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  1. So mr Gerbik since I consider you to be a Tenchu-adept: does this scratch my-still-itching-next-gen-Tenchu-itch? In the sense that the stealth is really enjoyable? Your opinion counts for a lot!
  2. Stingo

    Xbox One X

    I skipped from game-reveal to game-reveal throughout the stream & except for Ori, there was absolutely f**k all interesting. MS has painted itself into a very cramped corner & some of their babbling about "creativity" etc felt completely hollow- again. They're creatively bankrupt with their anemic IP. As for the hardware: what liquid cooling system is reliable over many years?
  3. What is truly staggering is the bar set in singleplayer carries over into multiplayer (for me anyway) TLoU's MP designers should receive the first Nobel Prize for Game Design. I'm still playing it (now in 1080p 60FPS) almost daily - after 4 years...
  4. OK so that worked, was actually rather painless... Now I'm looking for these new "town-"tracks in the locations/countries -> but they're nowhere to be seen. Where are they? EDIT: duh, found them - skuze me folks
  5. 1.28 update results in me not being able to start the game.... error code upon launching - what do I do now?
  6. count yourself lucky - I bought one and despite my handling it with kids gloves, its head band cracked and broke after like 15 months. It's a f**king disgrace, although they sounded adequate & the comfort was OK.
  7. Stingo


    ...are you f*cking serious?!
  8. That 2.0 Gold headset seemed like a Good Idea to purchase them about 2 years ago... Then - just before the EU warranty was about to run out - the upper plasticky band decided to break (not even at or near the hinges) This was despite using them with Kid's Gloves. Of course they refused to honour the warranty and thus started my quest for some real headphones from a decent brand. Bought this Denon - double the price of the Sony Shitquality set - but with a way more quality feel and soundstage. Connects via wire and BT with 2 devices at the same time. Well impressed!
  9. Pretty impresed whilst playing TLoU MP - even a deteriorating connection resulting in a disconnect doesn't prohibit the possibility of returning to that exact same session if you quickly reconnect with your PS4 (!)
  10. My gold headset broke ABOVE the hinges, despite handling them with kid gloves. They're awesome, but Sony can fuck right off if they think I'm gonna give them my money again. Looking into ordinary stereo headset alternatives now - with Bluetooth aptX support - any suggestions from the rllmuk hivemind?
  11. Now that I've seen what the next Naughty Dog engine produces, I'm dreaming of TLoU 2 MP...
  12. if the remaster is crossbuy with the first Vita game - I might finally start it. Probably a dream since cross-save won't be patched into the Vita version...
  13. Mine just broke after 18months - after handling them with kid gloves! The plastic band on top is too thin - my headset cracked 2/3 cm ABOVE the hinges Now I'm in a game of pingpong between the retailer and Sony. Neither want to cough up (although theoretically EU law should protect me - I'm in the "grey zone" of +6months of usage) It's not too expensive & it works great, but this kind of experience - programmed malfunctioning - I only associated with shady brands!
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