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  1. peeveen

    The Victim (BBC)

    Two episodes into this, purely on this recommendation here. Fantastic so far. Thanks for the tip!
  2. peeveen

    Xbox Games with Gold | April 2019

    GRAW 2 is currently not on the backwards compatible list, so looks like we can expect that to be added today or Thursday. I loved playing the team-vs-CPU modes on that back in the day.
  3. peeveen

    Scott Walker RIP

    First album of his that I bought was "Tilt", around about 1995, purely based on an interesting review of it that I had read in Q magazine. I had never heard of the fella before that. I came home with it in an HMV carrier bag along with half a dozen of the newest Britpop albums and singles. Mind blown. I scooped up all his earlier solo stuff in the months that followed. Apart from a few individual tracks, I didn't really get along with his 2000s work all that much: I felt that he had maybe pushed the envelope a wee bit too far. But what an artist, and what a voice. I have a memory of David Bowie being on Radio 1 on his 50th birthday, and being (possibly for the first time in his career) completely lost for words when the DJ played him a recorded well-wishing message from Scott.
  4. peeveen

    The Glacial Ennui of Single Player AAA Games

    These days, I'm operating on the principle that if you can put down the controller and not die/lose/run-out-of-time, then it's not something that I want to play.
  5. More fuel to the MCC-on-PC fire ... store listing is showing it to be available for the Surface. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/halo-the-master-chief-collection-on-pc-might-have-just-been-leaked-by-microsoft
  6. peeveen

    Stand up comedy

    I thought the James Acaster series of gigs on Netflix was pretty good. Think it's called "Repertoire".
  7. The only way I can see something like this ever being allowed to happen is if the game publisher (and maybe also Microsoft) gets a proportional cut of your sale, and I'm talking a big chunk. There was talk last year of a Microsoft scheme where they would offer to buy back digital licenses for a percentage of the original purchase price. They didn't really give any specifics, but that percentage would have to be less than the cut they originally took (I think it's 30%?), otherwise they lose money. Also, they would want to pay out in xbox credit to ensure that you gave some of it straight back when you bought new games with it. Having a scheme of this sort of scheme would inevitably improve sales on their platform, which would make it more attractive to publishers. To be honest, I'd be delighted with 15-20% back, as I tend to complete games then never play them again, so I usually feel like I've got my money's worth out of them anyway.
  8. peeveen

    Xbox Games with Gold | March 2019

    Cobalt is one of those games (along with Max And The Curse Of Brotherhood) that is frequently used as a replacement in the eastern regions for something else, so I have a feeling we might be getting a different game.
  9. peeveen

    Tau Ceti / Academy

    Pete Cooke was an absolute idol of mine during the 8 and 16-bit era, though I was a bit too young/thick to fully understand what I was supposed to be doing in these games! I always fancied getting an emulator out and playing them properly. Someday I still might ... Tower Of Babel is my favourite out of all of his games.
  10. peeveen

    Yesterday - Danny Boyle

    Doesn't appeal. I'll wait for the inevitable Wings-based sequel.
  11. This is the internet, land of the polarised opinion. You can't just go around preferring one thing over another! One thing has to SUCK and the other thing has to RULE.
  12. Yup, last level was a repeat of the penultimate level. I remember finally reaching it, and being absolutely baffled that it was the same level again ... but I beat it anyway, and then it just sat there, boss destroyed, nothing happening. Rather annoying. They offered a postal replacement thing months later, but I was fed up with it by then. That blunder aside, the Spectrum version was an amazing achievement. The first game is iconic, but if I could play one right now, I'd probably go for Delta or Leo. I owned the Leo PCB and could reach the final boss on one credit. Never managed to beat him though.
  13. peeveen

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I'll never the forget the arcade that opened in my little home town of Larkhall in the early 80s. Bizarrely, it was called the "Sydney Devine Leisure Centre". Presumably it was created with an investment from Lanarkshire's most famous country & western music entertainer, and getting his name in lights was part of the deal. Anyway, every Friday I would dutifully follow my mum around the Co-op as she picked up the weeks shopping, knowing that before we got the bus home, I would get five or six games in "Sid's" ... Time Pilot, Super-Pac Man, Green Beret, PacLand, Ikari Warriors, I-Robot, Defender ... happy times. It's still there, though the name changed long ago ... it's just a fruit-machine den now. In later years, you would find me in "Electronic Experience" in Hamilton ... which is also still there, though presumably crap.
  14. I played through one of the recent Tomb Raider games on my xbox with this switched on, and it made it look 60fps. I know it strictly wasn't, but TR games generally have quite "spongey" input anyway, so it made no odds to the gameplay. For TV and films, I really don't mind it.

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