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  1. Dumb negs, on someone else's post. I can't help if you got butthurt by my pointing out how silly it was to neg someone else (Moosegrinder, in this case) for merely mentioning that - gasp - Bethesda games historically fall in price quickly. That's the real whining, in the shape of a red X. On topic, new Gameplay looking great. But then, that's to be expected.
  2. I remember the IGN guy getting a lot of flak for... did he run through each character's A run instead of A then B?... but it's actually kind of amazing how similar each run actually is in this. It doesn't have the evolution from one to the next that the original had, stuff like taking ammo that wouldn't be there in the next run, or solving a puzzle that'd windup already solved.
  3. Yeah. The weakest players rank and group up to the strongest during matchmaking, so even two bronze players would be playing against platinums if they were grouped up with a platinum ranked friend. In other news, I knocked someone with a 405 yard/meter/ whatever kraber shot in gold duos to finally get that 300 yard badge. Wasn't sure it would count because krabers drop like candy in Gold Rush, but it did. It wasn't an amazing shot or anything mind - the dude was stationary sniping so it was really just lining up the bullet drop indicator to 400 yards.
  4. I gotta admit, the only shooters I can be bothered playing online these days come from Respawn. Others just don't do it for me any more now that I've played this. Single player, yeah. I could use a good Halo right about now. And, to be fair, I could also use a less buggy Apex. The Soiree release introduced some annoying quibbles like cancelling sprinting, reviving and respawning - though they did push a patch to fix them pretty sharpish.
  5. Kayin Amoh

    Atelier Series

    They're still the same age as in the original language version, it's just that time actually progresses during the storyline. Totori's 13 or 14 as her game starts, and 17 by its end iirc. Meruru was a really good entry, incidentally. Haven't really played them in a while because they release at a rate of about 10 games a month.
  6. Sure, feel free to add me. I haven't been playing as much recently and I may not be available often, but might be able to party up from time to time. Tag's in the sig, I'll add you if I'm on the PS4 first. Edit: Ha! Already PS4 friends. Don't think we've ever actually played, mind!
  7. There's no reason for this to be getting negged. It's a factual statement that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of any of their games - just take a look at the price drop history of pretty much anything they've ever made. Edit: Someone's clearly butthurt for no discernible reason. Edit 2: Multiple people. Doesn't change the truth of what he said one bit, making these some of the dumbest downvotes ever.
  8. Yeah, the radial's a little unreliable. It works about 90-95% of the time, but when you snap to a mega potion and nothing happens, especially several times in a row while low on health and being chased by a mountainous wall of teeth, it can be infuriating.
  9. Oh yeah, that bit's pretty shitty. Far too punishing for something that's relatively straightforward. Be sure to backtrack just a little bit and head up the nearby tower's elevator if you haven't already or you'll miss the chance at a hidden boss.
  10. I dub this the theme thread. As Wiper says the Tetris Effect Theme's a beaut. Also, these: I like the Fist of the North Star one because I'm a sucker for themes that adapt o the time of day - log in at night and Kenshiro's taking a moonlight stroll. Also, the Mirror's Edge Catalyst theme is really good, especially given that it's free:
  11. It's fine. For all the talk of how it had matured over earlier titles, it was absolutely at its best when Kratos was smashing things up. It also felt narratively like a third of a game stretched to breaking point - nearly all the promise of fights to come, and clashes with Gods talked of in hushed, fearful tones... never happen. It's sequelmongering at its worst. I got the super cheap CDkeys deal myself, since I'd never played through Give Me God of War mode back then. Not too far into the new playthrough, just met blacksmith brother number two. It's reasonably tough, one mistake can cost a lot of time spent slowly whittling down enemies.
  12. Whoever negged you for advocating a new Dino Crisis deserves to be plonked in Raccoon City when all this goes down.
  13. PC and Stadia now, console releases to follow in February.
  14. Is there a way to skip lines of dialogue? I read fast, I'm playing subtitled and it's taking forever for them to get to the end of a sentence I read almost as soon as it flashed up. Also, in true Shenmue fashion, they repeat themselves. A lot.
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