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  1. Point of the show: sliiiiiiiightly misunderstood!

    I know! People watched the USA version for the wacky commentators ripping the piss out of the crap contestants. No one has any interested in the contestants interviews, simply mentioning name, age, location, and possibly occupation before the start would have been fine. Since I was part of the final 3 contestants, I had the joint longest amount of interview time, if I had to guess roughly how much then it would be somewhere around the 45-60 minutes, wouldn't even be surprised if it was longer than that either. Like I've said on GRCade, I said a lot of crap during my interviews so I'm hoping they don't show most of it. In my defence, I was told what to say in some of the interviews and was told suggested phrases e.g. one interview I was asked did I see one of the older male contestants as a father figure! I decided I'd say what I wanted to say which was the truth, so a flat 'no.' I wished I'd said what I wanted to from the very start, but I'd been character profiled because of the bullshit I wrote in my application form to try and make me stand out from the other 1,000's of other applicants and thought I had to say what they wanted me to say.

    Ill try and record it, is episode 7 next saturday? man that would suck being 1 second out to winning 10k.

    Episode 6 is next Saturday. Episode 7 will likely be the 14th, but we were told that there may be a 1 week break in-between one of the episodes, so it could possibly be the 21st. Not only was I one second away from winning but I'd set a time of 1 minute 23 seconds on the final stage, any other episode and I would have been the winner by a huge margin, I think I may have held the series record for perhaps 5 minutes. :lol:

  2. It's a shame people don't like this show...because I'm going to be on episode 7! :lol: Went to Argentina back in November for it. Had an amazing time there. I came in 2nd place, losing out on 1st by a single second. The USA version is certainly funnier but I've felt more recent episodes have been better then the original (the runtime seems to have been cut by 5 minutes which might explain it). The staff wanted to make it have a different feel to the USA one by having more time dedicated to us talking instead of getting wiped out.

    Where can you apply? I can't find the site.

    I found the application for it on www.beonscreen.com but that was months ago, not sure if its still there.

  3. For a re-make of Superman, the main focus has to be giving him a villain who wouldn't be absolutely destroyed in a single punch, and it shouldn't be made a 12A just to maximise the audience. I'd quite like to see some sort of Darkseid storyline having always liked the fight they had on the Justice League cartoon.

    If they want to make Superman dark, then they can go the Dark Knight Returns route and portray Superman as a political weapon of the USA; maybe transplanting him into a War On Terror battle.

    Ooooh, I like this suggestion actually, I could see it working quite well with the right people behind it.

  4. It would be a good idea, but I think its unlikely to happen, the closest to what your thinking of is the Veto button. I do actually prefer Halo 2/3 (and CoD4's copied) system, it keeps the game feeling fresh, since all that would be played is Multi Flag on Valhalla, or Team Slayer on Construct, if people had the option to choose. It also ensures (or at least tries to) that people are in games with the least potential for lag.

  5. I've decided that the worst thing about CoD4 online is when you are put into games that are already in progress, it wouldn't be so bad if you'd only missed the first 20 seconds, but I've been put into games that are more then halfway through (500 points) and on the losing team, and by this stage, one team is usually so far in front that its nearly impossible to come back from.

  6. I've been using the RPD with grip since the beta, it really has all the best features, looking down the scope provides a good field of vision, huge ammo (enough to take out helicopters), very powerful bullets with a rapid rate of fire, combined with Stopping Power and Deep Impact to make it even more effective as well as getting kills on people behind walls and doing it from good distances too, make it the best overall weapon, I'd go as far as to say its totally its actually overpowered.

  7. Yeah, some good games earlier.

    Foundry has so much potential, I can see people creating a few classic maps with it. Forge is so tough to use effectively though. I was going to have a go at creating Longest & Midship and it would be pretty easy to create the basics and general feel but with the smallest thing taking an age to simply line up it's going to take a while.

    Midship is already out to download:


    There's also Canvas maps for all three maps as well as loads of other variants already:


  8. Yep, I agree with that one but I used the M60E4 instead. RPD seems nice too :(

    I unlocked that gun earlier today (only got the game on Saturday, but already getting MVP), but didn't like the way it worked when you looked down the sight of the gun as it blocks too much of the screen, I did quite well with it still, but it just felt 'wrong' using it.

    Also, is there ever a use for the shotgun? No-one seems to ever use it in matchmaking, but there must be a few maps where it can dominate?

  9. Without having used many other guns, I believe the best overall weapon is the Light Machine Gun RPD with the grip attachment, and the 2 perks being Stopping Power (Increased bullet damage) and Deep Impact (deeper bullet penetration), high rate of fire, huge ammo, very powerful, and combined with the 2 perks very effective at getting people slightly covered by walls etc. Its great at both short and fairly long distances too, its main disadvantage is that it takes ages to reload, but you reload so infrequently considering your gun holds a ridiculous amount of ammo anyway.

  10. I honestly can't say I noticed any latency, but you said the same thing with OSG, maybe its a fault at your end of the line that doesn't appear to affect others? Did your team all feel there was game-ruining latency, because no-one was complaining on our team, I did hear your angry shouts a couple of times though. :lol: Halo does have the ability to be infuriating at times, games against French people being the worst offenders.

    Broken Sun has all of the games on his fileshare, if anyone is interested in viewing them.

  11. Next year until ranked BTB. :angry: Should have been included from the very start. And it almost sounds like they wouldn't have even considered it if it wasn't for the fact that quite often, parties can be split onto the other team.

    Team Objective will now be infinitely better because of the removal of VIP, although Territories should still be in it, and Oddball and King introduced to it, and of course removing land grab which is awful, no need for Team Control if that's all done.

  12. Are we playing these games tonight then? No-one mentioned whether they wanted to play at 8 or 9, or if there was a team of four to play.

    I wouldn't mind, but I want to watch Dexter s02ep12 now!!

  13. One for the snipers, what look sensitivity are people finding the best for sniping? I haven't really adjusted mine from the default (as I haven't really thought about it) but should really think about maybe moving it up a little.

    I use 6 at the moment and seem to do alright with the sniper. On Halo 2 though, I used to use 10, made sweep sniping pretty damn easy, but that technique no longer works in Halo 3 due to the much reduced auto-aim.

  14. I don't think any gametypes on Valhalla are suited to 4vs4, its suited ideally for 6+ sized teams, and gametypes like 1 flag and 1 bomb are frustratingly difficult because there are so few people.

    Also the Warthog dominates that map too much when there are small teams.

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