being in the custom games lobby, to save it just press 'X'.
  2. Just seen this post. Yeah that is my GR name, and I'm so glad I listened to your recommendation to watch Weeds, I'm currently on Season 2 episode 4 and fucking loving it.
  3. Random Fury White 5 - 0 Pizzown C (1 2 3 4 5)
  4. Amazing episode this week, the Doakes headbutt scene was pretty fucking excellent. A lot more than 1.8million viewers? Link? I always thought FX was an unwatched channel and the people who do know Dexter is shown on it more than likely also know about torrents/newsgroups.
  5. I think you hold onto what you're holding when you deploy equipment.
  6. Caprylate

    RF Whites

    Good game to you too, quite evenly matched in the Team Slayer games, that one on Guardian was pretty damn good, very close.
  7. Random Fury White 4 - 1 Flams Clan (1 2 3 4 5)
  8. Caprylate

    RF Whites

    Top Gear, then Halo 3 sounds good to me. (Didn't know you like Top Gear...)
  9. I've added the three of you who are in Sabr3wulf's list, who is filling up the final spot? Good luck guys, really looking forward to this now.
  10. There is more then enough people playing Halo 3 for your first concern to be a non-issue (and for it to remain the case for a long time, Bungie will update playlists to suit the situation, so if it actually became a valid reason, then Bungie would change the playlists), its even less of an issue if they get rid of Team Tactical, Social Doubles and Multi-Team, which are clearly the unused playlists as it would allow Ranked BTB to exist without having an excessive amount of playlists, although adding one more isn't really going to do any harm to the system, at least not for the time being. I'd rather Ranked BTB had the option of filtering a party size, so you could play 6vs6 if you wanted to, but only if you were in a party of 6 (the other team doesn't have to be in the same sized party), it would allow for bigger games when you had bigger parties, or if you just prefer 8vs8 without having to add another playlist for what would have essentially no gametype differences between the two.
  11. They don't have to get rid of the unranked one, simply add in ranked, most of the games I play in unranked BTB are against guests who don't know the rules and it makes for a far too easy victory. Choice can only be a good thing.
  12. Weekly Update New Map Info: Vandelay sounds like a fairly lazily designed map to me and if they plan on charging us for these maps (which they most likely will do) they better be at a fair price. Still no date on an expected release, but they sound like there isn't much left to do, now all Bungie have to do is add in Ranked BTB.
  13. Caprylate

    RF Whites

    I'm fine with tonight, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and so forth, ideally for 8PM or thereabouts, and ideally not starting later then about 9.30.
  14. Caprylate

    RF Whites

    Apart from this Friday, I can play pretty much any day, although I'd prefer the games around 8PM. I'd be able to play tonight if both teams were ready.
  15. Are we to assume there will be no VIP or Shotty Snipers in these upcoming games?
  16. The 'ningen fucker, ningen sucker' song? I hated that OP, the original OP however is amazing, the song, the images, it all combines into one glorious mixture, even now that Death Note has finished ages ago, I still like to watch the opening song just cause its that damn good, can't say that about the second OP.
  17. Caprylate


    Although Bungie are saying that the system works, I still find it a little odd how you can win huge amounts of Team Slayer games in a row and very likely remain the same level, but losing just a single game is enough to bring you down a level, it doesn't feel fair and I'm certain that its a problem with the system. The only times when I have ranked up very quickly in Team Slayer was when I lost two in a row (random players grrr) and went down 3 levels, only to win 5 in a row and go up 6, I'm beginning to think you rank up slower if you go in as a party of four, or play Team Slayer with the same people regularly, as from my experience so far, that is when you rank up (or down) at the slowest rate compared to just going in by yourself or with one other person.
  18. Caprylate

    Rock Band!

    This is playable at the London Games Festival in Trafalgar Square (totally free), its on today until 6, I'm leaving shortly to go and try it out, cannot wait!
  19. The main problem I've noticed in matchmaking is that all too often I'll win 10 games of Team Slayer in a row, not go up a single level, then lose one game, and go down a level. Also vetoing gametypes should never provide VIP as the replacement option, infact, it shouldn't even be in matchmaking, its awful. And selecting my language is pointless as it could still match British people up with Americans, it should be replaced to my country.
  20. The Chinese kid used the most nerdiest, but one of the funniest insults I've ever heard to describe what he would like to do to the Chinese people: "I personally detest the Chinese people and think that they should be treated with sulphur trioxide and concentrated sulphuric acid which should hopefully reduce the people to charred and rather dehydrated and steaming masses of biomass which could be then used to fertilise fungus growths." Great documentary, Jos Gibbons should be on TV more often!
  21. I only mentioned shows which started their first season this year, if I had included all shows downloaded on a Tuesday...it still wouldn't have included Weeds, I did listen to your mention of Californication and thats fucking amazing, so maybe I'll get round to obtaining the first series of Weeds.
  22. When I read up on what this show was about I thought it was just going to be Jake 2.0 with a new name, its nothing like that, the main difference between them is that its actually good, Baldwin fits the role of government agent perfectly, and I loved the pilot episode ninja sequence with the computer. I keep going back just to watch that little clip after having seen it loads. Its been added to D-Day (download day/Tuesday) alongside Aliens in America and Californication.
  23. I only found out about Gurren Lagan after deciding to look into this thread - one of the best decisions I ever made. Piro, I found the Death Note ending very disappointing, I really wanted it to end with: And where the hell is a subbed (ideally HD) version of that Death Note special from Ryuk's perspective? According to Wiki, it was shown in Japan on the 31st of August.
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