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  1. Thanks for info. Seeing the screenshots and keyboard, suggests that is more than a dummy prototype. If I was going to show a product to Nintendo, I am sure that something must have been available to test. I also like the thought of a version 2 as a word processor ! It is a shame it never came out, with the ability to interact through the keyboard could provide for some interesting text based games.
  2. Looking through an old copy of Nintendo Power (Vol 36) I came across an article about the Workboy which at the time can be considered the I-Phone of the period with many small applications including calculator, record management, travel information etc. The most noticeable part is the small keyboard attachment for data entry. There is an indication from the information that a PC connection can be made to download data. I have never seen it released in the UK, if it was it is very rare. Anybody else come across this piece of equipment. The article has plenty of screenshots, and the keyboard is visible. Thanks
  3. But I wonder how much gamestation paid for them originally ? In the past you could get a good exchange rate for retro. The Saturn games have always had a high price, even when gamestation had a dedicated retro shelf. Their website has a some games on offer (5 saturn games), which seems a complete waste of time. They have Dreamcast games with US covers ! I would rather see them stop selling/buying retro altogether, then doing half attempts of being in a market which has almost disappeared. Sell off all of their retro stock at stupid prices, rather than have inflated prices for games no one is going to be buying for the mainstream market. For instance £14.99 for a black/white gameboy game.
  4. Having picked up a couple of N64 games at a car boot (boxed VGC). I poped into a gamestation shop just to look around, and noticed that they had a N64 game for sale, so thinking they must be doing exchanges again. Ever since they stopped giving space to retro, I had thought that they had given up on this area. Anyhow being a Gameboy collector and seeing a mint copy of Judge Dredd, I thought I will see if they will do a trade, well the game was 9.99, and seeing the other N64 game for a similar price I thought I would get a good deal on the exchange. Wrong, two games only 2.05 exchange for both, what a rip off. Anyhow, temptation for the game, as it is rare to find made me do the exchange. So you can see the mark up on the games. If I get trade for £1 and they sell for £10. The thing is how many people are going to buy B/W gameboy games these days. I hope they will eventally do a 2 for 1 or try to get rid of them as they have copes of Final Fantasy going.. Anybody else come across this and find gameboy games expensive at a gamestation
  5. A couple more shooters if you can get hold of them.. R-Type 2 (Hong Kong Import) X (Japanese game) Taito multigame cart (japanese with Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, Chase HQ and Sagaia)
  6. Here a few to look out for.... GB Alfred Chicken Arcade Classic's (4 of them which includes Defender, Galaga...) Boxxle Castlevania Dynablaster Faceball 2000 Gargoyle's Quest GBC Top Gear Pocket - first rumble support game Perfect Dark Legend of Zelda....
  7. I have been putting together a complete list of Gameboy and Gameboy Color games released in EUR/US. I am also preparing a list of Japanese Gameboy games. This has been built up from various sources I need some help with some gaps in the DMG/CGB code used. ie DMG-AW3P Here are the Gameboy games which I am missing the code for. There may be one or two games which should not be in the list. The ones with a star I have got or seen the cover, and thus do exist. Below is a link to the list I have at the moment. The final list will have other information such as release year, developer, features etc. Gameboy List of games v 1.0 The games which I need a DMG code for are: * Yannik Noah Tennis * Smurfs Nightmare, The * Sea Battle Pinball Deluxe * Matthias Sammer Soccer * Litti's Summer Sports *Itchy & Scratchy in Miniature Golf Madness International Rally * Indien dans la Ville, Un Hammerin' Harry FIFA Road to World Cup '98 Bomb Jack * Beethoven Bamse Thank you
  8. As a collector of gameboy games I have seen quite a few multicarts. When the cart says 32 games, it usually means 8 with each 'game' a different level in one game. The only real source is carboots, as Ebay will come down on you if you try to sell because of Nintendo clamping down on pirate games. If you do come across one and someone is asking a high price for it, then you can always say they are breaking the law, and you may get a better deal. check out http://www.gamersgraveyard.com/repository/...rate/index.html There is a good selection of games on view at the site. If you have any more pictures, then please post. I have a very large collection of multicarts and gameboy carts, but there always seems to be new ones that pop-up.
  9. Someone is quick off the mark trying to grab your paypal account by saying that Lik-sang have some money to return. The url is http://ljk-sang.com
  10. Sunny Oxford. There is a car boot every Sunday at the football ground that starts at 9.30am. The guy selling the CDi would not reduce the price, saying that there graphics are great. I call it "swings" and "roundabouts", some days you can get nothing, others you can find lots. I have picked up 3 SNES systems at the boot one day, and walked away one day with more money than started (Found a pound coin waiting for the boot to open!)
  11. Well I did a car boot instead of looking. But a chance at the near end to wonder around. Some people of the strangest ideas of prices £30 unboxed saturn and two very common games £70 for CDi with 2 games several copied cd's boxed gun and system. It was still there to the end £20 for original gameboy lose and a couple of games with storage case.
  12. Being such a compact size, gameboy games are certainly easy to store. I have a few favourites namely Monster Max, Altered Space and Solumon's Club. It is certainly harder to find boxed complete gameboy games, prices vary considerably from a few pounds onwards. I have seen Mr Do offered for a considerable sum. Multicarts are the most expensive to obtain. As regards rarity/valuable, I suppose the Final Fantasy games are ones to look out for
  13. All gameboy handhelds temporaily unavailable = sold out ? Only keyrings available
  14. With the release of the PSP a few days ago, and the launch of other consoles in the near future. How long with Gamestation be able to stock retro games, to make space for the new systems ? A lot of their stores are really small. Currently with resale of retro stuff, there is a good margin, but I was told that the head office has so many gameboys... I reckon that PS1 games will go first, then maybe the megadrive. They have already tried to get rid of their stock with the BOG off promotion which also includes DVD's, which also takes up space. It would be interested on what commitment Gamestation has on the retro stuff in the future. Maybe some knowns...
  15. It must be the weekend for strategy guides. Picked up 5 Mario Double Dash, Time Spliters 2, Resident Evil, Zelda Wind ... All 50p each brought lot for £2. These were under a pile of other books, saw the word Capcom.. and grabbed them, as this car boot has so many "buyers". Strategy guides are harder to find than games ? I see the buyers picking up books, records and VHS videos !! now. I wonder where they get rid of them, especially the videos.
  16. The usual bunch mentioed above, also Defender 2000 and Iron soldier are worth a look, as is Syndicate, bubsy, cannon fodder, theme park. The usual multi platform titles at the time. There is Myst for the CD, there are a limited number of games though. My original system died on me. I think this was a feature of them in terms of life span. As getting hold of games, there are a fair few locations. But if you are having trouble finding one. The only source is Telegames in Wigston. But expect to way over the top.
  17. Well picked up the following - 3 SNES systems with 2 x Mario all stars, Donkey Kong Country and a few bootleg carts - 1 Saturn and very good condition games (10). This saturn is a different model than I currently have so happy about that. Also everything boxed. 10quid - 3 Gameboy games 5 quid - N64 with load of games 5 quid Turned down expensive boxed SNES > 10quid A man wanted 5 quid each for unboxed gameboy games !
  18. How many people would report the seller to EBay anyway ? The moral of the story, do not buy a box and cart only seller. Do not pay a high price for a game that you may think is a fake anyway, unless you want it ! BTW At last weekends boot, I came across a bootleg Pokemon. The box had no gold seal, and fell apart in my hands...
  19. Donkey.. Interesting that multicarts are not being done, but individual games. I think EBay clamps down on multicarts if they find out ?
  20. The number of dodgy Gameboy games that appears on Ebay seems to be growing. I am wondering where they are all coming from. I thought Nintendo had clamped down on this. Just recently Super mario 4 for Gameboy Color Box and cart only ! Anybody brought one ?
  21. Hi all I am interested to if anyone is using Game Collector from Collectorz.com to record their collections. I have been using is for sometime now and does its job OK. Anybody anything else ? Also I am looking for box scan sites, particularly UK/europe covers. Below is a list of some sites I have visited. http://www.covergalaxy.com/ 3DO | Dreamcast | GameCube | PS2 | PSX | XBox http://ngpc.roarvgm.com/games.shtml NeoGeo Pocket http://www.countycalls.co.uk/GBA/ http://vgdb.consolemul.com/index.php?tree=Snk Loads of systems http://www.snackbar-games.com/index.php gameboy/gba http://www.lofi-gaming.org.uk/museum/index.php various http://www.screenshotarchive.com/scans.htm various http://www.atariage.com Some others I am after Gameboy, CDi and 3DO covers
  22. Well a good weekend considering the rain. Went to a "big boot" which in turned out to be about 20 stalls in the end. Though picked up 3 boxed SNES games and turned down about 4 other games which were all football. Alien 3 Bomberman mortal kombat Next boot is very popular with at least 5 other buyers who try to dismantle the car before anything comes out of the boot. They seem to have changed tactics to looking for video's, cd's and games and other toys. Now poor kids do not get a look in. The week before they missed a Phillips CDi system boxed with original games, documents etc. This week there was an Atari 65 XE that my friend brought up for a few quid including games and tape system. Prices are expensive, some jokers want upto 50 quid for dreamcasts on their own !
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