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  1. I actually find the MASSIVE POP UP anytime you get a new item exceedingly annoying. Particularly if there's something nasty coming at me. The iframes are extremely predictable. Make sure you are at least medium load. The iframes happen at the front half of the roll. Rolling back is legitimate option, especially if you need space to heal. But if you are not taken out of range of the attack by the back hand if the animation, you'll get clipped. For attacking, it's option preferable to roll forward - iframes take you through the attack and you're out of the hit box. Find a bonfire near a giant where there isn't risk of losing souls and practice. It shouldn't take too long to click.
  2. I'm very glass cannon now. Between my strength and upgrade Zweihander, I'm wrecking everything including bosses but I've only put a single point into bit and am getting occasionally one shotted. Dark Souls compensated for this by allowing armour upgrades, but none here and struggling to find relay good armour sets.
  3. This is vastly superior to the first season on account of having a meeting. Shorter and not as good as TNG meetings, but still. I hate the new ship interiors. They are so dark and military. It needs to look like the interior of a high end Volvo.
  4. One thing - I was worried about how many villains this had beforehand - Riddler! Catwoman! Penguin! Falcone! - but that wasn't an issue at all. They were actual characters that came into Bruce's orbit as opposed to being "villains" Depends on the 12 year old, I think. It's much more of a slow burn than the previous films, it's less of an action film and the tone is a lot more somber and oppressive. Less about nightmares - though I could easily younger children having a bad reaction to the Riddler more I am not sure they'd engage with it. It's a world away from even previous Batman films, much less Marvel. In Belfast this is rated "15A" to explicitly let families to see it to give a boost to the cinemas. This seems like not the film to pick for that.
  5. Mario games will happily repeat bosses with new obstacles to create challenges and they tend to be the best games ever so I am giving this a pass. Also I think of some of the smaller dungeons a bit like Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne integrated into the world. You'll find unique things but they are built from the same material. I found those skippable in Bloodborne but they feel essential here.
  6. I liked this. You could poke holes, but it was internally consistent and nailed the third act, which is rare. They've definitely based it mainly off the Long Halloween but it's better than it. It has a definite mood. I am surprised it was made like this - there's a slowness and certain nastiness to it that the toys in Tesco seem really out of place. It's not just it's not really suitable for 12 year olds - I could see them being bored if you compare to a Marvel film. I did enjoy Batman just, like, walking places.
  7. I'd have slightly different advice. Get comfortable with two handing a weapon, but the shield is a situational tool. Sometimes tanking a few hits will make life a lot easier, particularly now with guard counter depending on the enemies attacks - I almost always shield rats and dogs, because they are annoying as hell, particularly in packs. Specific shields with strong defense values against particular attacks are useful for some bosses too. And sometimes they are useful for just surviving long enough to observe patterns before going on a two handed spree. Some of them have passive effects too, so you want to keep them equipped even when two handing. Your goal with two handing large weapons should always be to kill bog standard enemies in one hit, two max. Extra damage only counts if it gets a kill and saves you a swing. Otherwise you may as well keep the shield available. The thing about Souls is all enemies are dangerous, and pressing buttons is dangerous if timed wrong or worse, you queue animations by mashing. Make it deliberate and make it count.
  8. I just noped out of a poison cave I am obviously overleveled because I've no way to deal with it at all.
  9. Leeds: Hold my beer. We've had multiple of those this season. Worse is contriving to lose games you should have got points in. If we go down, Newcastle and today should be near the top of the list. Oh, and the West Ham and Spurs games earlier in the season where we should have got moral boosting results but conceded super late. I thought Burnley would grind their way out again and be ahead of us by now, but the bottom 6 clubs seem to be having a "How shitty can we be" competition. Big few games coming up for Leeds.
  10. Also phenomenonal misdirect in Round Table Hold In other adventures
  11. I think I might have had two of these? But I thought it was an absolute bag of dicks the second time in
  12. It's good that Leeds got rid of Bielsa so they could create chances and get beat 1-0 against mid table rather than create chances and get beat 6-0 against better ones. Will 100% keep us up.
  13. One major difference from previous games is not locking bonfires if enemies are around. It's extremely generous by From standards. I wonder did they try it the usual way but it just caused too many issues in the open world.
  14. When From wants to be an absolute dick, From gives enemies multiple attack strings that are essentially the same but some have extra attacks to create FUD. The amount of runes you get from beating Crucible Knight bore no relation to how hard it was to heat Crucible Knight. I went down the Graveyard at the start. Hilarious. From blocking it by requiring two Stone Keys is their definitions of accessible, in case someone picked one for their gift at the start.
  15. Spent most of last night mopping up bits of Limgrave. The Crucible Knight was exceedingly tough, even with a massively souped up weapon. Just walks through stuff even when you read him right. Catacomb gargoyles are even more annoying that skeletons, which takes some doing.
  16. What even counts as a run? All bosses would be insane.
  17. The skeletons reforming is a bonus, but up against an Erdtree Avatar and switched to the doggo gank squad, who outlasted them and did more damage giving me the W. It's probably situational if they worthwhile.
  18. I got a completely random boss that only appeared in the dark in a spot there normally a vendor. In theory not that hard, in practice hit like a truck. Down eventually, but what a dick.
  19. This was among one of From's most beautiful trolls. What's that sound...? Must be an NPC? Here? Here? Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh my face
  20. Spent most of the night on jolly coop on Godrick and getting absolutely wrecked. The second phase is fearsome. Out of maybe 20 coops, three were successful. I suspect that is in part due to the health buff he gets with two summons - it was really noticeable the difference between one and two and generally got a lot closer with two. Of those three times, two of them resulted in a connection error once he died, so I got zero rewards. Ho hum.
  21. A weapon with dual damage types is essentially like swinging two weapons with each being set against the relevant defense stat of what you are hitting. In practice, this means a single damage type near always outperforms a dual type unless the enemy is weak to the element. This has been consistent through all Souls games.
  22. So I found a lift near a tree. Now I understand why this game was delayed. I don't understand how it was ever finished. Through Stormveil Castle. Leveled enough that I'd a few deaths but it didn't seem overwhelming. As ever, jolly coop trivialises a boss that was absolutely fearsome and I'd have died a million times to. Time to jolly coop back so it doesn't pass me by.
  23. Most list so far is 10k, which was a level and a bit. However I always find it freeing. Instead of creeping down the dungeon to get my souls back, allows me to take risks without worrying.
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