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  1. Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal are streling examples of letting you get blasting enemies in the face with a minimum of lead in. Actually, quite a few FPS games probably fall into this category. Apex Legends... though I think maybe the tutorial's mandatory (because it's a team game you need to know at least a few basics), after that you're usually in a game in seconds. Virtua Fighter 5 US's remarkably quick to get you into matches, though that's an an arcade fighter so probably doesn't count.
  2. Upcoming update! All in Japanese, mind. Tournaments, team battles and... stress free demo play mode? Not sure what that one is, maybe it's CPU vs CPU or something.
  3. You also get some materials from the arena that can be melded into your team's ultimate weapons, or work well on their own - and a few repeat runs can get mats for making excellent armours as well as the obvious level gains you get from it. So yeah, wouldn't hurt to level up. Do you have the Job XP items equipped? Yakuza Training Gear is also an option if you're steamrolling them for better gains.
  4. I'm actually going to subvert expectations here and say that I bought two of the best games ever made, both of which had fairly shitty demos. Dragon's Dogma and Binary Domain both had pointless slices of action that failed to explain anything and just kinda thrust you into a random, short and seemingly pointless battle. Then the actual games were what rival developers should be looking at and bursting into tears, knowing they're doing some overly guided AAA shit that'll never match up.
  5. Already did that, got the same problem. Rebooting fixed it.
  6. Loved the intro cinematic, nice and moody. Got a bug where the 'select a profile' is appearing on screen over my character creation so I can't see what the hell I'm doing. Slightly annoying, restarting my Series X as we speak.
  7. Every time the combo meter turns green it can be tech rolled. I mean, sure, I'd have the hit height raised a little bit and it looks a little silly, but it doesn't bother me too much overall.
  8. Yeah. It's like Darwock mentioned earlier about wanting to save his high win ratio - it's a meaningless statistic (if you were playing HomeStay Akira, your win rate would be closer to 0% than 90% or whatever, since it doesn't account for opponent skill) but a lot of players would still want the false ego boost. Me included, and I know it's utterly meaningless.
  9. Anyone who wants some nice art for their loading screens can now connect their EA account to Twitch and watch a streamer for 3 hours - or idle it while I'm away, like me. It's a dumb method of unlocking them, but hey. Loading screens. Yay!
  10. Yeah. I also have a PS5 for exclusives, and when I play Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown I have to swap back to my PS4 pad because the PS5 one kinda sucks for fighters due to the Dpad. Too spongey.
  11. Yeah, I also liked the 'do you know what rollback netcode is?' question. They know, the buggers, they know! And yeah, I also added a nugget about Evo's Quest mode. Just some singleplayer content with even some minor type of progression would make for good downtime. I did forget to add anything about a training mode with at least some sample combos. Those are always handy.
  12. I filled it in too - positive about the game, mentioned the excellent streaming fights in the menu, and let them know that the netcode and matchmaking times are inadequate for this project anywhere outside of Japan. Several times. I didn't ask for guest characters (I'm sick of them), but I did ask for guest character style customization - Jacky Bryant Ichiban would be pretty cool, and who could resist Jeffry decked out as Big Bo from Binary Domain?
  13. https://virtuafighter.com/threads/segas-update-information-special-broadcast.21691/ Update news.
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