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  1. Well this is as joyful as I’d hoped. I’ve done nothing but Sekiro (love the post above) Demon Souls and Nioh 2 this year to this is a nice change of tone!! Albeit just as git gud. Had a lovely few hours with Randoms yesterday evening mopping up 2* quests. Are there clubs / guilds in this for rllmuk play? Would love to do it with a gang.
  2. Aphex Tim

    NIOH 2

    Not terrific per se (Celeste for example annoys the hell out of me because I’m rubbish at it) but my issue was normally impatience. With Souls I learned to learn if that makes sense and not just try and bum rush everything ending in disaster.
  3. Aphex Tim

    NIOH 2

    How hard / controller wall throwing is this? I’ve just beaten Dark Souls on PS5 and am very keen to try something else, and always fancied the look of this but had originally bounced off the PS3 version of Dark Souls so wrote Nioh off as being too tricky. Now I’ve beaten Souls I wonder if this could be for me but not if it’s staggeringly tricky!
  4. And finished last night. Finally clicked with a Soulsborne game! I imported this back in the day on PS3 but never got on with it (I think I had approximately zero idea what the hell was going on not sure I even got past Phalanx. BB I bought, bounced off then picked back up some years later but got suck on a boss and never went back. This however just finally clicked for me. I'm now barreling through NG+ and think this may be up with Mario 64 and Halo as my favourite launch game ever.
  5. Hello all can I ask a question. I've fallen down a reddit shaped rabbit hole about my new PC build (first one in a decade). I've got the parts ready for a new build with 5600x processor all I lack is a graphics card (insert your discord tales of woe here). IF any of them were / are ever in stock again in our lifetimes, Is the 3080 worth it over the 3060? I've luckily just snagged myself a PS5, so this is really for what I'd crudely term 'proper' PC games (your classic lovely strategy / RPG's etc) that a console can't do. And while I'd love to play Cyberpunk at ALL THE RESOLUTION (and I really,
  6. Well that was a one of the great poo's off all times! Just sat down phone in hand discord alert came up somehow snagged one off Amazon. I've tried to get one via discord for so long (both on PS5 and the Nvidia GFX cards) so many times, but always just missed out. Today however my bowels won it. And THAT wife, is why it always pays to bring your mobile into the toilet with you (she won't be impressed with either of these pieces of information).
  7. Oh buggering hell. of COURSE work had to call a (pointless) zoom meeting at 2pm... of course they did. Much as I tried to order the 5600x it had all gone by the time tedious people who like the sound of their own voice had finished. GAH!!!! oh well hope they'll get more in soon. Please....
  8. Where does Muk recommend for PC components these days? I failed miserably getting a 3070 but I want to try my luck tomorrow
  9. Ha!! Done and with a pad and two left fingers... highly unlikely!
  10. Hello All, added the people that were on the page 1 google list but seems not to have lots of the people still involved in the thread if there are people not on there, just picked this up and would love / really appreciate some time trial friends! name : AphexTim
  11. Somewhere between Zelda, Animal Crossing and World of Warcraft.
  12. Seconded. It's utterly great and been criminally overlooked IMHO.
  13. Granted i got my Kinect 'free' when i bought a day one console, but it is quite cool for the TV. You can just walk into the room say 'xbox on' and boom the TV's turned on, and playing TV channels. Not sure i'd necessarily buy one on its own for that privilege, but it is pretty sweet. You can also change volume and channels pretty easily from the sofa just by calling it out. Novelty still hasn't worn off for me. Although saying that the media remote is of course much more useful for actually changing channels!
  14. It's really good the TV tuner. Works flawlessly, nice UI and you can set the XBone to play TV by default when you switch it on, which is a nice feature if it's in the living room and you have others who might not be as shall we say technologically minded. Turn it on and there's telly there. Only downer is you can't record anything, but you can pause. And of course you've got all the catch up apps (besides ITV's bizarre omission on most platforms) to view anything you missed.
  15. Picked one of these up yesterday in a moment of madness. God it's lovely. Isn't it? Lovely. Extremely. Mario Kart's sublime, picked up Mario 3D and Skyward sword as well. I have nothing to add to this other than it's put a big silly grin on my face all of yesterday and today. Have slowly been through and added some people. If anyone fancies adding me for MK fun NNID is SuperTimtendo64. Also - Smash Bros. Is it good? Should I buy? I've never played one before but from what i've seen it gives off a slight Powerstone vibe which I used to love.
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