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  1. Well... it's no Hard Corps: Uprising by the looks of things.
  2. Sure does. I hope it's more of the above ground holiday vibe at the start rather than the latter part of the trailer though - it looks super cool, so I hope you're not spending most of your time spelunking.
  3. Kayin Amoh

    Saint's Row V

    I was gonna post that earlier but forgot. It’s the most joyful thing in video games, with only possibly Astro Bot equalling it.
  4. Yep, same. I'd also enjoy if all solo droppers went there instead, but they still seem to be hopping into team play. The plebs. About the only way I could see solos working without everyone camping is if kills boosted your health and shield immediately. I mean, some streamers can consistently win, but that's because they're pretty much abnormal. I mean, look at three minutes into this video here:
  5. Same boat, but I was playing from the start. Hit the post-main quest stuff in Stormblood and totally fizzled out. Hopefully get back to it and finish up before my sub elapses, but man - when you hit the wall in this you hit it hard.
  6. Only played a little of it, but the game is pretty Goddamn awesome so far.
  7. This literally hard crashed my PC with a blue screen twice, locked it three times and corrupted my profile three times (which loses all your progress with no way of getting it back).
  8. I can't help but feel that unless you're a coward who only third parties or a genuinely absurdly awesome aim you'll never win solos. Just had a solos where, for a change, I had twelve kills - this probably sounds like I'm decent, but the previous hour I was getting killed almost as soon as I landed. Anyway, in this game where I did good, In the final ring I shot someone and had three lurkers immediately emerge from their smelly hidey holes and take me out. Coupled with landing on endless processions of P2020's during those games where I died early, it's not been a fun few hours. I don't have the temperament for hiding until other players engage one another, it's just not in my nature.
  9. Kayin Amoh

    Saint's Row V

    Also, 2 had you break into a nuclear power plant just to pick up some nuclear material to mix into somebody's tattoo inking kit just because you weren't impressed with their attitude. See, one of the things I love about Saints Row is the fact that your character's actually in charge of what they do. Too many open world games have you working as an errand boy, complaining about being forced to do shit they don't want to do for people they don't like. The Boss would drive a tank through a skyscraper just for fun, and it's fun!
  10. Automata was an extremely disappointing follow up to a stellar original game for me.
  11. Nah, it's just been edited for clarity by someone on Reddit instead of twee storefront nice-speak obfuscating how much you're really paying. It's not five hundred bucks you're giving EA - it's five hundred fun tokens! (One pack is 700 Apex coins, ten is 7000 - in the US, you can divide the coins by 100 to get their worth in dollars, so 7000 is $70. And that's not enough for all the stuff, not by a long shot.)
  12. Oh yeah, my favourite quitter recently died and quit just as we were polishing off the last of the squad that jumped him. At the beacon outside the Pit. Literally right beside it. He's the only imbecile I've messaged out of disgust recently - I wasn't overly rude, just asked him why he couldn't wait all of five seconds for a respawn. I'm guessing the question must have blackened his soul with shame and reduced him to a crying, trembling, wobbling husk as I got no reply.
  13. They should be getting stick, the prices and method of delivery are ludicrous. EA's preying on the weak willed, and it's disgusting. That said, it's not gonna kill the game or anything like it. A lot of consumers love to bitch and moan while essentially begging for more instead of, y'know, not rewarding shitty business practices. As for Blackout, Activision want that dead before Modern Warfare drops. EA's gonna want to keep Apex rolling for some time. I was gonna buy the founder's pack while it's on sale just as a bit of support, but eh. It's clear they're not after my money, just that of idiots, compulsive buyers with OCD and any passing princes. Edit: This was a quote from nearer launch. Lol. Edit 2:
  14. Kayin Amoh

    Saint's Row V

    You're probably not the only person who thinks this, but a lot of people including myself feel that 3 was one of the weaker entries - understandable given that THQ was hemorrhaging money and most of the issues were due to a lack of content and cutscenes. The vibe was wonderful, but you could tell a lot of it had been truncated. I'd personally kill for a Saints Row 2 remake, personally. Also, after Agents of Mayhem did an Agents of Mayhem, I hear they got a core creative lead on the previous Saints Row games back on board so hopefully they have some working leadership for this one. I think his name was Jim Boone, but can't check right now. Finally, the one possible downside here is that THQ Nordic don't exactly budget their games lavishly. There's wasting money, and then there's not giving them enough to reach their potential -a lot of Nordic's stuff falls into the latter category. Darksiders 3 was a fun game, but it felt like it was stretched tight.
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