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  1. Well placed advert in the middle of that article:
  2. peeveen

    Gaming Luddism

    43 yr old gamer here, and I find myself looking for more "immediate" videogaming options to play in my precious spare time. There are too many games, and most of them are too long. Even if I disregard all the AAA map-clearing second-job nonsense that I have little-to-no interest in, the indie scene is overcrowded with decent looking stuff. Actually choosing a game to play from the hundreds that have accumulated in my online library (xbox gwg, games pass, steam) is a task in itself. There have been times I've sat down, scrolled through lists, started reading some reviews of possible things to play, watched some youtube gameplay vids, and then before I know it the best part of an hour has passed, so I just fire up MAME and try to beat my Time Pilot score or something. Even when I do decide upon something, I get a sudden lethargy knowing that I then have to wait for it to install and then probably play through a tutorial (one of my real bugbears about modern gaming: remember when you'd read about the controls in the manual, and get dropped into the action right away?)
  3. Good point. Of those that haven't been given away already, there must only be a subset of them for which they can get agreement from the publisher to "give away" with Gold. I think GwG's days are numbered anyway, with Game Pass being the new kid in town. I imagine at some point it'll become impossible to get Xbox Live Gold WITHOUT some form of Game Pass being included, or vice versa.
  4. The Halo was still intact at the start of Halo 1 (Keyes only crash landed on it). E3 video showed a broken ring.
  5. I got the impression they were talking about streaming from your home console to anywhere, even outside your home LAN. So yeah, remote play, but a bit more remote than the current Xbox app provides (without advanced technical jiggery-pokery).
  6. Using your console as a streaming server should be interesting. I used to stream my Xbox One from home to the office, and it was well shonky, even with Virgin Media's best available upload speed. Presumably MS have their tech wizards on the case ...
  7. Thinly veiled dig at Mattrick era Xbox One reveal there.
  8. For every "jaded old cunt" dollar that Microsoft lose with this Funkopop branding tie-in shite, they gain two "ADHD vegan cosplay yoof" dollars.
  9. Is Keanu pished? Or is he always like this?
  10. Bit of a niche one, but I played through Asura's Wrath on hard difficulty without realising that you were effectively invincible when infinite mode was activated. I was dodging and rolling all over the place, waiting for openings in enemy attack patterns when I could have just been wailing on them.
  11. The leaden drama of Dead Rising's cut scenes were rendered with the in-game engine. So dressing Frank up in a tutu and a pantomime horse's head was the obvious way to go. This is about the best I could find on YouTube. By pure coincidence, the NPC's reaction near the start is absolutely perfect.
  12. Sorry to be that guy, but watching telly, having a wank, or going for a drink with your friends all match that definition, and none of them are games.
  13. The younger me would have been cockahoop to learn that, in the future, you could have every arcade game of the 80s and 90s stored on a memory card the size of your thumbnail and playable on a portable device. The older me can't be bothered.
  14. Since this thread is so popular, maybe their SHOULD be a "replace a letter" option too.
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