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  1. New playthrough's as awesome as the first. Can't remember ever playing a lengthy JRPG through again after such a short time. I was going to do Legendary new game plus, but unless you ground every job level up to 99 you're either going to get one shot by mooks after chapter 4 or miss most of your standard attacks due to lack of accuracy (which means you need to use the cutscene style ones for every move, and that gets old fast). Also, I like that sense of progression you get from gaining new equipment and honing it at the workshop, so just a standard start from scratch a
  2. It's from the Ancient Gods DLC. It starts out at endgame difficulty and ramps up from there - this is near the end of level one.
  3. So for some reason I thought I'd take on the double marauder fight without getting hit. Most of my attempts were pretty good, though I'd dash backwards into a zombie or something, or they'd misbehave and go full on shield turtle for too long. The first time I got it I had a hideous brain crash during the finale. I'm assuming I misread the situation and thought M2 was ready for a glory kill - either that, or I just wanted to get punchy for no reason.
  4. Sweet! Club now has 10 members. 30 would be better, but hey! Also, I had to look for the join request. Hopefully other people weren't waiting too long, it's not obvious that people have applied to join.
  5. You'll miss out on a lot more if you bin it! A lot of great, great stuff even. I get the completionist thing, but you've time to do all that cleanup stuff afterwards if you feel like doing so.
  6. Image isn't loading for me, but I'd assume it involves shooting a Tyrant.
  7. After plaything and loving Days Gone last year, I thought I'd go back to it and take another look via the shiny new 60fps that PS5 brings. And for the most part, it's great. Playing on that new survival mode without many HUD bits, and it's all fine in single player. Unfortunately, I thought I'd also take a look at the challenge mode which is also new to me and there's some real dodgy shit going on in it that's made me chuck the game aside in disgust for the time being. I'm assuming this is a PS5 / 60fps thing as I don't recall it ever happening before, but it could also be a challe
  8. Just search for rllmuk and it should appear easily enough.
  9. Are you in the Rllmuk club Kyuss made? It's a bit small at the moment, but more members would theoretically lead to more chances at being in a team with familiar, more reliable players at least some of the time. For me it's not even the team mates I get, which can vary. For some reason the game thinks I'm good enough to take on lobbies with several three stacked apex predators in them. I'm not, so getting melted from a havoc from 300 yards gets old when I can barely hit at that distance with a sniper rifle.
  10. Had the fast travel option been in 2016 I'd have used it in a heartbeat. I'm in two minds about this. Doom 2016's level design was great, if brown. Sometimes though the exploration could become 'looking around for that one ledge you haven't jumped on yet'. It took me way too long to find my way through the Foundry first time out, for example. Eternal's level design is clearly aimed at getting you straight into more awesome action moments and has a much better variety of locations, but also has purple slowdown goo in one of the levels so someone at id is probably being l
  11. Hurt me plenty should be fine, but if you're still having trouble don't hesitate to drop it down while you're still getting your feet wet. Once the combat loop clicks you can ramp it back up until you're chewing through Ultra Violence.
  12. Even the dialogue of the person addressing him is amazing. 'Nick Ogata, ya cravat-wearin' fuckwad!'
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