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    The Last Of Us

    I haven't read/heard of anybody who made it through only with stealth. There's always one of them who'll see you, no matter how you time your traversal & study their patterns. Play it on normal/hard - I'm playing it on Survivor & still have to find the courage to get past this little scene...
  2. 3 hours? - hmmm pre- ordered this, at least that results in a bit more value for money
  3. Kojima lost the plot with MGS4, not knowing whether to make it a stealth game or a 3rd person idiosyncratic shooter. The daylight footage in this has got my alarmbells ringing even louder now that the emperor's new clothes ("next gen graphics/animation") look decidedly more awkward than ever before. I think MGS3 was one of the best videogames made _ever_ though.
  4. getting its trophies gives new meaning to the concept of 'difficult', though
  5. ZOE HD collection (post patch) and MGS HD collection say hi
  6. this. Padilha may not have been able to eke out a new classic, but if there's any contemporary director out there who can make films with a very commercial character, without losing relevant social commentary & without going over the top on morals & sentimentality, he is definitely _it_ The Elite Squad movies were a phenomenon in Brazil. If one didn't know what was happening over there, it is easy to condemn the Squad movies as 2 dimensional, maybe even fascist. In his homeland however, these movies were vast financial & critical successes, with results spilling over into politics. Any Hollywood product has realised that kind of feat lately? I really like the original Robocop and admire Verhoeven, but FFS : Padilha wouldn't have said yes to this project because of money or getting his foot through the door in Hollywood. It just happens to be that a new re-imagining of the Robocop could do very well with an infusion of some brutal brazilian realism. I have high hopes for this. The trailer & the poster however...
  7. are there some rllmuk-marketeers who could explain why they chose to call it playstationVITAtv? I mean, I'm not exactly complaining they're putting 'vita' in the spotlight, but looking at its possibilities & capabilities, linking this neat little box to the vita brand seems a bit... humble?
  8. 1. Dead Space 2. Vanquish 3. The Last of Us 4. Journey 5. WipeOutHD 6. Uncharted 2 7. Dead Nation 8. Limbo 9. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 10. Motorstorm
  9. On PS2 it was a triumvirate of 3's: GT3 until 98% (I think one gold license kept escaping me) GTA3 complete (except the rampages, they appeared randomly on the map, as I discovered later...) and SSX3 (a f**king glorious game that was, used to go to the top of the mountain and slide down with only ambient sounds enabled) On PS3 it was WipeOutHD and Fury (despite not unlocking the platinum), and remarkably not/hardly mentioned before: all the multiplayers of Naughty Dog. If there's one aspect undeniably superior in UC3 vs UC2, it has to be the MP. Now spending most of my time in The Last of Us' MP, which is the best MP I've played in my life (already spent +100 hrs in it now, and the latest mode 'interrogation' is the best yet...)
  10. Stingo


    this. would also like to know. some searching on the net makes it seem as if it'll work with a USB- connected headset. ...if someone has the official 7.1 sony ps3 headset and a copy of the psn version of manhunt, please test and tell?
  11. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    any tips on how to get past the very first encounter with one clicker and a group of infected in the crumbling building (so tess is still around) ? (on survivor)
  12. FWIW KZ2 on hard had some pretty goddamn interesting AI behaviors
  13. It's great, but I read somewhere that leaving your Vita in the cradle & having it charged til 100% a lot of the time (because using the cradle reduces the chance of completely draining your Vita) is not that great for the battery inside... I once read somewhere sometime some official tips on how to make the batter last a long time/for a long life
  14. please let us know if it's useful for any other (i)device as a portable charger? ...a few months ago I bought an Anker battery (with claims it could charge the Vita) but apparently after some firmware upgrade this doesn't work anymore and only your official charger does the job
  15. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    ...still playing this in MP. Loving it because of the pace, strategy & tension. The SP on survivor is another thing though, it becomes a bit of a frustrating puzzle very early on (am still with Tess and Ellie in a creaking building, and it's the first encounter with several runners and one clicker waiting in a corner...)
  16. the video streaming doesn't work well if you have a collection of videos with wildly differing codecs. I was hoping this feature was just a DLNA client a la PS3, but strangely - the old Sony lurking, I guess - it only plays my specifically for PS3/PSP encoded films. No MKV's...
  17. 594MB patch out now. HexaDrive gig. Wow, this patch makes a world of difference. They did a hell of a good job. Bargain £9.89 on PSN indeed a bargain ... I bought this with the intent of finishing ZOE2, but apparently I forgot about the camera... wish they would have implemented non-inverted controls. The pumping tech-beats in the tutorial and during some encounters is still brilliant - was it Ken Ishi who made the soundtrack?
  18. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    the multiplayer in this is absolutely glorious - especially if you play with people whose penny has dropped - you have to stay together/cover/heal each other. It's like they took one of the most satisfying killmoves in UC3, expanded its arsenal & gruesomeness & added a tactical layer to the whole affair. Would like to see some rllmukkers showing up, though.
  19. all the games that pique my interest are becoming X-buy/save affairs. As with my PS2, Sony has made me a very happy customer of their platforms - especially in recent times.
  20. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    The last room(s) were fucking brilliant and tense. I've avoided this thread like a plague but last night I didn't realize I was playing the last room. My girlfriend was with me, not in the mood to do anything much so I invited her to watch alongside me. I think it took me an hour and a half to get to the end, only dying 3 times. It was one of the best videogame-experiences I've ever had in my life and sharing it with my sweetie was quite something. Although she's not into videogames at all, she has an open mind about them & it was just staggering how she changed from tired & not-knowing-what-to-do-because-not-feeling-like-doing-anything to completely engulfed in the action & screaming & shouting RUN FOR IT, KILL THE FUCKER etc etc etc... Suggestions about how to proceed flowing back and forth between us both, with tension rising and subsiding whilst the music punctuated all these moments. Just fucking brilliant. <3 It IS a 10/10, just because of those last 2 hours.
  21. My god Miami Hotline is addictive. Feels like a 1000% pure videogamey videogame
  22. ...well I hope Hotline Miami's bugs will be non-existent upon release for PSN.
  23. Vita fragile ?? hmpfff
  24. Capcom's Deep Down is the only game that gave me the next-gen-visuals-feeling. Hope it's the beginning of a return to former glory...
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