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  1. First boss in legendary was an absolute bastard. However, this might be because...
  2. Loaded with the cold and tired as hell, but I'm not starting on anything less than Legendary. Not as ridiculously punishing as it's been in the past where you basically required a plasma pistol and magnum for certain shielded enemies, but early days yet. Since you can't replay missions yet, making sure I get all the stuff along the way. Uh, that second skull was insanely well hidden and the only reason I found it was due to the scan feature. I think I might look for some collectibles guides after seeing that one.
  3. Ha, yeah. It's a Series X thread so I assumed people would know I was talking about the Series X controller. Good thing TehStu was on hand to clarify! (Also, Series X controller is way better than the previous iteration imo - it's a small change, but the shape's just so much more comfortable)
  4. Ha, let's hope you don't have to post that one! Seriously, I'm sure it's fine - if that was a common thing it'd be pulled from sale, and Amazon reviews are questionable at best. I actually got a restock of the first one Lorfarius suggested, but thanks for the suggestion!
  5. It's a real shame 343 don't have the guts to give Chief memorable scenes like this. I'd be on board for this kind of characterization.
  6. Appreciate it! I'm a little wary though, one of the customer reviews shows that one literally melted in an uploaded photograph - I know it'll be a one in a million chance, but... ouch. Still smarting that an official one lasted something like six to eight months. I love the Series X pad, it's incredibly comfortable, but MS always seem to have something that's just ever so slightly unreliable tied to their pads.
  7. Oh yeah. Even though they're straight in front of me (and I should probably turn them off since I time everything in my head while playing) I don't actually notice them in combat. Always looking beyond them. Hell of a game. So damn good. And the Ancient Gods Part 1's one of the best DLC packages I've ever seen.
  8. There have been a lot of changes. You'll maybe have noticed that there's icons in the middle of the screen showing when your cooldowns are up now - previously I had to basically memorize how long each one took and play it by ear because moving your eyes to the small indicators at the bottom meant you'd probably die. I still do, the timing's hardwired into me now, but it's probably a good overall change.
  9. ...seriously? (2.0) It's amazing how they can nail the gameplay, and then create challenges that actively seek to undermine their product at every turn. Even though this is their first stab at free to play, it's not like they couldn't check their competition's approach or think about each challenges' knock-on consequences for, oh, ten seconds before stuffing them headfirst into the game. Yikes. Congrats! It's a fantastic console. You'll love it.
  10. No, that's the Spectre or something. This one's where you hold down the trigger a while and it digitally erases your kill. One sec, I'll go check the training grounds to get the exact name. Edit: Sentinel beam!
  11. The laser thing that takes about five hours to kill someone. Most of the weapons have kinda dumb names, so if I'm slightly off with the Sp4nkR or whatever, I apologize.
  12. Something else that's not great about the challenges is that sometimes they straight up don't count. Just now I had a 'destroy enemy warthogs' challenge and a 'kill 10 enemy spartans with the spartan beam' side by side. So I lasered the warthog into the next dimension with a spartan beam, killing the driver, and got progression for neither challenge. I can assume the warthog exploding would kill the driver instead of the beam, or maybe I melted the driver first, leaving it technically a neutral vehicle. I'd at least have expected one or the other though.
  13. Was about to buy that on your recommendation, but won't add to basket - says there's one in stock, but I guess someone grabbed it and it's not updated yet. Thanks, though! The fact there's two of them's nice, less chance of being left batteryless after a malfunction, and I do have two pads - though my 20th anniversary one's on standby.
  14. Most games work fine for me with quick resume, but Halo has an issue connecting to the servers even though it loads back in fine. Also, the daily challenges are all in the past with minus four hours on the timer or however long it's been.
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