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  1. 51ukTt8tfaL.jpg

    Bigger, Stronger, Faster* is well worth watching. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1151309/ Really easy to watch documentary on a very interesting subject matter.

    Bigger' date=' Stronger, Faster* is a 2008 documentary film directed by Christopher Bell about the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs in the United States and how this practice relates to the American Dream.

    The documentary examines the steroid use of the director Christopher Bell and his two brothers, Mark and Mike Bell, who all grew up idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and Sylvester Stallone, and also features professional athletes, medical experts, fitness center members, and US Congressmen talking about the issue of anabolic steroids.

    Beyond the basic issue of anabolic steroid use, Bigger, Stronger, Faster* examines the lack of consistency in how America views drugs, cheating, and the lengths people go to achieve success.

    The film looks beyond the steroid issue to such topics as Tiger Woods' laser eye correction to 20/15 vision, professional musicians use of blood pressure reducing drugs, or athletes' dependence on cortisone shots, which are a legal steroid. It takes a skeptical view of the health risks of steroids and is critical of the legal health supplement industry.[/quote']

  2. FAO:

    The Terrorist class works brilliantly well on Karachi if you go to the 'dick roof' (the highest roof, it's near to the clock tower statue and over looks domination base B.

    And camping by the fuel tank 'dick roof' on Terminal.

    On Derail, just camp the central ware house with claymores at each entrance.

    Favela's 'dick roof' (has a ladder that leads up to it from one of the team's spawn).

    Highrise helipad allows you to camp both buildings spawn points (and 6 out of 8 entrances onto the majority of the map).

    On Invasion the Coffee shop is probs the best place to camp.

    On Sub Base the Warehouse upper level is the best spot.

    And Rundown, the big house which overlooks the 3 bridges on the same side as the Villa is the best place.

  3. I was just about to post that video, bah! I use roughly that exact same set-up, except I prefer Command Pro over Scrambler. Been using it for weeks and its unbelievably fun to use despite it making you a bad person. I also have it on my RPD, Sniper and Stealth class so I can switch between them depending on my needs. Pave Low with Danger Close Pro is just brutal and is better than Chopper Gunner on maps which aren't suited to it (Karachi being the main one).

  4. Can someone explain the LMGs to me? As in, I can't work out why you'd choose one of them over an SMG or an AR. I think I've got maybe 50 kills combined with them in this and the first game, I just can't see the appeal of them. How should one play with an LMG?

    Stick to RPD with grip and stopping power. Treat it like a machine gun-sniper rifle. Stick to higher up parts of the map/'dick' roofs. It doesn't need any other attachment, but heartbeat sensors are handy.

    Perk 1 can either be Marathon or Bling (grip + heartbeat sensor), perk 3 either Commando Pro or Ninja Pro. Stinger missile is a good secondary since the gun has so much ammo you're unlikely to run out quickly. OMA is a good choice as you can swap between it and a Danger Close Pro class when you call in killstreaks.

    Just watch my playing style when we're in games, I almost always use it and get good K:D ratios using it.

  5. How do you reset the NAT settings, btw? I don't seem to be having any problems after my connection decided to switch from Open to Moderate, but I guess it's only a matter of time before it decides to go to Strict.

    I've already reset the router and it's done nothing.

    Try system settings in the 360 and test xbox live connection. Whenever my NAT was changed to Strict doing the tests for whatever reason reset it to open.

  6. Arrrgh, 27 killstreak (PB on my gamertag, otherwise it's 32) but didn't have tactical nuke equipped. Predator, Harrier, AC130 on Afghan.

    I had an amazing game on Wasteland earlier too - I had One Man Army Pro on my RPD, Terrorist and Sniper class and swapped back and forth between them, but 2 or 3 kills in, an enemy calls in a care package, I heard the noise it makes and turned out he was very nearby facing the same direction as me but in front of me, so I killed him and waited for his care package. It turned out to be a Pave Low. Switched back to Terrorist class (for Danger Close Pro), called in Pave Low and the kills an enemy team's care package contributed towards my killstreak rewards! So I got a Predator, Harrier and Pave Low almost straight away. Got to about 20 kills before dying and my 2nd Pave Low was called in. They still didn't switch to a class with a Stinger in it either. I can only imagine how pissed off that care package guy must have been lmfao!

  7. I don't think it makes the harrier any better, seeing as that kills pretty much instantly when it gets sight of someone anyway, but it definitely improves the chopper gunner. I might try it with the normal chopper and see how it does actually. Got a nuke earlier with a very similar set up, one man army up to 11 (steady aim makes the assault rifles a lot better at close range, stemming my shotgun addiction), then switched to danger close pro and got 7 or 8 with the chopper gunner. Finished up soon after.

    Normally I run 5, 7, 9 as chances are better I'll be able to call in all 3 before I die! I find the Harrier can be hit and miss for me without DCP on, and it's not like I place them in poor locations either as they'll shoot at people but they escape the killing bullet by getting inside or around a corner just in time. That doesn't happen with it on, plus the 2 airstrikes beforehand can easily get you a few kills before the actual Harrier starts hovering around.

    Pave Low with DCP however is absolutely rape-tastic. And the AC130's 105mm shell too. And the Predator missile too.

  8. ?

    Scar (best iron sight of the assault rifles) + grenade launcher attachment

    Claymore + Stun grenades

    One Man Army Pro

    Danger Close Pro

    Commando Pro

    Just find somewhere nice to camp, set up claymores at the entrances to you and just keep using the skill cylinder (noob tube) and when you need to use a gun, you're not stuck with a bulky ironsight. Danger Close Pro ability makes the Harrier and Chopper Gunner very effective killing tools so it becomes very easy to get from 7-11 and then from 11-25.

  9. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is £4.49 on Steam. I'm quite tempted but only if anyone can confirm the 360 controller works on it (can't imagine how horrible it would be to play using mouse and keyboard) and if the servers are active? My laptop is way more powerful than the original Xbox so this seems like a cheaper and better way to get some Spies vs Mercs action going on.*

    *Besides playing Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the 360 which I still own.

  10. Has something happened to FFA? I've just played six games of either 18 or 20 player FFA, which was nuts. Half of the time all you had to do to score at the start was look left and knife the person who spawned next to you. It was great fun, but manic doesn't begin to describe it.

    It's people using the private ranked glitch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onoEPahcX8Y...player_embedded

    It gives XP whilst allowing you to make sure you're connection host and in control of all the settings, gametype, score limit, radar always on etc. Randoms join the game when they select either 3rd person team tactical or the new mode the host has selected (usually domination as its the best mode for earning XP in).

    Should be fixed alongside the overpowered akimbo 1887 shotguns in the patch.

  11. Wait? No Spies vs Mercs mode? Fuuuuuuuuuuuu. That was the main reason I wanted this. :( The single player better get some damn good reviews before it comes out for me to not cancel my pre-order.

    I liked co-op mode on Chaos Theory but there really is no defence for the removal of Spies vs Mercs. :(

  12. Oh dear- can you elaborate?

    I've got a video of it, I'll upload it later. Everything is speeded up to insane levels, speech even, tango sucka is now said so high pitch you barely hear it. Guns fire faster. Reloads are faster, games end faster. Etc.

  13. Used the lobby glitch earlier tonight, not to rank up, but to play maps and gametypes the way I wanted to play them. The game is so much more fun when you have connection host too. Absolutely no BS deaths. Video guide on how to do it here:


    If you did want to boost, then Search and Destroy (500 points per kill) with unlimited lives and no respawn delay for 30 minutes with unlimited kills is likely to be the smartest choice.

    It's very powerful simply because it cant be countered, the loss of your UAV and the haze effect applied to the screen can really fuck people up. Not even knowing where your own team are makes everyone far more vunerable. Didn't think about it disabling Stingers though, that's pretty awesome. :D

    I also discovered the other day that it can disable the tactical nuke from activating. How pissed would you be if that was your nuke cancelled by some lucky guy who got it in a care package and used it during the 10 second nuke countdown?

  14. Are you Uzi? :lol:


    I use steady aim, not commando!

    I haven't used the Aug much, but I prefer the RPD as I use it for the HUUGE clip and perfer iron sight thus not needing bling. The AUG is more like an assault rifle- in which case, I'd use the ACR!

    I was using Steady Aim on it yesterday. :lol: Whilst playing in games with Uzion, I thought he had used the Copycat deathstreak on me! Steady Aim is a good alternative, but the pro perk for Commando can come in just too useful.

  15. Anyways, I decided to try the LMG route. I went for this one, mostly because I have been killed by the fucker so many times:


    It really is good, isnt it? When I was a bit more alert a couple of hours ago I was regularly getting 7-10 kill streaks with it. Its a beast with a red dot or holographic sight, not so sure about the ACOG, it seems to take too long to snap to the shoulder with it, and I wasnt getting as much joy as I was with the other sights or even the iron sight. That might be down to the fact that I didnt unlock it until 1:30am and tiredness had set in somewhat and dulled my reaction times.

    The gun is awesome though. I'm not usually a fan of losing the mobility that comes with taking a LMG, but the reload times arent crippling with this gun and with stopping power on, bursts of one and two rounds seemed to kill with satisfying regularity. Its as accurate as fuck too, so that second shot doesnt go whistling harmlessly over the targets head if I keep the trigger squeezed. I figure this gun might be awesome with FMJ equipped when I unlock it. I can live with the iron sights too, so plenty of options with Bling.

    Have you tried the RPD? I find RPD + Grip, Marathon Pro, Stopping Power Pro and Commando Pro to be one, if not the most powerful gun for almost all situations. Plus with marathon you don't get the disadvantage of choosing an LMG. AUG HBAR is certainly good, but I found I needed Scavenger Pro on it, but wanted Bling for grip and holographic sight. The Ironsight on the RPD is so clear and well designed that you really don't need or want a red dot/holographic on it as its just a waste.

    I find FMJ a bit useless on any gun, it seems like a massively weakened version of Deep Impact from MW1.

  16. Does shooting down air support / slashing a turrent count as a kill in FFA?

    No, destroying air support etc gets you experience points but they do not count as kills. That's the same for all the gametypes.

  17. One Piece Manga 556:

    Luffy's back! ;)

    Whitebeard's DF in combat = brutally strong, treated a VA-giant like Luffy treated Bellamy!

    Garp vs Sengoku maybe?

    I can't wait for next week's issue to show everyone at MHQ and everyone watching it on TV to have the 'shocked, jaws drop to the floor' look on their faces.

  18. I've been refreshing various manga sites hoping that the new scanlated chapter of One Piece has been uploaded, this current story arc is immense! Thursday morning One Piece manga and Monday morning One Piece anime are the best days of the week for me at the moment. :)

    And I agree with the comment on the previous page, best anime ever (honourable mentions to Death Note, Tengen and FMA/2) and one of the finest TV shows ever. I only started watching it in June 2007 (watched 315-ish episodes in little over a month :) ) and it wasn't until this January that I started reading the manga (can't believe I managed to hold off that long!). It's hard to believe that more people in the West (not including Japan) seem to watch the awful-by-comparison Bleach and Naruto, neither is anywhere near One Piece's league yet somehow they are more popular.

    Now the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I can wake up and enjoy One Piece manga in bed!

  19. Why does everyone hate Chinatown? It always gets skipped. It's basicallya reskinned Carentan which was one of the most popular maps on CoD2 PC and it's awsome.

    I think all of the new maps suck. I actually deleted the DLC content of my 360 so I could guarantee I'd never end up playing Chinatown or Creek. It seems to be the case that all DLC maps never match the starting maps, true for Halo 2 and 3, and most certainly true for COD4.

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