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  1. Man, I thought I was a pretty decent Tetris player until I played this. In most of these Effect modes, I'm feverishly hammering blocks down as fast as I can, getting back-to-backs and suchlike, totally in the zone, and I end up with a B. I cannot get under 2 minutes in Sprint. I managed 400K+ and an S in Endless Marathon, going from level 8 to 22, but I think I'd have to start the limited Marathon around level 13 to get anywhere near that score. The achievements for "A-rank everywhere" and "S-rank everywhere" are gonna be brutal/impossible for me.
  2. I've been playing it online quite a lot since about September there. Never had a problem getting a game. Though if, for some reason, you pick really narrow criteria (e.g. only Halo 1 Asset Denial games, or something) then you can expect a wait.
  3. Gameplay-wise, I think it's good, but not stellar. There's a new enemy type introduced that doesn't really work very well (the fast-moving teleporting Promethean soldier things), and an irritating boss that you have to fight an incredible three times. It was definitely heavily MP-focused when I played it, but I'm pretty sure there's been some patching since then to address that. Graphically: splendid. Story-wise, it mixes a decent plot thread (Cortana's story) with a rather crappy one (the guy who's trying to catch MC, can't even remember his name, it's such a load of guff). The updated moveme
  4. Just the other day I had the urge to finish Manic Miner, one of the first games I ever played, and still very playable. I think the furthest I ever got was Attack Of The Mutant Telephones.
  5. Having given this album a fair old try over the last week, I have to say it's "lower tier" stuff for me. The last four tracks are the highlights. Shame, as I *really* liked the previous album, apart from the naff single.
  6. Another niche case, but if you want to develop a mobile app, developing for iOS is a pain unless you have an actual Mac (£££) ... Apple have decided that developing iOS apps on Windows or Linux is just out of the question, for no good technical reason that I know of. When I started out on mobile dev, I had imagined that I could get myself a cheap old second-hand iPhone to test on, but nope. Compare that to Android, where all the tools are freely available, and can be run on any old box. The standardised audio capabilities of Apple devices make me jealous though, because Android scr
  7. I had a boxed SAM Coupé that I think I sold for about 40 quid in the late 90s. I daren't look, but I gather they're worth a little more than that now.
  8. Really glad to see this show sign off with such a great final episode. Cheerio Carrie, Saul & co ...
  9. I really like this bit of pop. "Dying To Believe" by The Beths, from NZ.
  10. Yup, this one was a shocker. I've been giggling at TBT on ISIHAC since I was 10. Always seemed like a nice guy too. Rest in peace, fella. ... and fuck you, Covid.
  11. Enjoyed that a lot. Dipped a bit with eps 4 & 5, which were nice bits of character drama, but didn't really seem to have much to say ... but a cracking couple of episodes at the end. Nice to see the story from ep2 wasn't left unresolved. More of this kind of thing please!
  12. When you're playing Gran Turismo or Forza, with the photo modes, garages, customization and endless car-porn loading screens, sure, the makes and models of cars might matter if you're into that sort of thing. When you're playing Outrun, you get about a second to think about it before you're hurtling down the road. It's a sporty-looking box with wheels after that. Somebody please make Outrun 3.
  13. Fairly interesting BBC article today that covers some of this topic ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51502519
  14. I try not to be a grumpy old man about this sort of thing, but yeah, I remember the pop charts of my teenage years containing a decent mix of pop, rock, soul, hip-hop, singer-songwriter stuff, and sometimes even a bit of country or metal. And I could happily listen to almost all of it. Seems bizarre now.
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