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  1. Not super revealing, but the launch trailer (teaser?) for season 6 just dropped. Can expect a new map this time out, and the Volt from Titanfall's making an appearance. This season was the only one I never finished the battle pass in, but I had a lot of real life stuff going on and once you start missing a chunk of time, it's easy to just chuck in the towel progress wise. Interested to see what else they're adding this time out.
  2. Rose is neat. Akira's okay, but always felt she was kinda boring compared to others in the Rival Schools roster - I'd have preferred Zaki or Tiffany. Still no sign of Viper, so I doubt I'll be playing anytime soon... though even when characters I main come out in fighting games these days, I don't seem to stick around too long.
  3. They were asking for it with that attitude, all right. When idiots start punching you, swearing, and demanding that you hand the shit you've picked up over just because they want it I'm gonna mess up their game pretty fast. Had they asked... well, I'd have kept it, because I found it. I wouldn't have chucked it off the side of a cliff after firing off all my ammo though, that's reserved for assholes I don't want to play with because they've proven themselves to be dickheads.
  4. The problem nowadays is that they're not £50-70. They're often £200+, which is taking the actual piss. I do buy them on deep, deep sales though. Doom with the Revenant statue was £100 at launch, I grabbed it for £10 in a game sale. Soul Calibur 6 with the Sophitia statue and season pass was about £130, I got it for just under £25. I remember seeing the RE3 special edition earlier this year on the game website. Jill statue, little else, north of £200. No thanks. It's sobering to realize that they're going all out on milking their customers, and moments like this should convince people to curb excess spending on tat pretty hard.
  5. To be fair, that's not a bold claim unless development expense is the primary factor.
  6. It's definitely worth a watch. Some good action scenes in it.
  7. It's also worth noting that Takuya Kimura, the dude who plays Yagami, also plays Manji in Takeshi Miike's 'Blade of the Immortal' adaptation.
  8. I would change about five times a minute when anything kicked off. Without trying to spoil anything, I'd often start off traveling around in my nifty Traveler's Set, spot an enemy and swap to a set that increased the amount of Standoff kills,. then flit between the health recharging set (on a stagger kill), and the one that made all your ghost weapons extremely lethal with insane resolve-filling properties.
  9. Just upgrade the Traveler's set a few times. Upgrades usually change an armour set's look. I was 100% stylish at all times on my trek. (Also, that's white dye colouring it)
  10. Deer pic's a beauty. Also, I was having fun doing this a while back...
  11. Each main area has progressively harder standoffs. The first and second aren't bad, but in the third you have to be pretty fast to land it.
  12. This. You hop over a ledge in Dogma and there's a pile of gold coins or a treasure chest just lying there waiting for you. Walk five metres off the beaten track and a bloodthirsty monster with fifteen disparate parts is trying to gobble up your face. It's magnificent. Also, a day and night system that not only made sense, it made a total difference as to whether you should be outside a safe zone or not.
  13. The less linear approach worked for me. Pottering around the town at my own pace finding secrets, side missions and the like was a nice touch. It seemed much less self serious too. The writing in the first was dreadful - Joseph's line about his glasses making him feel human or something was just freaking weird, wheras in 2 there's jokes about the Karate Kid and an absolute banger of a joke involving the game's title. Pacing was improved, with less ammo clearouts than in the first. Often in 1 you'd collect a bunch of ammo and then be forced to use it all on bosses as a sort of purging moment vefore the next section. Hell, you were actually allowed to use ammo and have some fun gun murder sprees in the second game without worrying that you were screwing yourself over for any upcoming bosses. Also appreciated that there were less annoying 'horror' bits like with Ruvik where you'd have to hide in a bin or whatever, and the sections in 2 involving floating ghost lady had a better feel to them than dashing away and hopping into a cupboard. It seemed to have way less one hit kills, overall which was good. I mean, it's been a long time since I played the first so my memory isn't super fresh on it, but I also played it on the PS4 which had both huge borders and fairly abysmal performance issues. I always meant to revisit the first game on PC to see if my attitude towards it had improved post-sequel, but I came away from the second game way more amped than I did with the first - a night and day difference, singing the praises of 2 while having not having much positive to say about the first game at all. It's a pretty different feeling you get from both games, and I preferred 2's approach. 1's more of a horror game, but 2 was simply way more fun for me.
  14. I only just found out that Judgment is £10 on PSN right now. It's already been posted as it turns out, but bears repeating. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0177-CUSA13197_00-JUDGMENTRYUGAENG
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