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  1. I saw the Bounty Pack in a HUGE box a few months bag at the start of the car boot season and the guy wanted a fiver! I had no idea how much they were worth at the time and I did not buy it! I went to a car boot this morning(Wedensday) but there was nothing about,i got:- PS2 Singstar with 2 mics for £5,Fzero Snes minty frssh for £3 and Crash and Burn video(big robots and stuff,can sell ok). This is my first car boot this year i have not come back with a PS1 game! Most overpriced item of the day:- FIFA 97 on PS1 for £4.50!
  2. This dealer guy does Lego,Warhammer,Playmobile,Syvanian Families so he has his finger in a few pies. I do not mind buying from him cos he is still cheap if he has a good game!
  3. Saturdays was a disaster(some guy had boxed NES,32X and Megadrive stuff at around £10 each) but i started really well on Sunday getting Disagea on PS2 for a fiver(not on pic).Saturday i did get Shadows Of Memories for £3 on PS2. Yes both Castlevania games,both complete! Got Chronicles for £2 and SOTN for £2.50.The SOTN was from a game dealer too(he goes round buying all the £1 or less games and sells them for £2.50). Was so pleased and glad i didnt pay £50 off some guy the other week who was selling his collection. Also not on pic i got a Sonic pinball game(not video game) which was not like a usual crappy pinball game but it vibrated and had 2 sets of flippers and a score bit too.Also got centipede board game and Donkey Kong for 50p each!
  4. I had a "rootin' tootin' car bootin' weekend with Saturday,Sunday,Monday And even today(Wednesday). Saturdays was a bit of a let down with a few PS1 games as usual,although nothing great. Sunday was HUGE,at least 300 stalls and got some serious stuff, Boxed Nes Action Set minty fresh with 4 games including mint Kirby £25 Loads of PS1 games no more than £1 each(FFVII and IX,Res Evils,etc) PS2 FFX and guide and Silent Hill guide Megadrive Games x 5 for £5(mint condition although nothing great).He started his prices at £8 each! what a dick. 2 x N64 and games and loads of accessories £10 the lot. Plus other bis and pieces Mondays was awful and so bad i went around buying stuff to sell on(a very rare thing for me to do!).Got a TV game Intellivision for £1 but that was it. Todays was huge but so many dealers. 4 x PS1 games £1 each 300 WWF mags for a mate at £15 I think that was it! I had a great argument with a kid and his dad cos they had a FFVIII at £5(not unreasonable) but i noticed disc 1 was a copy with a sticker over the whole disc so it looked genuine.I told them that in case they didnt know and the little kid tried to tell me it was a genuine disc but had a different sticker over it and it would work on any ps1,i told him he was wrong and that it was a copy.I told them i was not being funny,just that it would not work on mine.As i walked away i heard him tell his mum"that FF game i just bought is £5 ok?".So he had clearly just bought it off another stall and been ripped off! Most overpriced item of the day:- Boxed Megadrive £35! What a rip! On Sunday i approached a stall and saw on the side of a box "Super GrafX" spelt that exact way,my heart went as I had never had a Super GrafX,got there and it was a cack drawing board thing for graphic design!
  5. I did so pap i aint even taking a pic,i got:- Final Fantasy Tactics GBA,Animal Crossing US,Zelda WindWaker US,Freeloader,Animla Crossing Guide,Zelda Guide,£32 the lot(everything was mint) Frogger board game £1 Ps1 Re-Loaded and Res Evil 2 £1.50 each Galleon Xbox £3 Gallop Racer PS2 £2.50 Just disappointed as car boot was huge! Most over priced item of the day...........hmmmmm.............nothing too bad,how about PS2 which was tatty for £65? I think thats bad cos It might not work.I bought one for £20 and it was knackered!
  6. Did not take a pic of Sundays finds but got the following:- PC(all big box) Wizkid,Civilisation 2 Collectors Limited Edition(any know anything about this?),Lands Of Lore 3 and Grim Fandango 50p each PS1 FFVII,FVIII,Medievil,Railroad Tycoon 2,SHrek Treasure Hunt,Soviet Strike,Phantom Menace 50p each PS2 Kessen,Sniper 2 and Balders Gate £2 each Game Gear Super Space Invaders £1 Most over priced item of the day........Gameboy Advance(old version) with 2 awful games £65! I laughed when she told me!
  7. Some good finds today:- Shenmue 2,House Of The Dead2 and Carrier on Dreamcast-£2 each Dance Dance Euromix PS1 £1 PC Monkey Island,Black and White,Star Wars Xwing and Simon the Sorceror,Myst 3 £1 each Saturn Ultimate Mortal Kombat and Streetfighter ALpha 50 p each Megadrive Thunderforce 4 £2 Doom guide,fighting fantasy books 50p each Retro gamer cover discs 50p each(number 1 is there!).
  8. California games was the best! Also really enjoyed Electrocop,Stun Runner,Crystal Mines and Klax. I picked up a sealed lot of 10 on ebay for £15 the other week.Nothing rare of course but some good games.
  9. Not much today but some GOOD finds! tetris Board Game 50p Ps1 Battle Stations £1 Ps1 Azure Dreams £1(she had sport games at £5,what the fxxk?) Ps1 Breath Of Fire 3 £1 Ps1 Croc 2 £1 Ps1 Tekken £1 Megadrive Road Rash 3 50p WWF Strategy guide £1 And some cool Mc Donald unopened display items for the kids meals,got Mr Men and Winnie the Pooh for £7.50 each,came with all the toys and the display back drops they sit on.Also got a Flat Stanley book,best book ever! Most laughable prices today were a PS1 with 3 bad games for £35.When i asked the price the woman said"at LEAST £35" like that was cheap! I left a boxed one for a fiver last week!
  10. Dude you need to drive for all the car space for all the goodies you get! I often fill my boot and passenger seat!
  11. My Sunday car booting was pretty good,did 2 different ones and got the following(sorry no pic) PS1 Barbie Detective,Steel Harbringer,FFVII,Dexters Lab,Powerpuff Girls,Bugs Life and Shrek Party(few more too i cannot remember) PC Discworld Noir big box sealed for £1,Hundred Swords £2(thought this was gonna be a good buy but i was very wrong),and Escape From Monkey Island big box £1. Megadrive Shining Force 2 cart only £1 A very weird Complete Guide to Atari VCS game stratergies book(or something).By Pengiun and about 20 years old,was in amazing condition. Some videos for G/f to sell when she is on maternity leave(i am so considerate),Getalong Gang,Mr Men and Tiggers movie. A Sonic 3d board game 50p. Sure there was more but nothing great! Also on my first post on this forum i mentioned i got a Fraggle Rock jigsaw,after being told it was complete it was missing 8 pieces! How rude is that!
  12. In fact Dance Dance Euromix(not revolution) was a good buy too!
  13. Actually I just looked on ebay and noticed that Point Blank 3 and Time Crisis gun set were very good buys!
  14. Thought i'd start it for this weekend! Nothing great so aint even taken a pic:- Time Crisis and Gun Boxed PS1 £5 Point Blank 3 £2 PS2 Pinball £1 PS1 Dance Dance Revolution and some racing game 50p each And a fraggle rock jigsaw for girlfriend! Lets hope tomorrow is better!
  15. Yeah it was that set,i aint opened it up yet so it might not be all there but its a good addition to my video game collection.
  16. Nah,i am a 29 year old! But there is nothing i like more than a good ole car boot sale! Oh,also got 3 Final Fantasy posters at the car boot.
  17. Well I do have a full time job,in fact i run my own action figure/retro games shop,but being a collector myself most of the stuff in the shop is duff! I was up at 7 and ready to open the shop at 9! The early bird does catch the worm remember! Although I did miss a boxed ZX80 Spectrum!
  18. There are loads,or course the obvious Res Evil,FF and other Square games but how about: Doom! I never had a PC and playing this linked up on a PS1 was amazing,sitting with TVs back to back with a mate! So good! I also remember really enjoying Jumping Flash Tekken(great pulling off a 10 hit combo) Point Blanks,Ghoul Panic,Mighty Hits(as already mentioned) Bust A Groove! So good,and why did i sell mine all those years ago!
  19. Anyone go to any mid-week car boots? I did my first today and it was HUGE. But loads of dealers and had a different atmosphere to the weekend ones. I got:- 3 ps1 games(Rescue Heroes,Alundra 2 and Excalibur)£1 each,everyone else wanted £4 a games! 2 Lucasarts original big box games Full Throttle and Hit The Road £1 each Sonic Scalextric style racing game £2 Boxed NES £8 Mario Brothers Movie Video 2 Prima guides 3 Jap Gamegear games £2 each Halley Wars,Woody Pop and Psychic World 1 Loose Game gear she assured was working at £4(i have 4 faulty ones at home) 1 Space Invaders LCD 2 player game £1.50 Nothing amazing but not a wasted journey.(pic does not show Sonic game as i left this in my car but it was quite tatty.
  20. There was no direct Punch Out / Super Punch Out ports,although we have Frank Brunos Boxing(Spectrum/C64),Punch Out(NES) and Super Punch Out(SNES).None of these played quite as well as the arcade and featured slightly different charcters. Did I read a new Gamecube boxing game has this hidden in it though?
  21. I was rained off Sunday and Saturday declined a SMS with game and 2 pads for £3(no power lead). Last week was a corker and I got loads of stuff including a Nintendo Large Powerglove! Best rip-off deal at this weeks car boot was a loose dirty ps1 for £20! Stall next to them had a clean one at £3!
  22. I had a good mornings findings! 1 x Nintendo Large Power glove 1 x boxed Master System 14 x Megadrive and Master sytem games 3 x Saturn Games 14 x Boxed Snes Games 2 x N64 games 2 x NES mint boxed games(Kirbys adventures and Turtles) Lethal Enforcers Gun and Game megadrive set Nothing great in the games above but got the lot for £60. I also got a boxed PS1 with 15 games for £15 including FFVII,FFVIII and FFIX! I just missed out on 2 x Boxed Saturns,and a NES Advantage joypad absolutely mint in box and unused. Lets hope there is no rain for Sunday morning!
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