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  1. Austria vs North Macedonia is currently more interesting than this.
  2. Cabin Pressure, written by John Finnemore, you say? Well, since you ask me for a recommendation of a comedy radio drama series ... The latest series of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme just ended. Bear with me. It's usually a standard-format comedy sketch show, but he wrote this series over lockdown, aware that there would be no studio audience, so he went a bit off-piste. Each episode centres around a character, a member of an extended family, and goes backwards through time, recounting scenes from their life. The characters and stories intertwine, so some events or p
  3. I've been thinking for a while now that, in the options for every game, as well as options to invert y and disable vibration, there should be a "cut the crap" option. First game to do this should get a Nobull Prize.
  4. Looks like the "login to the game pass mobile app" daily task is now worth 20 points instead of the usual 5. I ain't complaining.
  5. They always disappear in the final 24h of the month. The new month starts today at 6pm.
  6. R-Type Final 2 I coughed up for this on Kickstarter, as I have a fond history with R-Type, from the coin-op days up until now. I even owned a couple of the PCBs (1 and Leo) back when I had an arcade cabinet. Anyway, this is a definite improvement on the previous anodyne "Final" title on PS2, but still doesn't really measure up to the series highlights. The same gimmick of dozens of different ships and weapons exists in this game, but most of them are pretty useless, and I finally chased down the one-life completion on "R-Typer" difficulty using only two of them. DLC remakes of classic sta
  7. Same thing happened to me yesterday ... I had been switching between my SX and my old first-gen XB1 a couple of times during the day, so I suspected it was something about it thinking I was still logged-in to the other console? I did "full shutdown" on the console I had just left, and after a couple of mins, the other one was back in action.
  8. Does the "Show All" button (just below Weekly Set) show it?
  9. My biggest complaint about the original RTF was having to play through that dull, dull, dull (and way too long) first level every time. I would boot the game, play one credit, and then be put off playing it again immediately because of that level. This one keeps the levels nice and short, so no problem there. Backgrounds are a bit dark and dull a lot of the time. I don't know if it's a symptom of our modern HD displays? Perhaps brighter colourful backdrops would make bullet-spotting really tough if everything was highly detailed? Don't know. I've got 21 ships unlocked so far. Grindin
  10. Yeah, and if you enjoyed Doom, you'll love Doom!
  11. Can anyone just direct-dial a pilot's mobile phone? And would he answer mid-flight? Apart from that, it's a winner.
  12. Gravel This is an weird little mid-tier off-road driving game. I had never heard of it before it appeared in the weekly Xbox sales, but I took a punt on it for about 7 quid, hoping it would scratch a Sega Rally itch. It kinda did, but it lacks a bit of the arcade fun factor of that title. It started off badly, with naff presentation (those posing "celebrity" rival drivers!) and too many big-trucks-in-mucky-stadiums races early on, which are just too slow and cumbersome to be much fun. However, after you get to drive some speedier vehicles in some proper off-road environments (so
  13. Yup, I finally got mine today.
  14. it was a good watch, but yeah, Mirror's Edge isn't a shooter. The only time you pick up a gun is if you've failed to maintain the flow of running ... and iirc, the guns only held about five bullets each.
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