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  1. Use the eyeball thing at the top of the post in the toolbar over the text you want to spoiler.
  2. Probably not the place for it, but Asura's Wrath is £3 on the store right now with Gold so now's the time for anyone who hasn't already played it. Also, Titanfall 2 for £2.50. That's on game pass, but I bought it anyway.
  3. Agree here. Towards the end of the 360 era and pretty much all through the Xbox One life cycle MS had massively narrowed the available games for their systems. If you wanted Yakuza you had to go PS. Now they have it on Game Pass for anyone to check out as they fancy. They're still in recovery mode, but absolutely heading in the right direction. Long may it continue. Sony are moving in the opposite direction, narrowing their focus. Want Last of Us 3? No? Here, have another anyway! Japan Studio? Unique and fun games? Never heard of them, shut them down.
  4. I was going to say just knock the tier down but I'm not sure how the patches since launch have affected post game loot. At the time you'd get better stuff pretty much in no time flat after completion. I doubt you'll miss out on much aside from a shedload of frustration, either way.
  5. Nope, works fine for me. Too well, even - it sucks up all my bandwidth while it's downloading game updates and I don't have the best internet around so everything slows down to a crawl while it's grabbing stuff. Settings > System > Updates > Keep console and games up to date. Also ensure that your system's in rest mode as opposed to turning off. This sounds like basic advice, but maybe something's switched itself off without you knowing. Also, apparently it won't auto update games that haven't been played in the last 30 days. Unsure if this is accurate, but I w
  6. You can't miss anything permanently, territorial lockouts are temporary - but they can last a while before the story threads are resolved and you're able to go back. You will be locked out of the current region's merchants and camps for the duration, obviously, so you'll maybe want to stock up with some good stuff before you continue. And as for that last thing you mentioned, it's still early days (gone) yet.
  7. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is pretty amazing, though you do basically have to start from scratch multiple times every time you shift location. I remember finishing it and being entertained throughout, but I was exhausted by the end as I was hammering it. Ha ha, building game, hammer.
  8. Who isn't a fan of Scott Adkins, though?
  9. Ah! That one first appeared in the Iron Crown event back in season... 2? I'll post a shot just to confirm, though it might also be a variant recolour. (The 2nd anniversary had a lot of those) I actually have this one, and it may well be my fave for her, but it's on my PS4 along with most of my good stuff. The Pixie cut / wings is her Lifeline Edition skin? If you were interested, you could probably get that for about £4-£6 from the ebay/Argos links Kyuss posted above depending on which platform you're playing on. It'd also give you 1000 Apex coins along wit
  10. Glad that's cleared up! I'm guessing it must be some in-game store thing I never look at or something.
  11. Picked up both. PS5's been nice for Demon's Souls and Astro Bot, but all my time is currently being spent on the X and Game Pass. Monstrous value, and an incredible machine. Hell of a recovery given how much they flubbed the Xbox One.
  12. Red currency also allows you to unlock legends, not much use if you buy the champ edition or pay real money to get them though. I think Fortnite also gave enough Vbucks to get another pass. Very much not a fan of Fortnite, so that'd need confirmation.
  13. Let's be honest, wandering around 3-1 getting lost for ages will dull the atmospheric sheen. The keys can be tough to spot, it's easy to plummet through the gaps in the floor and it takes a while to figure the place out. I think it's fine (more atmospheric than enjoyable for me personally), but it's also easy to see why it'd annoy some players.
  14. You sure about this? The most expensive pack I'm aware of is the championship pack (Skins for Crypto, Revenant and (sigh) Wraith) and that's only $40 with all legends unlocked. She also has her own edition which is often £15 or less with 1000 apex coins and some nubbins. Which skin is it, incidentally? And @Broker I also fully agree on the 'exclusivity' thing. It's garbage. They should at least have them rotate back in every few months if the idea is to induce FOMO anxiety for panic buying. For most people, only getting one chance to buy the thing they want every few mo
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