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  1. OK, this http://www.monumentvalleygame.com ...has to come to Vita. Getting good reviews already - reminds me of Echochrome & a little bit of FEZ
  2. still playing interrogation mode in TLoU MP ...also just started FEZ on Vita and will try to take it as slow as possible - wonderful game
  3. A new Tenchu with the engine of The Division (if that turns out to be a true depiction of what it is capable of...)
  4. FEZ. with a headset on dat screen is just pure bliss, isn't it?
  5. Bought these over the weekend - enjoy my Vita even more... The surround aspect is a bit overstated though (in The Last of Us, some sense of surround is present, but decidedly far less immersive than a true 5/7.1 system) In short (without trying to sound like a salesman) - light & comfortable - very good bass - last 7/8 hours ...difficult to find though. Sold out just about everywhere and many shops have long backorder-lists.
  6. ...that Steamworld Dig game just released is pretty impressive, too - and for a verrry correct price (€9)
  7. "arguably the best console ever" ? The most faulty piece of consumer electronics in history ?
  8. You obviously never played a Killzone game on hard AI. KZ2 & recently KZ Mercenary (haven't got a PS4) were mighty impressive in that way. Since I'm not interested much in big story arcs anyway, these KZ games (didn't get to play KZ3) are truly outstanding.And that's without taking the MP into account, which is also pretty ace.I tried playing Halo (PC) and Halo 2 & what struck me was: way more obvious repetition, worse animation and Gears of War levels of atrocious 'art direction'.
  9. people always forget Escape PlanIt's original, charming and uses all of the Vita's inputs brilliantly
  10. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    just finished Left Behind on Hard. The AI in this is pretty special, especially in the 'mixed' fights...
  11. interested to hear about your Gold headset experience. I don't mind about the mic, and in general the reviews seem positive
  12. @Roper OK I have to ask: how did you make that thumbnail gallery? some online toolset?
  13. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    in-fucking-deed. interrogation mode in MP is the best multiplayer I've ever experienced anybody on here can add me, would be nice to have a little rllmuk killing-gang
  14. Stingo

    The Last Of Us

    they're pretty essential in multiplayer, too
  15. since its , episodic content is now complete and improved by some patches, I'd say YEAH get it
  16. producers not keeping their fingers out of the pie, I guess. there are several stories in the brazilian press about Padilha phoning to the director of The City of God about the difficulty of wrangling something worthful out of the producer's micromanaging claws still looking forward to see it, though
  17. probably you never played Escape Plan, which integrated the back touch panel quite well
  18. is there anybody with experience of the PS3 Pulse headset? well appreciated
  19. every time my mentioning of a truly nextgen Tenchu (1) is relevant, I'll keep on doing so! It's a +10 year dream now... (Ubisoft, licence that Snowdrop engine to Acquire for free please, thankyou.)
  20. not only does Killzone Mercenaries look extraordinary, it's actually a f*^%#king great game!
  21. my god Killzone Mercenary is pretty
  22. FINALLY Michael Mann's Thief will come to blu-ray. Now let's hope he doesn't f**k up the soundtrack like he did with Heat. http://thecriterioncollection.cmail1.com/t/r-l-nthhuhk-vklgudt-f/
  23. Tarantino's a big disappointment - I still remember when Reservoir Dogs came out and the amazing impact it had on many of the Hollywood players. Reservoir dogs is the most 'real' movie he ever made, although there were some comics-influences. Since then however, he's only gone down a very slippery path, whilst mostly staying 'entertaining' though (he never lost sight of that priority, luckily) Felt cheated after Inglorious Bastards & vowed to never spend a dime on any of his movies ever.
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