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  1. Ragnarok's not great and lasts about five million years. I'd be careful about dropping full bones on it.
  2. Elden Ring could have done with a lot of the mournful pieces removed from the OST as well while you're out in the overworld. Quiet can be very, very good when out in the field.
  3. So I finished this. I'm assuming this isn't a big spoiler given the whole valkyrie thing from the previous game, but there's a replacement for them in the form of optional bosses Kratos can choose to take on or not. I came across one in particular that has three bosses attacking at the same time, and I was hugely underleveled. Two hits would kill me, and if an ice element was attached to one of them it was a one shot kill as I'd be unable to defend from the next attack. This encounter shows what can go wrong with the combat system. If you lock on, it's tough to single out or pivot to other enemies - or even easily swerve around the arena to pick items up or avoid attacks from other enemiesw without rolling around haphazardly. Many of these attacks were projectiles mixed in with occasional melee and the indicators do an insanely poor job of telling you what kind of attack it is. Is it fast? Slow? Near? Far? No idea, and switching targets to look could be fatal. It took me about an hour I think, because getting clipped by an offscreen attack was almost guaranteed during this fight. Rage barely scratched them, so I used it as an interrupt for incoming attacks and I had to parry basically everything or die. And even though it was clearly intended for a stronger Kratos, it showed up how clumsy Kratos actually controls when he needs to be nimble on his feet. It's an ineptly designed encounter, and boards seem to be full of players at a more appropriate power level spitting blood at it - and yet it's probably the most fun I had with the game. I wasn't being funneled along some path with assholes blathering about every single thing that crossed their minds. The fight wasn't pointlessly easy. There wasn't a myriad of simplistic puzzles that companions would talk you through before you'd even started them - multiple times they'd try to help out with a puzzle solution even after I'd done the bloody thing. I wasn't constantly being shuttled away from my original goal down a mandatory sidepath, or learning about massively uninteresting characters who were kept out of the main story loop for obvious reasons. I think in its current form it's a pretty weak game absolutely full of AAA bloat and excess, but if they ever dropped the shackles of the guided narrative experience and let players head off on their own it could possibly make for a pretty decent adventure.
  4. They're kind of full of shit though. Dead Space was fantastic because you could blow the limbs off Necromorphs, not because you didn't know why they were turning into things you could have great fun blowing the limbs off. That last one's nothing new either, audio recordings are a dumb trope but they were also in Dead Space so it's not exactly a step down. The fact it apparently doesn't have any bullshit puzzles is also a massive plus in my book. I just got off Ragnarok and... hoo boy.
  5. This game is so. Goddamn. Long. Praying for it to end as playing it through with a friend. ironwood was absolute bloat in its purest form. I’d say you could easily hack massive bits off both this and it’s prequel and make a much better and leaner single game without the filler.
  6. Armored guy could be duke b rambert, but the staff guy doesn’t sound like mondo. Not sure it’d be toshinden. that said, his overdrive in toshinden 2 helicoptered him up and dumped a ton of fireballs on the enemy.
  7. I'm actually doing okay now. Sometimes I'll be at the bottom of the leaderboard but have a great K/D ratio because I'm being a complete scumbag. But hey, everyone else is also a complete scumbag in this. Every death for every player is unfair, even the ones idling, and it's a fun sort of chaos. Yeah, digging this quite a lot. And I've bounced off every CoD online until now.
  8. Co-op is actually fantastic, but you'd be best if everyone is completely fresh to the game and trying to figure it out as you go - otherwise one person would take charge and the sense of discovery would be hugely impacted. I don't generally do game of the year stuff, but I guess in this case I'm making an exception as I know this is the best thing I've played this year.
  9. Also come across a crazy game where I got a 17:1 K/D ratio somehow. I wouldn't bring this up, but I spent at least a minute and a half of it stuck on the SAE calling screen from my care package where I was also killed. Apparently that's a well known bug? Sure made me well up considering the extremely unlikely event of my getting that many ki.... oh yeah, more than half of them were from the chopper so I guess it's not so impressive when you look at it like that. Makes sense, because I'm a bullet magnet usually.
  10. I'm half expecting to see highlights of that match show up on youtube with the heading 'look what this idiot left me in his care package' someday. I think I've only ever earned the gunship heli thing once through normal kills. I feel pretty damn good if I can get three or four kills in a row, fifteen's clearly a pipe dream for me.
  11. I was tucked away behind a guard station at the back of the map with a shotgun ready. By the time it arrives you could run across the entire map length fairly easily I'm sure. It's fine on larger maps with actual room to breathe, but a nightmare on shoot house. Edit post-Timmo: Yeah, they have a downside - but I'll never get longer and more powerful killstreaks without them. Very easy to steal on this map though. Should drop the bugger with a claymore attached.
  12. I'm tempted to chime in because I think the X is a tremendous machine, but I've never had or used an S. A lot of people seem to have X as their home console, and have an S for kids / traveling / emulation, just as a handy backup device. Someone who's used both can give a better answer. If you can afford it the X will be more futureproof, but the main issue for me would be ensuring access to 60fps games as the generation goes on. But hey - I hear the S is a great machine, and you can always upgrade later if you feel the need. And these are some good prices.
  13. Well, that was some random nonsense. On shoot house, earn a care package. Call it in, and since a bunch of the enemy team got killed on the other side of the map from me, they all suddenly spawn beside me and kill me while I'm waiting for it to arrive. Not even exaggerating, I saw three of them pop into existence right next to me. What's inside that care package by the way? Could it be the Juggernaut that they steal? My very first one? Of course it fucking was. Gah.
  14. Yeah. I went in, got murdered by AI in a hotspot, tried to restart with my 'insured' weapon and it's gone and on a timer. I had a cold so sacked it off, I'd probably just get murdered again. Gonna give it another shot soon. Think you maybe have to scavenge guns from empty if you've lost your own ones?
  15. Love this game so much. I dig this video I got from early access too.
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