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  1. I didn't want to! I wanted to get BLBL to do them himself (and so did he), but it threw too many complications in to the mix in terms of credits, royalties and licensing so I had to do it.
  2. Thanks for all the Murder by Numbers love here - means a lot to me and the team (and thanks @Laine for clueing me in to this thread!) We're aware that there are a couple of QoL issues we overlooked and a few instances where things are a bit screwy, so we're taking notes. The Murder by Numbers team has been temporarily reassigned to other projects until we know what the future holds, but we're hopeful of getting the chance to address the more egregious issues sooner rather than later.
  3. While this is slightly tangential to your point, in this very issue they dedicated four pages to the game I'm directing -- despite the fact that I've found it pretty hard to get even passing coverage from the major sites. So I think they're doing pretty well on celebrating overlooked weird stuff...
  4. I'm so conflicted. I wish I was overjoyed by this, but... I do not envy anyone working on that project.
  5. I actually quite liked the third and fourth episodes. I mean it's still cheesy as all hell, and some of the dialogue makes me want to barf, but I normally get very bored with standalone episodes but these ones have been quite entertaining. I'm kinda seeing a glimmer of hope but they've got a lot of work to do.
  6. The descent continues... (From TVLine) It was 7.9m / 2.9 last week (before Live+3 addition)
  7. I had such high hopes I didn't think the second episode was awful but it certainly didn't have many redeeming qualities. Still haven't watched the third. I find it hard to be bothered. What the show needs is to put these boring twats in situations they really can't handle, not just situations that make them banter 'amusingly'. Basically, they need to darken SHIELD the fuck up. Dollhouse was only bearable when they really played up to how evil Rossum was. That's what SHIELD should be here.
  8. Ed-E

    OCD in Gaming

    The other day my doctor asked me: "Does having OCD actually *help* you as game designer?" Yes. Yes it does.
  9. It's an amazing piece of kit. I wish they'd hurry the fuck up with the 32gb cards, though. I've got a £100 Amazon voucher earmarked for that. In the meantime, still trying to decide whether I want Unit 13 physical or digital... FUCK YOU SONY FOR ADDING ANOTHER THING FOR ME TO HAVE TO DECIDE
  10. So has *anyone* had their Amazon order update at all? Both of my 3DS orders (one from Jan, one a few days back) are still on 'Not Yet Despatched' :(
  11. Ed-E

    Lost Odyssey

    I remember doing the Eastern Temple just for the fun of it, but I think that was the only optional stuff I did. Which is far more than I usually did - I tend to just rush right to the end in JRPGs. I still maintain that Lost Odyssey is the only good JRPG this hardware cycle - well, except Xenoblade, but unless it gets localised it doesn't really count. How depressing.
  12. Can you? We don't! We've always said it like it was a Pokemon, but that's because we're THIEVES! Anyway, I'm not going to derail this thread any more, but given that the hard work of my colleagues has been brought into question I'll include this link and then bid you adieu. Adieu. To yeu and yeu and yeu.
  13. Have you actually played any of them, or seen any footage that isn't a two-year-old pre-vis render like above? Explodemon is quite different. I don't blame you for thinking it's a clone but there's a ton of information out there about how it isn't if you looked.
  14. Ed-E


    This is out TODAY, by the way! Here's our launch trailer in case you haven't seen it:
  15. Yay! Thanks! Yes, more people should be talking about it. We want to make more! MORE!
  16. That spec should run it without any problems. Maybe not maxed out but definitely comfortable. I suppose you're pretty good at role-playing, eh? (Sorry, but it had to be done.)
  17. Ed-E


    So, it basically sounds like 'great acting but should have focused on the game more' Just like Heavenly Sword, then.
  18. Kicked off again last night, in the middle of a leve. GRRRRRRRR. Christ knows what the servers are going to be like tonight! D:
  19. Last I heard - which wasn't that long ago - they still felt they had more than enough to do in XI, and so weren't looking to make the switch any time soon. So basically, they aren't looking to get stuck into an unfinished game like we are
  20. Anyone else just get kicked out? Was in the middle of a fight and everything (
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