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  1. The new DLC's damn good so far, but man. It starts off at the endgame difficulty from Eternal and only ramps up from there. Threw in the towel for the night on Ultra Violence, I'll return to it when I'm a bit more awake. The first stage has a fantastic aesthetic, too.
  2. Looking like a rad cast. Giovanna's a very cool design. Only thing is, if two spots are left that means probably either Baiken or Bridget are the last reveal. Hoping for Baiken by a very large margin. Both characters have come 1st in the recent character poll Arcsys put out during the beta - Bridget in Japan, Baiken in every other region.
  3. Ah, maybe he does. I only read the latest post where he mentions it was for sale on PS4.
  4. Genuinely hilarious. The writing in Wasteland 3 is pretty incredible for most of it.
  5. Fish (the easy way of saying it) - all you do is throw the bird out and it'll attack alongside you. You can then swap characters to cause elemental chains from your attacks - Diluc's a really good one to swap to. The super is kinda the same, you'll apply status to anyone you fly into and then it'll hang around attacking. May be a range limit on it though, or it'll attack whoever's nearest. Mainly because holding down the summon button allows you to place it where you like.
  6. Gamepass is on another system, though. Also, Doom Eternal and Judgment? That's some damn good gaming right there.
  7. I actually understand and can sympathize with the changes made to ammo, armour and the like being tied to specific combat moments. It's definitely a less chill experience - and indeed, a totally different flow when you can't pick up adequate reserves of ammo lying around the place. There is a lot of chatter about it being more character action than before, and as a huge fan of stuff like Ninja Gaiden, these changes totally vibed with me. It's understandable that someone looking for a purer FPS experience might not like the approach as much, but I don't think I've played such a uniq
  8. This looks pretty amazing. And yeah, hopefully @englishbobwill be able to take advantage of faster next gen loading to finish off Sekiro. I played it on PC and PS4, and the PC loads quite a bit faster. I've finished it many times, but I still look at Demon of Hatred as a huge mental stumbling block.
  9. There's a few complaints about Eternal that I can agree with, but the platforming isn't one of them. 2016 had plenty of climbing to do, and it was instant death if you fell. Heck, even falling too far had the silly 'impact compensation' animation. There's none of that shit in Eternal, and it's all pretty easy. Story, though, yeah - I don't think anyone actually likes the direction they took with that in this game. Haven't seen a single positive argument for it, and it won't come from me. Oblivion-level bollocks in my Doom? Get thee gone. Edit: Reading some of these rece
  10. PSN has a different login, so those can't be linked. Mobile and Windows will sync up though.
  11. Yeah, I was wondering where they dropped from for a while too. You can actually buy one (and maybe only one unless it resets?) from one of the merchants in the city, but only for your protagonist. The rest all seem to come from dupes.
  12. Dunno if I'd say it's much like standard mobile experiences, which want you to funnel all your cash down their throat before they even say hello, but it is actually more like many JRPG's than you'd expect from the reception it's had. It's free and looks glorious though. That said, the open world's got more effort put into it than a lot of full price titles do so...
  13. When you pull a duplicate, you get an item to unlock the next step in their constellation chart. It's also linear progression within the chart, at least for a start.
  14. Looks like the one downside to pulling Diluc with his 0.6% chance of getting pulled is that you need to pull characters again and again to start ramping up their constellations. That'll take a while. Doesn't really matter too much, to be honest. He hits like a truck even without it.
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