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  1. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

    Waling simulator seems to be sticking. They fit the definition of "interactive fiction" pretty well, though the archetypal IF games are the old text adventures of yesteryear. These new pretenders are doing a similar thing: world building, and delivering stories that would be an awkward fit in a traditional videogame ... only they're doing it more cinematically.
  2. The Bridge

    Well, apart from one giant hard-to-swallow coincidence in the plot, that was a pretty solid final series, I'd say. An excellent blend of serial killer whodunit and character development. I'll really miss this show.
  3. Your own imagination filled the emptiness, and made it so much more memorable than any cutscene. Fabulous games for their time, spiked with fascinating, personal and surreal humour. I shall be raising a glass of Essential 12939 Supply tonight, possibly with a wee nip of Neutron Fuel in it. RIP Paul Woakes.
  4. Split/Second has no licensed vehicles in it, only made-up ones. Blur, PGR, etc, will be a lot tougher to get clearance for.
  5. Games with Gold for February

    Not yet, but I expect it'll get announced today.
  6. House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)

    The death of CRT screens pretty much killed decent light gun games in the home, which is a shame, cos I really loved them. I haven't seen anything as fast and precise since. I remember trying out some weird sensor strips that you could attach to the top/bottom/sides of your LCD screen, which sorta-kinda worked, but were hopeless if there was any daylight around. What's this thing using? Most modern "light gun" games that I've seen in arcades have the guns attached to the cabinet, so they are basically analogue sticks.
  7. Titanfall 2

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is £11.55 at the mo from the xbox store (gold sub req'd).
  8. I remember buying that Driver game for about £2.50 a few years back in the weekly deals with gold thing. Never played it, of course. Probably never will.
  9. What Remains of Edith Finch

    I went through this at the weekend, and I couldn't really say I got much out of it. The story is OK, some good bits, some vague and unsatisying bits. I liked the punchline of the hunting trip (even the main character acknowledges that that's the best bit). There is almost zero game in here. I'd advise anyone considering buying it to just watch a YouTube playthrough. Same thing. Maybe this type of thing just isn't for me. The last couple of story-heavy games I played (Brothers, ValiantHearts) were miles better than this.
  10. What games did you complete? 2017 Edition

    I only play xbox, and I count as game as "completed" when I have all the achievements, including DLC. So in 2017, I apparently completed: Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut ***Killer Instinct Ms. Pac-Man ***Chariot *Rise of the Tomb Raider MONOPOLY Plus DOOM The Turing Test The Golf Club Ori and the Blind Forest Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime *Raiden V ACA NEOGEO NEO TURF MASTERS The Fall * = rather pleased with myself
  11. Xbox One X

    The delay in achievements popping is happening for me too, and I don't have an X console, so it's just something funny going on with the Microsoft servers. Achievements that I got in Unravel & GeoWars3 have taken several minutes ... and one of them took over a day.
  12. Great games you almost gave up on

    PGR3. I know it's not a "sim", but it was still not arcadey enough for me. I bought it along with my 360 (slim pickin's on launch day), and traded it quick while it was still worth close to full price. A couple of years later, that single 10g achievement on my gamercard was bugging me so I bought it again for peanuts and forced myself to persevere. Bloody glad I did, amazing game, and PGR4 weren't bad either.
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan in the world: I think the original movies are "just" some great space-opera yarns, the prequels were dire and the last one was a watchable retread of the first movie. But I rather enjoyed this. It's not perfect. It's definitely too long (I thought it was going to end twice before it did), the , but overall definitely a step up and the best SW film I've seen since I was a kid. And bonus points for Eddie Hitler.
  14. Consolevania's back...

    Next ten from the top 100 ...
  15. Eggheads

    Barry is the only one I'd spare. And maybe that new lassie, she's strangely hot. I should clarify: I'm not saying that I find Barry hot. We should get an RLLMUK team together for Eggheads. There was talk of putting forward a team for Only Connect, but it never went anywhere.

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