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  1. THe last series has just got better with every episode, they doing a season 2?
  2. Usually not till about 4am innit?
  3. Matt

    Nintendo Wii U

    Surely they should have waited for some 'big games' to come out before releasing it in the first place?
  4. Yeah the cgi looked amazing back in the 90s, looks pretty ugly now CG is pretty much the norm.
  5. To be fair I think pretty much all racing and first person shooter games have aged terribly, anything less powerful than PS2 (though some ps2 gen games have aged badly too) just cant really seem to handle it, too slow, horrible looking and ugly graphics. Adventure, Platform games conversely seem to stand up pretty well, loads of people still play classic mario or sonic, and the zeldas I reckon are the least dated games on the N64
  6. Did no-one else think that the christmas speciel was a bit shit compared to last seasons new years one?
  7. He'll probably be bored to tears
  8. Skyward Sword was a bit iffy sure, but its leagues above Phantom Hourglass surely? At least Zelda controls work quite well with the Wii, they were horrible on the DS.
  9. Loved Heart of Darkness on PS1, definitely worth a play I think. What were the 3D glasses used for? I remember having them but not actually using them in the game....
  10. Yeah Scary Movie looks shit without Anna Faris, Leslie Neilson and that black girl (cant remeber her name lol) Haunted House looks like it could be funny though... after a few bongs lol
  11. Gotta be Ninja Gaiden 3, the original was my favorite game and loved the sequel and DS game, but 3 just took everything that was good about the series and shat on it. NInja Gaiden/2/DS is all about using different weapons and your surroundings (jumping of them etc) but 3 you good complete just by smashing the a button. As for Zelda... the DS ones aint great but the worst one easily is Zelda 2 horribly tedious ass game Burnout Paradise seemed pretty crap from what I played of it to... open world and racing just dont go well together imo
  12. Saw Ross Kemp and that undertaker of corrie street at a play in farnham once, though despite living in London for 3 years I never saw anyone famous there LOL
  13. Yeah thats the expection to the rule i think, Completed it again a few years back and it was still amazing, same with the Zelda: Oracle games
  14. Super Mario Land 2 for me, loved it as a kid, i remeber actually finding it quite hard and I had it for ages before I ever completed it, then I play it on emulator after a 8 year (ish) gap and ... its pathetically easy and generally shit lol. Actually I think that's the case for most old game boy games, very few of them are regarded as worth playing now a days, din't have that much fun with kirby dreamland or wario land despite enjoying them loads as a kid Also PS1/N64 generation First Person Shooters have aged horrible too, like McFly i used to love Goldeneye 007, along with Quake (2), Turoks, Perfect Dark, Medal of Honour, but re-playing them recently they just aint fun to play anymore, too slow too blocky and really first person shooters didn't come into there own until they started using the twin sticks (and 128 bit gfx)
  15. Anyone else think this would of worked better just as one movie rather than a trilogy? I enjoyed it but it was just far too long for its own good. The hobbit isent an amazing epic story the way lord of the rings was, 3 films for it just seems excessive and long winded
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