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  1. I got this free and just getting around to downloading it. I do hear that the story's silly as hell, and it's not as enjoyable as the first two from the new series, but eh. Worth a crack.
  2. This could have been a decent little spin off, but I despise the amount of time it expects you to wander around looking for shit. Nothing quite as tense as walking in loops around an area hoping to spot your target. Deleted it after one objective in area three bugged out, repeatedly pointing me at something I'd already done. Gunplay's okay, I don't even mind the setup, but my patience was worn thin from trudging around pointlessly for so long prior to that.
  3. It's the armour effect over towards the right side of the list. You can't wear it in some instances (like if you're wearing a Reach character's skin like Jun or Emile). I am disappointed that you can't have flaming arms on alongside the flaming helmet, mind.
  4. Yep, had a blast. My Jeffry's not exactly where he needs to be (not a surprise, I only picked him up once this came out for funsies), and there's still a lot to learn... but I'm also trying to progress in about fifty games alongside real life stuff so it's a bit tough to get practice in. And yeah, it's a good thing we all have green connections. Reminds you that they exist!
  5. I'm wondering if the development team were huffing crack when they were thinking about the pacing in this. Thirty minutes of an easy stroll through the level, lock you in at the end with murderbastards, kill you and give you pretty much bugger all for your efforts except some pity XP. Really puts me off playing it. Would some checkpoints have been too much to ask for? I don't even feel like I'm playing badly, tried to get a challenge done with the gunner on chapter 3 despite usually being tech and got annihilated in one section despite the rest of it being a walk in the park. 25 minutes wasted.
  6. Look at all you assholes spending time in the lab and improving your game while I - like a MAN - am hoping to scrub by on people being unfamiliar with Vanessa's nonsense Ha! I, uh, should learn more fundamentals I think - and maybe something to do when I pin someone against the wall, I've literally never looked into it and yet you can do shit like this to people (in this case, Eileen and her light, puny frame) Also, I should be getting a new keyboard delivered today so I can finally start using full stops again, it's gonna be (Jeffry Mc)wild
  7. Started AI: The Somnium Files on Game Pass a few months ago, and while I wound up getting distracted, what I played was very good and I intend to go back to it when I get the chance
  8. Nah, animals are cute and usually aren't screaming 'motherfucker' and trying to machete your head off like those filthy loathesome humans It's like innocents in games, I won't kill them if I can possibly avoid it either - but if someone's trying to blow my face off with a rifle, I won't bat an eyelid if I wind up tying their entrails to the ledge of a skyscraper's roof before kicking them over the ledge, that's just good clean fun
  9. I'm going by the final product of course, what it's been pared back to is just damn good Halo instead of taking the franchise in a crazy and bold new direction I mean, the open world might be new to the franchise, and to their credit they didn't make it some absurdly huge landmass that's a slog to get across and littered with pointless busywork, but it's not like there's stuff like supply routes or upgradeable encampments and the like - just a super fun sandbox with no weather or biomes or the like
  10. Understandable, it's also the reason why I don't play it much - and if I'm not hanging around playing public matches when I love the game, someone picking it up for the first time and waiting 5 minutes for an unplayable match sure as hell won't either It's a crying shame because even now it's the one fighting game I'd love to be at the absolute peak of all fighting games' popularity - it's just so damn good, and the fact I can't play smooth, enjoyable matches as and when I want kills me a little inside
  11. Just completed it on Legendary, first time through Getting the Bandanna skull was almost psychotically difficult, Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja levels of insanity - no idea how you were supposed to even know what the trigger for unlocking the room was either I don't think they were particularly ambitious this time around, and the writing is saturday morning cartoon levels of badguys posturing and characters talking about hope and shit, but hell - some quibbles aside they really made an amazingly damn good game here
  12. Yeah, we need to play more I did have a really shitty experience in tournament mode on Christmas Day - there was a level 40 player who looked surprisingly average, and after getting to the final I found out why His connection was absolute dogshit to the point it was impossible to time counters against him, and he could just sort of auto combo with Lei where Vanessa's tighter timing on my usuals meant that I'd wind up dropping most of them But yeah, we need another forum get together, stat
  13. There's a mix of different types - your online FOB's will build new platforms you order while you're offline, but Mother Base itself has to be expanded while you're playing, likewise for most weapon blueprints Same idea with your materials - some come from Mother Base naturally as you play, but your FOB's / BDU work away in the background while you're offline to procure them for you so long as you log in daily to clean out their mining buffer (it fills up after about 24 hours and they'll stop mining until you log back in)
  14. I actually like the base building stuff in this more than the main game, which suffers from some pretty bland and forgettable missions - and the side objectives where you have to tail enemies listening to conversations should have earned Hideo an elbow in the guts during design, especially when the twitchy AI sequence breaks because a fucking zebra walked in front of them or something It's an interesting game that I generally enjoyed but have conflicted feelings over - and I've 100%'d it twice on two different platforms because I'm a screaming masochist with a completionist problem It's also a shame that none of the locales were as well realized as the black site in Ground Zeroes - that was a great location for espionage funsies, so a few out-of-map specially constructed missions would have been a great addition as an accompaniment or outright replacement of the side ops
  15. And the gameplay in this is the best there's ever been, so I'm willing to take a small hit on the always underwhelming story - it's a fine tradeoff for me I do think it could have been a little more ambitious in what the open world offers (some sort of UNMC organization from a submenu could have been cool - sending out patrols to weaken an area or upgrading their gear, just some neat little metagame based on your progress and performance that you could engage with or ignore as the fancy took you) but what's there plays exceptionally well aside from some of the bosses - on legendary they're kind of a pisstake in how quickly you can get splattered, and Chief isn't exactly Doomguy when it comes to mobility Anyway, regarding my exploded scorpion turret story from yesterday - after resuming my session and it putting me back at the start of the mission on Legendary (ouch), I found there's actually a second scorpion in the area I left my original one, and since I'd rained hell down on the place beforehand it's likely that I smashed it up into a blackened husk, didn't notice it during the chaos and then entered that one by accident after opening up the gate
  16. Didn't think so, and I knew it'd never happened before in earlier games, but wondered if they'd put it in as some balancing thing Goddamn weird then, it was barely damaged when I left it
  17. Quick question - can you destroy a scorpion's cannon by firing it too often? At one point I hopped out of my scorpion to open up a gate after wiping out all the enemies, and when I got back I found that the gun had basically blown off the rest of the tank and I couldn't fire it - not something I noticed when I hopped out, but when I came back it was knackered
  18. I played it on Series X recently with absolutely no problems online, maybe three weeks ago or so Not exactly an extensive test, but it worked fine for me - sucks that they don't just fix the damn thing Wasn't the DDOS some sort of protest about no new Titanfall 3 or something and now they've screwed multiplayer for everyone as a result? Might be misremembering that
  19. So apparently this was a thing for the Game Awards, and nobody in the entire world actually saw it? I sure missed it until now
  20. Just finished Lost Judgment. It was awesome. It's an RGG game, what do you expect me to report at this point? Loved the credits too. They even stuck in their own little dialogue free story arc full of tension, twists and a surprise villain while it rolled.
  21. It is a shame that there's no forum participation going on from the account instead of just occasionally dropping a new link to the project (which would almost certainly make members more likely to engage with it), but the actual game looks good to me - though I think 140k is pushing it more than just a bit for a DC release. That said, I'd be happy to be wrong. What can I say, I like Shinobi style games.
  22. Not sure that's right, if you picked up the game down the line when this battle pass was over, you'd not be able to use them full stop. The battle pass doesn't have a time limit once you buy it, but it will rotate out of the store when the next season rolls around. Then again, given their amazing reasoning skills regarding the battle pass and challenges as a whole, maybe they are that crazy.
  23. Okay, I need the UNSC audio log jingle on my phone, now.
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