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  1. peeveen

    Yoku's Island Express

    I just got it:
  2. peeveen

    Yoku's Island Express

    Okay, I'm 98% done, and starting to get worried that there has been some glitch that's screwed me over for the 100%. Can someone give me a clue about the location of this wickerling shown on the map? I've tooted my horn all over that area and found nothing. I see a slug on one of those explodable thingies down below, but can't see any way to get to it. Doesn't seem related to the location of the icon on the map anyway. Hay-ulp!
  3. peeveen

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    If England are top of Group G, they play on Monday. If not, Tuesday. Both matches are 7pm. @meatbin I think you're looking at the quarter final dates.
  4. peeveen

    Halo Infinite

    I could live with it, as long as I don't have to fight him an infinite number of times.
  5. peeveen

    Halo Infinite

    That was explained in one of the expanded-universe novels. He survived Halo CE
  6. peeveen

    My Friend Pedro (2019)

    Oh wow, that's like ... Superhot, Mirror's Edge and Rolling Thunder mixed into one. WANT! My mind is in knots trying to think about what the controls are gonna be like though ...
  7. The upcoming update to this will allow you to install the bits you want, so it won't be taking up a massive chunk of HDD space. Yay. Also ... why is the right hand side of the screen not shown? Halo 5? Reach?
  8. peeveen

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    So at the end: Good film, enjoyed it.
  9. peeveen

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    In our old office in the early 2000s we would play LAN deathmatch FPS games during the lunch break. My username for a while was "an eggy smell", simply so that other players would see messages like: an eggy smell has entered the room. You were killed by an eggy smell. etc.
  10. peeveen

    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

    Waling simulator seems to be sticking. They fit the definition of "interactive fiction" pretty well, though the archetypal IF games are the old text adventures of yesteryear. These new pretenders are doing a similar thing: world building, and delivering stories that would be an awkward fit in a traditional videogame ... only they're doing it more cinematically.
  11. peeveen

    The Bridge

    Well, apart from one giant hard-to-swallow coincidence in the plot, that was a pretty solid final series, I'd say. An excellent blend of serial killer whodunit and character development. I'll really miss this show.
  12. Your own imagination filled the emptiness, and made it so much more memorable than any cutscene. Fabulous games for their time, spiked with fascinating, personal and surreal humour. I shall be raising a glass of Essential 12939 Supply tonight, possibly with a wee nip of Neutron Fuel in it. RIP Paul Woakes.
  13. Split/Second has no licensed vehicles in it, only made-up ones. Blur, PGR, etc, will be a lot tougher to get clearance for.
  14. peeveen

    Games with Gold for February

    Not yet, but I expect it'll get announced today.
  15. peeveen

    House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)

    The death of CRT screens pretty much killed decent light gun games in the home, which is a shame, cos I really loved them. I haven't seen anything as fast and precise since. I remember trying out some weird sensor strips that you could attach to the top/bottom/sides of your LCD screen, which sorta-kinda worked, but were hopeless if there was any daylight around. What's this thing using? Most modern "light gun" games that I've seen in arcades have the guns attached to the cabinet, so they are basically analogue sticks.

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