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  1. Yep, that was one of the first things someone mentioned when I posted about this so I gave it a shot - didn't really work. Thanks for the advice though, still appreciated! No crashes so far on the reinstall, but my bud's back from offshore and we're playing through Iceborne so it hasn't really been on much the past few days.
  2. Nah, PS4. Pro to be exact. just reinstalled, hoping that fixes it somewhat.
  3. I figured since it’s constantly updating that wouldn’t make much of a difference - that said, might not be changing certain core files. I’ll give it a shot,cheers! @MK-1601 it’s bigger than pubg, surely? Pubg seems to have slid quite a bit.
  4. Buggy, crashing piece of shit....! Sorry. I had seven kills in the opening eight minutes of a ranked game with loads of enemies left alive and it died on me. I actually started giving different messages on the blue screen - there must be dozens, probably more than fifty, weird messages imploring them to fix the damn game. It's such a lovely game, undercut by being completely unstable. It's a technical disasterpiece, blue screening at random times. Got seven kills? Blue screen. Ziplining through a window? Blue screen. Walking through a field? Blue screen. Looking at a blue screen? Blue screen. It's not like these are launch hurdles either, the game's been out half a year and the bastard crashes constantly for me. To put it in perspective, it's crashed twice in the space of four games since the 11am daily challenges reset. Also, I like Shaodwfall quite a bit, but I think I'd like it more if you were in a four man squad against AI zombies with a few generic mission objectives. 'Seal the bunker, extract data from the relay, piss off in the dropship'. That sort of thing. Quite a few players seem to reflexively quit when they die as a legend, too.
  5. These are the words of someone who's never used the double handed Hunter's Axe and charged R2 for just a few moments. Mmm-hmm. Picturing it my mind now. I'm also in the Sekiro was superb camp, though I'd have liked more stuff to find in the world. Clothes! I want new clothes in my ninja game, scumbags!
  6. It seems really random. Some players (annoyingly, including me) get it a lot. Others say they get the odd crash in a blue moon. Also, loving this season. I loved the last season too, mind, but I'm glad I'm enjoying this one since I'm not such a fan of long range encounters as a rule. It took a little getting used to, and the longer sight lines mean you need to be careful about skulkers, but once I adapted to these things and the greater need to push the ring early, it's a ton of fun. I don't know it it's better than King's Canyon from a gameplay perspective, but it has a totally different feel to it and is significantly more diverse. And no, it doesn't feel like Blackout to me. That's an insult to Apex, because Blackout is not very good.
  7. I gotta ask, how's everyone finding the stability on PS4? I'm using a pro, and I'm lucky to finish five games without blue screening. It's a colossal pain in the ass, and I'm at the point where I'd even consider hopping over to PC despite my unlocks and purchases, with a goddamn controller since I can't use K&M with my setup, it's that bad. I don't hear about console crashes a lot from random buzz, but it's screamingly awful for me.
  8. If it's the same section you're talking about, I'm pretty sure that single area alone was a better Resident Evil 7 than Resident Evil 7.
  9. There's a bunch of new tweaks - the gold body armour now acts like the gold backpack, and the gold backpack heals your downed team mates upon revive - not 100% sure on the amounts, but I heard 50 life and 50 shield. Be handy for lifeline, I think. It doesn't seem to be a thing, but I'd also heard about an evolving body shield that starts off at 25/50, and if you get some kills it can evolve up to 125 protection in increments of 25 - just slightly higher than the current max. It doesn't seem to be a real thing though, at least not right now.
  10. A lot of footage went live tonight, some really good stuff on display. Interesting watching this and then the accompanying vid from his team mate who snatched the win for them. @frumious Complete replacement for the time being. Current rumours are that King's Canyon will show up as a PVE event as hostile forces move in on it while the legends are playing on this new map, but they're obviously just rumours and could be completely made up. Sounds plausible though.
  11. I think it's traditionally been about 12000 of the red to unlock a character? I'm well in advance of that personally, even if they bumped the price I'd have no problem getting him - I played a lot of season 2.
  12. My review isn't written yet, but the game's fine. It does an okay job at being a Soulslike, and I generally enjoyed my playthrough even though I was never gripped at any point or totally dying to get back into it. Yakumo is best boy.
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