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  1. Yeah, I didn't like the start of this game. It just felt like a series of cutscenes that you don't have much control over. When it opens up a bit and you get a fair fight here and there, it starts to improve. The "Jack's Birthday Party" DLC was my favourite bit. I'd love a full game based on that.
  2. LOL. That was depressingly hilarious. I've said it before, but the EA/2K sports games are less a simulation of a sport, and more a simulation of modern sports culture, for people who have their TV permanently tuned to Sky Sports News, and can't imagine playing a sports game if it doesn't feature perfect simulacrums of their favourite players, stadiums, and training shoes.
  3. I've been staring at that logo for ages trying to work out where it was ripped off from ...
  4. Not long at all. I used either SOR1 Alex or, if the level had a lot of annoying grabby/throwy enemies, Adam for the Y-button escape route. I tried to get at least a full-combo of the initial group of enemies in each level though, restarting if an enemy got a cheeky hit on me. That usually gets you a couple of thousand extra points. I think the only level I had to play more than twice was Skytrain, which doesn't have a lot of available points in it, so less scope for error.
  5. The only achievement I have left to get in this one is to get a lifetime score of 5 million points, which is basically just legwork, so ... Streets Of Rage 4 As a kid, back in the days of the arcade, I was never very good at this type of game, so I was cautious about starting this, despite the glowing reviews ... but I turns out I needn't have worried. Gorgeous graphics and music, simple yet effective mechanics, bite-size levels that don't outstay their welcome, and an very rewarding combo system that makes you feel like a badass. A terrific package of pick-up-and-play arcade
  6. I played this a lot in the arcades as a kid, even though I wasn't very good at it (don't think I ever made it past level 3). It's one of those games like Manic Miner where I feel I should go back and exorcise the ghosts ... quite literally, in this case. It would grind my gears though whenever I saw another kid playing it in the arcade, if he didn't understand how to get Pacman to start running.
  7. I wrote a python script that kicks off automatically every morning on my Raspberry Pi, picks a song title or artist from my MP3 collection (1000s of files) and searches for it, then repeats every [random number] minutes until my points are done. They'll never catch me! Wa-hah-hah!
  8. The transition from Google's reasonably-good Play Music service to their lousy YouTube Music service has highlighted to me just how bad Google are for ploughing on with their own schemes and treating customers as simply the fuel for their money-making engines. Their support forums are populated by seemingly self-declared "experts" who have no actual heft with the powers-that-be, wilfully misunderstand your problem, or just simply ignore it if it doesn't fit their template of easily-fixed issues. You can submit feedback directly from the app, but I have yet to see any of my bug reports even ack
  9. Two so far, police precinct and... one other, can't remember, might've been art gallery.
  10. I've played through this game eight times now, and I'm still not bored with it. It's fantastic. However, I'm a little disappointed in my last playthrough. I decided to play as SOR1 Axel, and I also upped the difficulty to Hard, in preparation for tackling the two tough-looking achievements. Turns out this guy has no special "Y" moves, and I assume to compensate for this, they've given him a couple of boosts in other departments. He seems to have a fairly long reach, and deals more damage? Anyway, using this "limited" character, I'm destroying my previous scores from easier difficul
  11. Trials Fusion I had already got all the achievements in the Xbox 360 version, but the XB1 version has two additional DLC packs that never made it to 360-land, and I just kinda wanted to have all the Trials games on one console, so I picked this up cheap. The last two DLC packs vary in quality quite a bit. As expected, the "cat on a unicorn" DLC is just stupid, and a bit rubbish, but the RedLynx vs All-Stars levels are really good. In summary: it's Trials, in my opinion one of the most perfect and "pure" videogaming experiences around. This entry in the series falters a bit in presentation
  12. "Not today but tomorrow, I will have an announcement to make" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5eIxiTDzTQ
  13. You could say it's ... maddening.
  14. The app was updated yesterday, they've broken the login thing I think. Use the Beta version of the app, that still works.
  15. Off the top of my head ... Tower Of Babel Epic, F29 Retaliator (most DiD games, tbh) Cybercon 3 Alpha Waves
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